Sunday, February 22, 2015

Winter Weary....

Hello, everyone,
I know that many people are suffering much more than we are here in Ohio this winter.  But I do feel the need to complain a bit...the water is frozen to the barn!  I had the plumber out, to the tune of an expensive bill, he tried to thaw out the pipe with a blow torch for an hour, but still no luck.  I had a head tape on it and a heating pad, but it has frozen somewhere back the line underground.  This means that nothing will improve until the ground thaws out, and who knows when that will be.

Fortunately, I have a man who cleans the stalls for me, and he has to connect three long hoses from the outdoor house spigot, across the garden, the yard, through a hole in the barn siding, down the stairs to the lower barn where the horses are, to fill the heated buckets and the trough.  Very inconvenient, and costly for me!  Here is a picture taken from the house so you can see how far he has to go.  Afterwards, he has to take the hoses down to the basement so that they aren't frozen for next time.

I am going to make a few changes to my blog.  I am no longer selling on Early Work Mercantile, but will be offering a few occasional things on my blog.  The main items will be my new reproduction samplers that I will be offering under the name of Merry Wind Farm.  I have wanted to try this  and chart some of my antiques
for a long time, and hope I am not too old to start a new venture!  These will be available on a side bar, but my blog will remain the same.  It will not become "just" a selling  blog.  My first design is ready to go, I am printing it right now and will debut it either later this week or early next week.  I hope you like it!!

Meanwhile, here is another hooked rug to share with you.  At least the snow is good for one by one all the hooked rugs are getting a good snow cleaning!  This one is designed by Log Cabin Rugs.  It is mostly a "worm" rug, meaning that I used up lots and lots of little scraps of wool left from other projects.  Its kind of hard to see, but there are chickens and roosters in the corners.

With the exception of in and out to the barn many times a day, and bird feeding, horse watering, and snow shoveling, and trying to figure out the business end of publishing a sampler, not too much is new here at the farm.  Stay warm and safe!



  1. Anxious to see your first release. Never too old my dear!

  2. Melinda, I'm so sorry for your frozen pipe troubles and have been concerned here for me too. What troubles us folks who love our animals, it is another thing when it comes to caring for those who are dependent on us who take them in our charge.

    Let's hope spring comes SOON.

    BTW, I'm looking forward to seeing your sales on your blog.

  3. Looking forward to seeing your first release how exciting and I'd say that your already over the hump as your already printing just look at how far you've come AWESOME! Sorry for the water troubles this weather stuff is getting old we had snow and freezing rain not once but three times last week it just shuts the whole state down hurry up spring!

  4. Melinda ~
    I am winter weary, too!!! So sorry about your frozen pipes. I know it is costly, but at least you have someone who can help get water to your horses.
    Being a homeowner, it's always something. My grandson was helping me shovel yesterday and when he put the implement in the garage we were using to break up the ice, he didn't put it far enough in the garage, so when the door came down and hit it, the door went up as designed to do, but then when I put it down, the track was bent and the door came out of the track. ARGH! Thankfully DSO was able to get it down, but I am sure it is going to be an expensive repair.
    Good luck with your new venture. I'll gladly loan you some antique samplers to chart.
    Stay warm and safe, my friend.
    Hugs :)

  5. It's a pain isn't it!!! Good that you have the help.
    My husbands water pipes froze in his shop and took 2 days to thaw. Today was almost 30 but deepfreeze back tonight. Pray it ends soon.
    ps love your rug

  6. I think a new venture is a great thing. I look forward to seeing your samplers! Sorry to hear of the weather caused problems.

  7. Yay to a new adventure! Good for you (and never too old!!). Looking forward to seeing your first release. Sorry about your winter/water problems. It has been a long one for sure. I think we are all more than ready for Spring...hopefully not too far away now.

  8. So glad you found an alternative source of water in the interim. This winter has been brutal and makes the rural life a bit more rugged. We have to keep a path shoveled for the Basset Hound and the snow is feet deep to the bird feeders but we keep them filled. Great worm/gizzard rug. Looking forward to your sampler reveal! Stay warm. :)

  9. Oh how hard you all with outdoor animals work to keep them warm, and hydrated in this horrible weather. I am so ready for spring after a week of bone chilling temps and ice as well as snow. Looking forward to your new venture

  10. What a pain with the frozen pipes in your barn! I hope when it thaws out that everything is ok. I'm with you -- enough of winter! Love your hooked rug. Good luck with your new venture. Hope it's a great success!

  11. Oh my, that is something, hope all will be ok. Bring Spring on now!!!!!!! Beautiful rug, so pretty. Good luck my friend, Blessings Francine.

  12. Frozen pipes! Aaargh! We are ALL sick of winter - it has been miserable regardless of where you live!
    Can't wait to see the samplers you'll reproduce! I wish you much success!

  13. So sorry to hear about your pipes! I can't wait to see your sampler! I would really like to chart some of my early samplers as well. Someday...someday.
    Hope all this cold will be going away very soon.

  14. oh goodness...wishing you warmer weather and working pipes. Bitter cold here in Vermont as well...doing our best to stay warm!

    best of luck with your new adventure!!

    :)Wishing you a lovely day, doreen

  15. Melinda,
    Good luck with your new venture and pray for a quick thaw!