Sunday, February 15, 2015

Kitty Extraordinaire!!!

For a change of pace, this is just a fun little post.  Here is Petunia, one of the "kittens".  A face only a mother could love (and me).  She is a teensy little thing, only about 6 pounds, it is like she just never grew up all the way!  I don't know, perhaps she is the runt, but she is very healthy.

She has been my favorite of the kittens from day 1.  When we brought them all in the house along with mama just when they were opening their eyes, when I would go into the room to see them, it was always Petunia who would look up from nursing or sleeping and wobble over to see me.  She just warmed my heart!  She is so special in personality that it more than makes up for her looks.  She comes roaring to me when I call her.  She follows me around the house talking up a storm (her, not me :)  But the cutest thing of all is how she plays rubber band.  She follows me, talking, until I get one for her, then she hooks it around her claw, then pulls it WAY back with her teeth, then sling shots it across the room so that she can chase it!  This will go on for hours :)

I just wanted to share this little story.  Hope you are safe from the dreadful weather wherever you are.  Fortunately, all of these snow storms have missed us :)


  1. You have to get this on video!!

    1. Marly, I completely agree with you. I would love to see that.

  2. Aw, Petunia is cute but you know moms are not supposed to play favorites :-)
    What a fun story. Marly is right. You need to capture that.
    -2 here now. At least it is not snowing and the winds are very light. I am so ready for spring.
    Hugs :)

  3. What a cutie. The rubber band story was so funny!

  4. She is beautiful and even better that she is able to entertain both herself and you with her rubber band. I Have one that loves ribbons. Stay warm and safe spring will be here soon.

  5. Awe she is adorable and sounds like she has a personality to match! Cats are great company!

  6. Hi Melinda,
    Such a darling kitty and I LOVE her name!!! I agree with Marly and Lauren about the video!! What a smart girl Petunia is!! That is just so funny!!
    We have a cat that comes to visit daily and he actually plays with a pink ball! He will chase it when I throw it to him, and then waits for me to get it and throw it again!! He plays soccer with it too! I need to try to video tape it as well but he is just so fast!! Cats are just amazing!!
    Glad you did not get all that terrible weather but I feel for all those who did!!
    Sending some CA hugs to you~

  7. What a great kitty -- and so pretty too! Our cat will often follow my husband out to the garden (in warm weather - lol) just like a dog would.

  8. I love my kitty but I must say she loves my husband more. Yours is so cute and sweet!!!!!

  9. Such a sweet kitty, you are lucky to find kitty love.Francine.

  10. She sounds like a very smart cat! She does the sling shot herself -- very impressive indeed! I've heard of cats who fetch the bands, but not ones who sling shot it themselves. I think she's very pretty too!

  11. Such a sweetie! Sound like she loves being your companion.

  12. I love her coloring, she sounds like a wonderful Olivia is about the same size...I'd love to see Petunia and her rubber band in action too...

  13. What a sweetie! Our Chewie loves the fabric covered elastic hair bands my daughter used. I love playing fetch with is a hoot watching her run back with it in her mouth. She will jump up in my lap to drop it for me to throw again. I can't get the dog to play fetch. ;)

  14. She is beautiful. My kitty follows me around talking too - weird!!

  15. What a sweet girl :) My kitty follows me around too and talks quite a lot too. I wish I could understand what she says :)