Thursday, September 6, 2012

Pincushions and kittens...

Greetings, all...
I have never "raised" kittens before, and this has really been a delightful experience.  Watching them grow, play (lots of play) and develop their own little personalities has been so much fun. They can be quite naughty at times.  My hooked rugs are really taking a beating, and today I noticed that the top of the little waxy looking candle bulbs have been bitten off!!  Those things are expensive!  Even little Charlotte, the calico, who was the shyest of the bunch, now loves to be held and made over.  The first picture is all 5 kittens cuddled up with Punkin.  He hissed at them at first, but now everyone loves the kittens.

And who says cats and dogs are enemies?  They all adore Oliver, my spaniel, and the feeling is mutual.  Here is Petunia kneading and "nursing" on Oliver.

Oliver with three kittens... His eyes are always big like this.

Three kitties on their condo, they are looking up at a moth that I just accidentally  let in.
What enormous ears!!

I've been busy making some little pincushions lately.  Since they are so small, I can always find somewhere to put them.  Here is a little tin pincushion with threads from ebay that I super glued on top of a vintage pewter candlestick.  Also, a pincushion that I made out of an antique silver sugar bowl that was my great, great grandmothers.  The bottom had rotted off long ago.  On the right is a little button roll designed by Stacy Nash, and a little square pincushion made from an orphan quilt block and old button

I have finished a really cool sewing box project by Brenda Gervais that uses a repurposed Whitman's sampler box.  I love how it turned out.  The directions called for antiqueing the paint with shoe polish, of which I had none, so I used watered down burnt umber paint applied with a hunk of quilt batting.  I think it looks almost like a wood box, don't you?

Here is the inside of the box.  It is lined with with an old yellowed DMC  ad that I found at an antique store for  $1.  There are several pages left to use for other projects.  Inside are some antique bone buttons, vintage scissors with sampler scissor weight,  vintage measuring tape and threads, and some old crochet.  You can see the paint treatment on the box better in this picture.

 The sewing box project has a matching pincushion.  There is also a super neat huswife that I have finished the stitching but is not yet put together. Surrounded by a few old oil cans awaiting a make-do. Also shown is a strawberry pincushion.  My filler of choice...poodle hair!  It is actually poodle wool, just like lambs wool.

And finally, here is a sampler that I really love.  It is Frances Jewkes, out of an old SANQ magazine.  It is special to me as I stitched it on actual antique linen, and boy was that a chore, but I love the looks of it.  Enlarge to read the wonderful verse!

That's all for now...


  1. Hello Melinda, oh those kitties are so sweet, love seeing them with Oliver to. Your pincushions are very nice, like the old silver suger bowl, charming. Great job on the sewing lid,it does look like a wood box.Love the sampler to, they are such a work of art. Blessings Francine.

  2. Hi Melinda, Cute little kitties! I love your sampler and the wonderful verse. The colors are gorgeous.

  3. Your Frances Jewkes sampler is beautiful.

  4. Lovely finishes!! The kittens are so cute.

  5. Hello Melinda! Frances is gorgeous! I can see why she is a favorite. I think every kitten should be named Radar since they have such big ears!! Hugs to you - kelley

  6. Well you are never going to be lonely with all those fur babies around! lol! They're so cute all piled together and with your other babies. Love the pics! That one of the three watching the moth is adorable! Love seeing your pincushions too. And your With Thy Needle and Thread box came out beautifully! Wow! I love how you finished the box, and the stitching is gorgeous! I can see I need to stitch this one up someday. Frances Jewkes is really pretty too! You have wonderful taste in samplers -- I love seeing all the samplers you've stitched. Antique fabric -- wow!

  7. So glad you pointed out that Oliver's eyes are always that big ~ my first thought was, wow, Oliver is really saying, "a little help here please!". Great shot of the three kittens together!
    As for your stitching and displays ~ beautiful!!

