Monday, August 24, 2020

Two Blue Deer and Stitching Some Smalls

Good afternoon to you all!! I'm back using the old blogger which they say no longer works as of Sept. 1, so this may be the end of me!! Hahaha! I tried the new and could not even figure out the most basic of things, such as where to type. I do have a simple new release Two Blue Deer, Elizabeth Richey. She is my first and probably only PDF as I believe it is so important to support the needlework shops, but I just thought she was so simple and did not really warrant a printed chart. Available for $12 in my etsy shop.  A sweet marking sampler with beautiful colors.

For many years, I have stitched mostly large reproduction samplers but have now run out of room.
Several recent finishes are languishing in a drawer, even including the magnificent
Ann Tong Uffindell.

So recently I have done some smaller things that I will share with you.  I must admit
that they are also languishing in a drawer.  But when framed, I should be able to find a spot.              Oh well.....

 My Dear Mother, Gigi Ries

Mary Ann Suckling, Pineberry Lane

 Also Gigi Ries, was a "January" sampler a couple
of years ago, I am a bit late.

 The Queen's Garden, based on a Scottish Sampler
Scarlett House

 Miss Bingley's Library, based on Pride 
and Prejudice.  I want to frame this and
hang it from one of my bookcases.

I will have a wonderful new release later this fall.  She is A Sister Remembered, Agnes Wardrop, and was reproduced as a special release to the Western Reserve Sampler Guild in June.  The story behind
her and the history is fascinating.  This is the only sampler I have ever seen that
was turned into a mourning sampler after the stitcher's death.

Here are a couple of sneak peaks.  The eyelet trees are wonderful!  A huge Scottish manor house!
I can't wait to present her to you!  The colors are earthy greens and browns, with lots of red and pink.

I have also just completed stitching Pomegranate Sampler by Plum Street.   The used chart is
available for free to someone who wants to stitch it.
Drop me a comment, and if there is more than one person interested,
I will draw a name this weekend.

We are going to have another hot spell here in southwest Ohio.  Can't wait for autumn!
I am hopeful we will get some rain from one of the storms down south.  It is
always so dry this time of year.



  1. We're dried out too. Watering tunias twice a day and filling old frying pans with water throughout the yard's edge for critters.

    Enjoyed seeing your projects, hope new Blogger doesn't put an end to that!!

  2. It's good to hear from you Melinda & you're keeping well? I love seeing your pieces & the sneak peek is a tease....I love the eyelet tree. It will be exciting to see the finish & hope the blogger issue doesn't impede on that.
    I would enjoy stitching "Pomegranate Santa" but if mailing to Canada (if I were the lucky recipient!) is not desirable, I understand.
    Stay well,
    mgw070 at rogers dot com

  3. These are really beautiful.
    Congratulations on such incredible handwork.
    We understand what you mean about running out of room...but that hasn't stopped either my wife or myself. Full steam ahead!

  4. Your new little sampler really appeals to me. I am dealing with nasty arthritis in my thumb so something small might actually get finished. You have been stitching some very pretty things and your new sampler looks like colors I would enjoy stitching.

  5. Elizabeth Richey is beautiful.
    I love all of your finishes, so pretty.
    I would love to stitch Pomegranate Santa.
    Take care.

  6. I love the Santa. I have a granddaughter born in December and this would be perfect for stitching for her.

  7. I love the pomegranate Santa. Something about those pomegranates!

  8. All your stitching is simply beautiful.
    I do love Two Blue Deer...wink, wink.
    That is very kind that you want others to support their LNS, but it would be to your benefit to offer patterns in PDF format. If I see something that I like, I am apt to purchase the PDF and not go search a shop for it. Plus, many are nowhere near a shop. Just my two cents :)

  9. Agree with Lauren. Consider more PDFs . There isn’t a cross stitch shop in my state and paying shipping and waiting gets old. Look forward to seeing the new sampler.

  10. Hi Melinda,
    Your samplers are always so beautiful and I enjoyed seeing each one!! I think Lauren has a really good point and it might be a good thing to give a try!! Many people just aren't close to a shop and buying online is the only way!!
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!
    Heart Hugs~
    Julie xo

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