Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A beautiful new sampler!!

Ok, so it's only the chart...hehe, but oh what a chart!  It was most probably stitched by Mary Meikle, is of Scottish origin, by way of New Zealand!  This beauty was charted by the famous Olwyn Horwood (of Blue Ribbon Sampler fame) and was ordered from Heirlooms in New Zealand.  As you can see, it is a beautiful sampler, and will bump it's way up my to-do list.

I thought I would share with you my three All Time Favorite Samplers!!

First, Isabel Redie (Scarlet Letter)

Dutch Beauty (Permin of Copenhagen).  This took me 4 years to stitch!!  

And Sarah Willson (Scarlet Letter).

Have a nice week!


  1. Melinda ~
    You stitch the most amazing samplers. You put me to shame ~ even when I stitched on a daily basis (MANY years ago...lol!).
    Hugs :)

  2. Ok, your posts are way too dangerous for me. lol! I already ordered the Sarah Willson kit because of spotting it on your wall once. So thank goodness that was one of your favorites. And I've already stitched Dutch Beauty. Whew! But I need Isabelle Redie and that wonderful sampler you haven't stitched yet. Gorgeous!!!! The new chart looks like it has freehand embroidery?? Is that true? I'm scared of that stuff. No way for me. :D Gorgeous!!!!!

  3. Wow. Your new Mary is magnificent! She's a plus size isn't she? The stitched three are great and I think Sarah is my favorite. Maybe I would have been able to stitch them in my younger years, but I just can't see myself executing those details. You have a really special collection of beautiful samplers.

  4. Oh, your new sampler is a beauty! I can see why it will bump its way up to the top of the list. Love your three all time favorites. Sarah Willson is on the top of my list of samplers to stitch. Every time I see yours, I want to start stitching immediately. Blessings ot you from Kentucky - kelley

  5. Such gorgeous work! Wow the colors in Mary are unbelievably pretty...wonderful greens! I love all the yellow houses...I counted three!
    Thanks for sharing these beauties with us.

  6. Hello Melinda, oh that is one beautiful sampler, houses are so sweet. Always a joy to see them,Blessings Francine.

  7. You always have the most wonderful samplers to show. The new one that you picked up is a beauty and I can see why it's been bumped up to the top of your list!!

  8. Some beautiful samplers. I can see why they would be great favourites. I have done Dutch Beauty and have Sarah Wilson kitted up. Have always liked Isabel Redie and the NZ sampler.

  9. All three of these are lovely. I have been working on a Scarlet Letter sampler for YEARS. It's on fairly loosely woven dark green linen. It will be beautiful when finished--whenever that is.

  10. Melinda~ these are gorgeous~

  11. I love Olwyn Horwood and I love this sampler of hers - very pretty - I have her book The Blue Ribbon Sampler - the Sarah Wilson Sampler is georgeous as well.

  12. Melinda, your Dutch Beauty is so stunning. I can see that it took 4 years to stitch because it's massive! I love Isabel too and will be getting the chart in the near future! Sarah's border is what draws me in! I love her bloomy flowers!

  13. OMGoodness, You put me to shame for sure. These accomplishments are amazing. I will never ever begin to do such beautiful works, I am too danged slow for starters and running out of time ... haha!

  14. Wow! your Samplers are so Beautiful!
    I would Love to be able to do something like this.
    You are very talented.


  15. I came across your blog yesterday and have spent hours admiring your samplers. I have stitched Dutch Beauty, Ann Medd and my next project is Blue Ribbon.

    I am looking To following your posts