Friday, June 10, 2016

An update from Merry Wind Farm

Hello, all!  I can't believe how long I have been missing in action.  Quite a few changes have been happening here on the farm.  I believe I mentioned how my Mother had been ill, it has been one bump in the road after another.  After falling in the night and breaking her nose, a few weeks later she fell again and broke four ribs. She was in the hospital, then rehab at a nursing home, then home care and therapy.  She is actually doing much better now for her age, finally the falling at night was diagnosed as low blood sugar.  Age has finally begun to take its toll on her, she now uses a cane most of the time.  Things went pretty smoothly when everything was split between us, but now I am having trouble keeping up with this 13 room house, 15 acres of farm and garden, three horses, three dogs, and too many cats to mention.  There are always so many chores that need to be done, I can never seem to catch up.  I need a long as he goes home at night!!:)

It is difficult to find the time to work on my projects, but I do have a few things coming up'.  I have been stitching the model for Mary Clay 1805, which will be released this summer at the Norden Crafts on-line show.  It will be available from me a week or so prior.  Mary included the requisite religious verse and tribute to her parents, then included an enormous bird that she titles The Chinese Quail, and little motifs, birds, and animals in just about every available space.

I also am working on the charting of a lovely sampler graciously loaned to me by Jennifer Cahill.  It is a very touching tribute by Sarah Ann Marven to her deceased mother.  It is truly a beautiful sampler, and I am very pleased to have the opportunity to chart her.  Sarah should be available in September.

I have just come to a conclusion about blogging.  I seem to always feel that there must be something earth shaking to share in order to make a post.  I take pictures, then never seem to get around to posting them, because I feel it isn't newsworthy.  So here are some random photos that I have taken this spring and never got around to sharing.  Perhaps I need to post even when nothing big is new.


  1. Sometimes photos say it all. Living in the hot desert, I always enjoy seeing your gorgeous photos all summer. Please keep posting. So glad to hear your mom is doing better too.

  2. Glad your Mom is doing better.
    Your new Samplers look beautiful.
    Love the pic of the cat peeking out of the hole. :)

  3. Glad your mom is better. There is so much going on in today's world that often pictures, with or without comments, are just the right antidote.

    Thanks for posting.

  4. It sounds like your plate is very full. Glad you can find some time to be creative !
    Hoping your mom does better, now that they have an answer for the falling. I'm sure she is thankful to have you with her for support.

  5. Morning, happy to hear your mom is feeling better. Love your gardens and the sweet kitty peeking out, adorable.Blessings Francine.

  6. So happy to hear that mom is doing better. It's not easy watching them grow old :(
    Lovely samplers and your yard is beautiful as always. I don't know how you do it all.
    Big hugs :)

  7. Enjoyed reading you once again and sorry you're having the struggles. Happy your mom is doing better and wish you better times too. Hey, I'll take one of those with the same conditions, lol. Love the kitty picture the best.

  8. There is a saying about it's not the big things in life, but the small things that are important......something like that. This is not a quote, but it's what I can rememer.

  9. Sending healing thoughts and hugs to you and your mom - hope she is doing better! I have missed your posts, but understand you have a lot on your plate (platter?) Please post just pictures - your house and gardens are so lovely, I enjoy the pictures you share. They are an inspiration to me as I try to get my house and gardens in order! You don't have to wait for something big. Lori

  10. With your home and property, critters and stitchery, there are never enough photos. Would love to see more posts, no earth shaking required. I have friends that adjusted their homes to living in less space and closed off the other rooms, even the entire upstairs. I don't have your space but am considering doing that next year.

  11. Please share more of your photos. Your lovely home and gardens speak for themselves! I love seeing them! I hope this finds your Mom doing much better. Taking care of property is a lot of work. I can see there is a time when we might need a bit of help and you have more than we do. Take care!

  12. Love love your photos! That kitty is so sweet. Janice

  13. hugs to you and your the black kitty photo...and yes need to wait for the big stuff...

  14. Wishing all the best for you & your mum. Maybe a wordless Wed. post some weeks? Love the kitty photo. Hang in there!

  15. It's good to see a post from you! Hope your mother is doing better and that you are doing ok too. It's not easy watching your parent grow old and trying to cope with the care of said parent. Add to that your lovely home and your stitching business -- and wow. Hang in there! Love the peaks of the new stitching. They look wonderful! Love that Chinese quail.

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  17. Awwww your blog is beautiful!!!
    Thanks so much for stitching my Nashville kit!!!
    Send me a pic if you want!!!
    Have a nice sunday

    Love Isi

  18. Beautiful cross stitch works happening!

  19. Your home is beautiful. The picture of the cat is enchanting and well worth your efforts to share. I felt I was there seeing this in person!