Thursday, July 26, 2012

As promised, a few more samplers


Here are a few more samplers to share with you.  Some are really oldies, others are not.  Excuse me for not crediting all the designers, a few I can't remember anymore.  Again, sorry for the flash bounces.

Mary Slatter 1792 (the one with the glued on faces)

Katherine Jones, by The Exemplarery.  I love the ribbon surrounding it.

Martha Smith, a real oldie from Scarlet Letter.

Freelove Hazard.   The name cracks me up, sounds like a hippy chick from the 60's!  Scarlet Letter.

M. Pollard, an Ackworth Sampler.  Scarlet Letter.

The Dragonfly Sampler, love the verse!    I think The Essamplaire.  The wings of the dragonfly (lower left) are stitched in silver thread.  I remember having to buy an entire price packet of metallic threads at Hobby Lobby just to get what I needed.

This goes way, way back, as evidenced by the l981 at the bottom.  I can't remember where it came from, but it is a Newburyport, Mass. sampler, maybe Mary Starkey or Sharkey was her name.  Maybe somebody else can remember.

Lois Minshall, Threads of Gold, I think.  I made this as a Mothers Day gift.

Maria Theresa Wilkinson, Scarlet Letter.  Love the verse about the "silly butterfly"

I hope you enjoyed looking, I enjoyed sharing them with you.  I still have more... but need to get some things finished.  We just missed another round of nasty storms...hope you all are safe.



  1. Oh another beautiful collection of samplers. Thank you for showing them to us. I have really enjoyed looking at them. It is always lovely to see other collections. For some reason I have always like the Newburyport Samplers. - Sandra.

  2. Melinda ~
    Your samplers are simply breathtaking!
    Hugs :)

  3. Hi Melinda,such a joy to see the beautiful workmanship, I agree totaly,breathtaking each one, thanks for sharing, Francine.

  4. Just wonderful!!!!! Oh my gosh, I so enjoyed seeing all of your samplers. Will there be more? :D Mary Slatter is my favorite -- wow, I need to stitch that!!!

  5. Freelove and Wilkinson were always ones I thought I should stitch. Your collection is wonderful. Nothing wimpy! Really enjoyed seeing them and hope to see more soon. I do love Mary Slatter but sold her recently knowing I would never stitch it (wimp that I am!). We got the fringe of a bad storm and quite a bit of rain.

  6. I love the sampler with the ribbon instead of matting! My daughter's used ribbons on their wedding cakes and they looked fantastic. But this is a wonderful idea, thanks for sharing!

  7. So beautiful samplers!!! Your collection is fantastic!!!

  8. Oh my goodness.......lovely, lovely, lovely!!! You have stitched some beautiful samplers. Thanks for sharing, I've loved seeing them all.

  9. You have a collection that just doesn't quit!

  10. Your collections of samplers are wonderful. You have really stitched some beautiful ones.

  11. those are beautiful, and I love all the details!

  12. Gorgeous~ Gorgeous~ I am in awe over these~
    thanks for sharing~
    enjoy your day~

  13. You have so many beautiful samplers you have stitched. I am in awe of all your beautiful work. I have added a significant number of charts to the list I want to stitch one day, just by looking over your blog.

  14. I can't stop drooling over all your samplers you stitched! it's hard to pick favourites because they are all so beautiful! I really love the free flow of the Hazard border! Very hippie-ish!! The silver dragonfly is awesome and I love the stick on faces of Mary Slatter! Cracks me up!!

  15. Beautiful samplers, truly. The one you ID as Newburyport, MASS is actual called "The Chase" - a Williamsburg repro buy Elsa Williams. It is one of my all time favorites. I just finished while recuperating from a broken foot. Couldn't do much of anything else. :)