  8. The kitties are so the variety of colors! The photo of the trio is adorable! They certainly are a cuddly bunch! Your sampler box finish looks so good, and the sampler motifs...birds and a house...are always high on my list of favorites. You've been busy!
    Have a great weekend,

  9. Well if that isn't a I can just imagine the fun that's going on there. Well, all except for the tiny, very sharp little nails going into things...they sure know how to use them too.
    Precious photos.
    What a gorgeous project - always love visiting here.


  10. I love seeing the kittens! (Imagine that!) More please! I so miss those days. I have raised all our cats from kittenhood (except Tracy) so I know the fun you are having! Though it will be many many many many years from now I look forward to kittens again someday!

    Carmen and the Primcats

  11. My my my Melinda. You have been busy. The pincusions are so wonderful. I love the creativity of it all. I bet you are not in lack of company with all those fun little kitties. What precious photos of them and the doggie. TFS. -Steph-

  12. Hi Melinda. I love the box, very pretty! I am very impressed that you are maintaining your sanity with five kittens. We have only one kitten but she is a wild one!

  13. I love the kitten pictures, but especially the last one! Too cute!!! You are so brace to take on 5 kittens! And your Spaniel is a good sport to put up with them, also.

    Your stitching and finishing is wonderful!

  14. Melinda ~
    You make me want to put the hook down and start stitching!!! What wonderful things you have created.
    LOVE the pic of the three furbabies on the condo!
    Hugs :)

  15. Melinda - so love your kitties. I know just how mischevious they can be - into everything. Love your Frances Jewkes sammpler - have one just like that but not framed = LOL - love your blog and Yes, I am still alive. Brenda

  16. Melinda, how old are your kittens? They are adorable! Your stitching is fabulous! I love how the box turned out and it does look like wood.

  17. Wow, love how your sampler box came out. It is really lovely. I have done Frances Jewkes. She is such a beautiful sampler. I gave her to my Mum to enjoy in her last year with us. Bit as I was into doing family research, I changed France's name to my GG Grandmothers. My Mum had it hanging over her bed and would enjoy looking at it when she wasn't well.

  18. I love the photo of three kits on a perch!! That's so funny! Great pincushions.

  19. I love this post because you have so many goodies. Love how the kittens have gotten along with Oscar. It usually doesn't take long for everyone to play nice. Your sampler box came out wonderful and I love that you found the DMC add for the inside. And your sampler is wonderful as well. You have such a fantastic collection.

  20. Everything looks wonderful - I especially like the Sampler you did on old linen - it looks like a lot of work and has turned out beautiful - Brenda Gervais, love anything of hers - the cats sitting together on the stand - so very cute!

  21. I want to come visit!!! :)

    Love everything! :)


  22. Hi, Melinda~
    they are getting so big & adorable~ but you know I love kitty kats~
    Beautiful~ beautiful~samplers~
    enjoy the day~ I am loving these cooler temps~

  23. Hi Melinda - The kittens are so adorable and I do so love your work. I've been showing everyone the wonderful sampler I won! Thanks again.

  24. I love the sewing box and the sampler! very nice items!

  25. Oh gosh what cute kitties and your precious pup! Looks like you've been very busy :) Your pincushions are so cute, neat idea for the candy box! and I really love the saying on your needlework <3


  26. Hi Melinda, You have been busy ... love the tiny pin cushions and the sampler box is impressive. Your Kitties are so sweet and entertaining. Someday ...I really would love to have just one, but two is better.

    Have a Blessed rest of the day,

  27. You've got quite the happy menagerie! They all look quite content.

    Your pincushions are wonderful - I really like how you repurposed your grandmothers old sugar bowl.

    The Box and stitching turned out great! You did a great job on both pieces and the assembly, too. Love the old ad for inside the box.

  28. I love that photo of Oliver and the three kitties! He's quite the surrogate father isn't he! Beautiful little pincushion and your sewing box is perfect! Frances Jewkes is gorgeous!!