Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A finish, progress, and a new start

Hello, everyone,
I know I have been missing for nearly a month and for that I apologize and shall try to do better.
I think I mentioned that I had the flu or something similar in March.  I don't get sick often, but when I do, it's a doozy and takes a very long time to get my strength back.  The weather is finally beginning to improve, and there is so much outdoor work to do, cleaning out the gardens of winter debris.  It's going to be harder to find as much time for stitching and hooking projects.

I did finish a small hooked rug a while back, it is a design from Maria's that I purchased last fall from her when taking a class here in Tipp City.

I have been working on The Manifesto for exactly a month now, and here is my progress (or lack there of).  I am filling in the background as I go.  It should be spectacular when finished, but that will take a very long time!

I also recently purchased a kit from Maria of Star Rug Company.  I usually don't do kits, but this time I wanted an exact reproduction of the antique rug.  Here is the kit, the beautiful wools (25 of them), her very detailed instructions, and my progress last night.  I plan to lay it on top of a footstool in the family room , the colors should be perfect!  I taped a small piece of each wool with the number onto a piece of cardboard so that I can keep everything straight.

I'll end with a few kitten photos, of course.

Till next time, which I promise won't be as long!


  1. Hi Melinda,
    Your rugs are lovely and Manifesto is just stunning. I admire anyone who is stitching this sampler. Your kittens are just to adorable.....I hope you are feeling better now......Happy Stitching and hooking!

  2. You have to be kidding me with that kitty in the doll chair!! I have that same doll chair and can't believe a silly sissy-putten would curl up in it. So CUTE!!!!!

    I love your finished rug as well as the new one from Star Rug company. Fantastic and thanks for the pictures.


  3. I know exactly what you mean about yard work! Your WIP is lovely and I love the rugs. I have never done that. The kitty in the doll chair is adorable.

  4. Hi Melinda! I can't wait to get outside and start digging in the soil! Love Manifesto but I would never have the patience! Your progress looks beautiful! Love your kitty rug you finished and your new one will be gorgeous.
    I hope you're now back to 100%.

  5. Oh I love to see your rugs!! Beautiful finish, and boy do I love the colors in that rug kit you bought! Gorgeous! Love your Manifesto progress too! Nice to see a different part of the piece. :D Your kitties are so sweet. Love seeing them as well!

  6. Beautiful rugs and the colors for your new rug are lovely. Manifesto is coming along nicely and it's good to see someone's start in the opposite corner of the sampler.

  7. Evening Melinda, lovely rugs you did, very beautiful....The Manifesto is looking really good....sorry to hear you were sick, hope you are all better now......Oh my, the kitty`s are to cute, the one in the little chair is adorable.......Blessings Francine.

  8. Melinda ~
    Glad to hear you are rid of the crud and finally feeling better.
    It is still so cold "up north" I can't even think about yard work. Last year at this time I think I was all done.
    Your kitty rug came out great and that kit you bought in wonderful! Perfect colors. You are off to a good start.
    Sweet kitty pics :)
    Hugs ,

  9. Hi Melinda
    I have such a soft spot for cats. Very cute.

  10. the cat rug is adorable and so are the cats :)

  11. Wonderful progress on the repro rug, love the colors. Manifesto is making it's way along, look great. And the cat rug is really cute. Love the cat in the chair; aren't they just funny. Have a super day.

    1. Lovely rug finish. Great stitching pogress too.
      Very silly cats!

  12. Love you work and the hooked rug!

  13. I am delighted to hear that your health is much improved.
    Oh my, such gorgeous rugs, and lovely stitching! And your still my heart.
    Wishing you a splendid, joyful day!

  14. Glad you are feeling better and your rugs are wonderful. BTW the little calico looks like my Boo! I too am so happy for prettier weather although it is raining today. Supposed to be in the 70's the next few days.

  15. Your cat rug is so sweet and the new kit from Maria is going to be wonderful! Love the colors in the repro rug. Hope the weather will start warming up for you soon. We are already well into our Spring cleanup in the yard and have even had the ac on a bit!

  16. The punched needle rug is great! I love that you are starting Manifesto on the moon side since most are starting on the sun side. It's such a beautiful sampler. Love the kitty photos!

  17. Wonderful rugs! I especially love your Star Rug Company rugs. Your cats turned out great and looks old. Maria did such a great job on her antique hearts rug. I love the wools in your kit and what you've hooked so far. Lori

  18. very beautiful pictures thank
    amitiƩs from FRANCE

  19. Melinda, Oh my goodness your rugs are wonderful. The Manifesto rug is stunning! The good friends rug is wonderful as well. I hate to tell you this, knowing you like kitties, but I am currently working on another cat rug as I type this. The antique rug looks great as well. Send me a picture of the it when done. Maria

  20. Hi Melinda! Nice to 'meet' you and love your house. It makes me a little homesick for Ohio.

    How on earth did you get your cat to sit in that chair??? I have that chair but know my cat would sit and tell me 'You sit in the chair!' if I

    Love your rugs. Do you use them around the house?

    Hugs from Holland ~

  21. Wow Melinda...your rugs are absolutely gorgeous !!! I cant wait to see what you do next. Sorry to hear you have been under the weather...hope you are back to health soon and feel terrific !

  22. just love your home it's beautiful..