Monday, April 27, 2015

Blogger Sunday ... sort of :)

Ok, give me A for effort, even though I am a day late :)

On to events at Merry Wind Farm this week.  This past weekend was the big Destination Ohio open house weekend for many antique shops, culminating with the Simple Goods show.  I hear it is wonderful, but a mass of humanity, so I have never been, and probably never will.  Friday was a nice day, but Saturday was a total washout.  Instead, I hit the shops in Tipp City and made the short jaunt out to Verona, Ohio to The Little Shop Antiques and Gardens.  Lots of plants and goodies.  Here is part of my haul.  The little lamb on the left, and some new antique books for in a wonderful antique walnut cradle from the Tin Peddler.  I hope to make an antique doll someday from instructions in Early American Life, but until then the books will do.

She has turkeys and chickens too!"

Lots of mowing and gardening work.  We had inches of rain, and everything is just growing like crazy.
This small area is right by the entrance.  The rusty iron  pot will be filled with impatiens in a couple of weeks.

Here is another damaged hooked rug :(  I love my animals but sometimes get so mad at the kitties!  I am tired of them clawing up my rugs, no sooner do I get one repaired and they do another one.  I sometimes threaten them with saving up $1000 and doing a big mass de-clawing!  They aren't afraid :)

And, have I lost my mind?  Speaking of cats, I added another!  Or, rather, Evan did.  Meet Jack.
Here is his story.  A year or so ago, Evan's ex-girlfriend's mother called him to say she had found a cat (grrr).  He ended up coming here up in Evans room VERY temporarily.   In just a few days, she had found a permanent home for him.  Fast forward a year, she calls again, says the cat has had an accident in their rental house and they are going to put him to sleep.  So of course, Evan, cat lover, has to step in and take him back.  He is neutered, all four declawed, and shy and quiet.  So far, no problem with the litter box.  I rather imagine the previous people must have done something like not clean his box or have it behind a shut door.  He is an adult, maybe 5 years or so.

Also I am watching another wild outdoor cat who was skinny and now has a big stomach!  Have already contacted a local no-kill organization when a friend has worked for years, and they will take kittens if there are some.  Good news there.

Still waiting on my linen to arrive so that I can begin stitching my next repro.  Meanwhile I am been working on Manifesto.  The end is near and I will show you pictures next week.

Finally, a word about Outlander.  I recently discovered this as I didn't have Starz before the cable company offered a deal for whole house DVR's with all the movie channels that was cheaper than before with no movie channels.  One of my ancestors was a Scottish warrior named Tormut Rose who was captured by the English during the William Wallace wars.  He was sent to this country as an indentured servant.  I love Scotland, the history, the beauty, the castles... so it goes to say that I would love this program.  I have not read the books, but I think the story is wonderful and the scenery is beautiful, and Jamie is nice eye candy too.  That said, I think they are going too far with the explicit sex.  Maybe I'm just an old fuddy duddy, but I get it that they are madly in love and have a great time in the bedroom, but you don't have to show me everything!  Last week with the violent scene between Jenny and Randall went too far!  And I hear next week is even more shocking!  Come on, leave a little to the imagination.

Have a nice week, Melinda.


  1. Hope Jack is getting along with his furry siblings. I didn't attempt Simple Goods either. I don't mind the people as much as the prices! Anxious to see Manifesto, but not the explicit displays - I agree with you!

  2. I totally agree with you about the Outlander. My grandfather was born in Scotland. We have the will from my 2 great grandfaters back. I would love to visit. I love the scenery in the program. That being said, the sex scenes and even some of the violence is too much for me.

  3. You have a kind heart to take in fur babies. Hopefully they will start showing more respect for the hooked rugs. Yes, lots of rain here and the garden is calling for my attention.

  4. Hi Melinda, your yard is looking lovely (yay that Spring is FINALLY here). And Jack looks like a great addition to your family. I watch very little TV and haven't seen Outlander, though I see on blogs that lots are watching. I think my husband is watching it...and is most likely enjoying all the graphic scenes - lol.

  5. Have you read the Outlander books? From the sound of it, they are following the books pretty closely. I've only read the first one and haven't watched the series.

    You are having problems with your rugs being damaged -- I have problems with Mia destroying quilts. lol! What can you do? De-clawing is cruel so I won't do that. I just have to live with no quilts on my bed. Sigh.

  6. Those naughty felines! I'm guessing you have scratch pads or cat jungle towers but they would rather scratch on your rugs? What a pitty... those bad kitties. Cute new boy.

  7. I think we're going to have to let the Outlander go - we recorded the past 2 weeks but I think we will dump them. I am appalled with the explicit nudity and sexual violence. I'm sure it happened in days of old and even now days but as my DH says - I have lived a very sheltered life and I like it that way. I read the first book and almost all of book 2 - I guess I am just not dedicated enough in the story line to survive the parts I don't want to see. I don't think they enhance the plot but apparently the producers do and my DH said all those "cable" channel series are graphic like that. Give me my samplers and Jane Austin movies and some light classical music to fill the rooms and they can keep their trash. Hope your week is a good one - Mel

  8. Melinda ~
    SO GOOD to see a post from you!!!
    Love your little cradle and that lamb is TOO SWEET!
    Your gardens are starting to look amazing.
    I think you are the official crazy cat You put up with so much.
    Hugs :)