Sunday, August 5, 2012

New old rug and antique samplers

Hello, all,
First off, I have to tell you about my extremely traumatic day... the horses got out!!  My "darling" son left the pasture gate open, and around noon the neighbor across the street called to say there were three horses in her yard.  By the time I ran out there, they were heading down the street towards the main road!  I was in an absolute panic, but I think they had the best time they've ever had in their entire lives.      They were running through the fields with their tails up and flowing.  It would have been beautiful if it wasn't such a catastrophe!   They ran across the road several times, I'm calling them and crying, they heard me calling them and came trotting  back down the street, but then turned the wrong way and headed off again!  We finally got them and everybody is fine, except son is in the doghouse big time!!!  There is now a lock on the gate.

On to the topic of the day...this is the new old rug that I bought.  I have absolutely no idea how old it is, the pattern/design looks very antiquey-primitive, but it is in too good of condition to be really old.  Maybe some of the rug hookers who read this blog can help me out.  I love the mustard color and the lollipop flowers.  It was not expensive and is very dirty...don't really know what to do about that.

Here is the new addition to my sampler collection.  Scottish, Dorothy Crawford 1845.  I would guess it to be her first sampler, and I love the naivet√© of her little bunnies.

Scottish samplers are my favorite.  Here is one I got on e-bay a few months ago, it is still unframed.

It is Mary Ritchie.   ____ year of her age (she picked it out).  Not dates, but from the motifs I would guess late 1700's, early 1800's.  The illumination around the letters at the top is quite ornate.

Then there is one more, this I have had for awhile.  It is a very basic Scottish alphabet, MD (initials only) 1751.  This I purchased because of the initials, my maiden initials were MD.

I have always had the idea to chart some of my antiques so that I could stitch my very own repro  but have never gotten around to it.

That's all for now, I need to relax!


  1. Melinda ~
    I'm so glad you were able to corral your horses without incident. Kids! Honestly :)
    Your samplers are LOVELY! What treasures to have. Lucky you.
    I can offer no insight on the rug but it is wonderful.
    Hugs :)

  2. Ok, that's scary -- glad you got the horses back without any harm done. I bet your son is skulking around the house trying to avoid the parental eye now. lol! Love your rug and the antique samplers! They're all wonderful!

  3. Oh, I love your Scottish Samplers. They are all lovely. I hope that you are able to chart them one day. Love your rug. It is lovely.

    Your Son sounds so much like mine lol. Sounds like something one of them would do. Glad that your horses weren't hurt.

  4. *****the rug in question was a mass produced reproduction on the
    "country" market within the past ten years. some rug hookers have taken the design and made it available for hookers to
    reproduce. most were done in china and if this is a mustard background,that would be the biggest giveaway on the production.
    hope this's not an antique.

  5. I bet the horses enjoyed the freedom adventure.Not fun for you I can imagine your heart racing.The rug is just lovely.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  6. Your rug and samplers are wonderful. You have found some wonderful things. I wish that you would reproduce some of them - they just wonderful.

    And thank goodness the horses came to no harm. I can imagine that they loved their great escape!

  7. Oh my, my, Melinda so glad the horses are back home safe and sound! Now that they are safe, can you just imagine what they were thinking during their adventure?! Wheeeee!!!

    Love your antique samplers, especially "Mary Ritchie". One day I would like to own some antique samplers, but for now I'll enjoy my reproductions. Reproducing an original is also on my bucket list, although I'm sure there is more to doing this than it seems!

  8. Melinda,
    So happy your horses are safe and sound! That must be work...herding horses on foot! Your samplers are so wonderful! I am afraid I've been bitten by the same bug...I've bought a couple old ones myself recently.

  9. I can't imagine trying to get them back!!
    love the rug & the samplers!

  10. Oh my goodness, I bet those horses had the time of their lives for a few minutes. Luckily you got them back safely.
    About your rug, it is very nice. Not sure how to clean it this time of year. If it was winter you could clean it in the snow, unless it is stained.

  11. Melinda~ Glad you got the horses rounded up~ it is terrible frightening when the animals get out~ just makes my heart raise~ afraid of them getting run over, hurting someone in a car or just plan not catching them~ No matter how we all repair & maintain the fences animals still will get out sometimes~ yikes!
    I just adore all your samples in awe & very envious of you collection & talent~

  12. Gosh, what a stressful time you had rounding up your horses but, thankfully, it all ended well and with the horses having the times of their lives too :-)
    The hooked rug really is lovely. I especially love the way the pretty design stands out so strikingly against the mustard background.
    I absolutely adore your Dorothy Crawford sampler and hope, one day, you decide to chart that one and, maybe, share it with us :-)
    I also love the Scottish one with your initials. I have a very small collection of old samplers - well, if 4 constitutes a collection...haha, and one I especially love because it has my birthday on it.
    Warm wishes. Angela

  13. Wow! You got those from Ebay?! That's amazing and so wonderful to have an original sampler! I love the little white bunnies too! The stitcher must have been young. hmm, doing a repro...YES!!!

  14. You have amazing samplers ! Thanks for sharing !
    Anne - Tempus fugit