Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Some progress and photos on a beautiful spring day

Good evening everybody.  I hope you all have had such a wonderful day as I have...low 70's with no humidity.  First I'll share my progress on Scarlet Letter's Manifesto.  I have now been working on this for two months, and it is hard to put down.  I always want to stitch just a tiny bit more...  It is nice because when you don't feel like concentrating on a chart, you can just stitch mindlessly on the background.
I also made a small start on M Quertier, also Scarlet Letter.  There is something I love about the stark black Quaker medallion samplers...sorry the pic is slightly blurry.
On Saturday, I stopped at one of the antique stores in town, Midwest Memories.  Every time I drive through Tipp City, I always think that if there is a park out in front of an antique store, it is like karma for me to go in.  Do you ever see something in a store and think that is so unique it must be really expensive?  Imagine my delight at finding this darling vintage sewing box for $12!!!  It has nice little brass hinges and folds out to reveal a lined interior with pockets, and a large pincushion.  The other little pincushion I made.

Here are two of the horses enjoying the green grass.

I spent most of the day outdoors mowing, weeding, placing pots for annuals and filling them with potting soil.  Here is a picture as you come in the gate with the crabtree starting to bloom.

This big old lilac next to the barn I'm sure is over a hundred years old!  There are several of these old lilacs and used to be lots of big old mulberry trees scattered around, but storms have taken all but a few.
Just a part of the garden as things start to come alive.  Thanks for stopping by...I love to read your comments!   hugs, Melinda


  1. Oh my! Your Manifesto is spectacular! It's so nice to see the other side for a change too. lolol! Love M. Quertier as well. Lovely outdoors pics as well. I'm so happy for spring!

  2. Melinda ~
    So good to hear from you! I was just thinking about you this evening, thinking I need to get down to visit my friend Wink and come visit you, too...and hit the antique shops since I had such good luck last fall. Great find on the sewing box.
    You are making good progress on Manifesto and I can't believe you are working on another one.
    Your gardens are looking lovely and they must be a site to see! I hope I get the opportunity.
    How's the hooking coming? Did you get more wool?
    Pug (and JRT) hugs :)

  3. Your progress on both these projects looks wonderful.
    Such lovely spring pics. I love lilacs.

  4. Fantastic stitching! Love your outdoor pics ~ lilacs are some of my favorites!!

  5. Manifesto is really looking fabulous! That is quite an amazing undertaking. The Quaker is lovely too, and I agree about the black! Great sewing box find and your gardens are so pretty! I've always loved your home and yard and it's nice to see it weakening up!

  6. Manifesto is looking lovely and Margaret is right it's good to see the other side. Love your sewing box. Sounds like a bargain. Your garden looks lovely.

  7. OH WOW - great find on the sewing box - so cool ! Love Manifesto - you are flying along - I have M in my stash - need to get it going but I also have Ann Grimshaw and several other poor neglected quaker girls who need some attention before I get led astray with "M". your garden and flowering trees are so pretty. Thanks for the tour - Melody

  8. Lovely gardens. Love the bleeding hearts. The manifesto looking wonderful and challenging.