Thursday, June 21, 2012

A little "tweaking"

It is just too darn hot and dry!  I am deciding that I hate, hate summer.  Since it is too hot to do anything except the absolutely necessary outside, I turn to indoor projects.   I did a little re-arranging in the living room and hung this rug over the fireplace.  It is one of my favorites, the pattern is by Kris Miller.  The linen pattern and wool was my gift to myself while recovering from hip replacement two years ago.  The Schoenhut piano the the left was my Mother's when she was a child, and the little bus on the mantel underneath the rug (hard to see) was my Father's souvenir from the 1933 Chicago World's Fair.

I have finished one small sampler, Melicent Turner.  She was a quick and fun stitch, and I love her verse.

Last weekend I went to a small local antique and garden show. and found the perfect thing to use as a tv cabinet.  I hated having the television showing and have been carrying around my very specific dimension for several years.  I finally found it!!  Yeah!!  It is even older than I first thought, because when taking out a middle shelf, I discovered it was made with square nails.  All three knobs are slightly different, and the thing that holds the doors closed is this ingenious little knob with a old nail through it that turns.

The kittens are so cute.  Tomorrow afternoon they go in for their first shots.  This is the cutest one, she should be simple to find a home for.

The little tortie in front is the one I am definitely keeping.  Her name is Petunia.  We bonded right away, and she is such a sweet, affectionate little girl.

A new project that I am getting ready to start is this cute sewing box by Brenda Gervais.  It calls for a make-over of a Whitman's sampler box.  The box is to be painted and distressed, and it calls for lining the box with old pages.  I found this neat old cross stitch add for $1, and think it will be perfect!

That's all for now...stay cool!!


  1. Melicent is wonderful! Such adorable babies. I need to look into that sewing box project because I love it. This heat doesn't bother me as much as the flashes do!

  2. Great job on Melicent--congrats on the finish! I LOVE the TV cabinet--how fun!

  3. I always love seeing bits of your home -- it's so beautiful! Love how your fireplace area looks. Love your new TV cabinet too -- so pretty! I might have to go for that sampler box pattern sometime too -- I've been resisting so far but it's so nice.

  4. I love your tweaking! That rug is beautiful. You are inspiring me to get the cross stitch going again! Sweet kitties...I'd take the calico in a heartbeat!

  5. Hi Melinda, Everything looks wonderful. It always does. The calico kitty looks a lot like my Boo!

  6. I agree's way to hot and I hate summer too!!

  7. Everything looks wonderful and you were so lucky to find the cabinet!! It looks great and hides an ugly tv. Love your rug hanging over the fireplace. I like Kris' things too and took a class with her last year - she is such a great person. Sadly, I haven't been doing much in the way of hooking lately. The kittens are just adorable. And I agree with you on the weather - too hot and dry, although I think we're in for a cooler weekend.

  8. Melinda ~
    Your idea of a small sampler and my idea of a small sampler are worlds! She is a beauty.
    Love the pie safe. I have been hiding my TV in an antique cupboard for about 25 years.
    That rug is wonderful, too!!!
    At least it's a little cooler today and we've finally gotten a bit of rain though everything is already turning brown "up north".
    Pug hugs :)

  9. Oh I love your tweaking. Your samplers look wonderful. Love your Sarah Willson. I have her amongst my stash and hope to do her one day. For some reason she reminds me of Hannah Pepper, another one that I have in my stash lol.

    I don't have your heat problem. Mine is the opposite lol. I can send you some of my cold weather if that helps. Thankfully it is a nicer day today than yesterday. It was sleeting here yesterday - Sandra.

  10. Hi Melinda...what fun changes...always something new here to it!
    How precious to have your parents memories to display.
    Can't wait to see the candy box re-do...sounds fun.

  11. Melinda~ wonderful displays~ the kitties are adorable~ that calico calls to my heart~ she is precious~

  12. I love your new t.v. cabinet. What a great find!! Your changes look great. Nothing better to do inside when it's so darn hot out. Have a great day. -Steph-

  13. Hi Melinda,
    Your pie safe is wonderful! Perfect for hiding the tv. Isn't that always a problem in a room full of early antiques...where to put the tv? Your sampler and rug are great additions to your beautiful home.
    Thought that TS Debby was gone for good, but another band of wind and rain just went through... what a storm she was!

  14. Hello Melinda, found your wonderful blog. Love the pie safe you keep the t.v. in,perfectly prim. Beautiful home, such sweet kitties to. Blessings Francine.

  15. I did the same thing when I found my TV cabinet. Carried measurements for a couple of years and the one I found, which came out of a kitchen, and we cut the middle shelf out too.
    Petunia is adorable1
    thanks for visiting my blog1
    Have a good evening.

  16. I have to say I hate, hate summer as well and would give anything for it to cool down here.
    I feel like I've struck gold in discovering your blog.
    So many beautiful samplers to look at!
    You have a lovely home and the kitties are sweet.

  17. Melinda hi,
    I can't take my eyes off the beautiful Melicent Turner sampler which I now know is by LHN. What a great project to complete and inspiring to have it described as a fun quick stitch :-)
    What a perfect solution hiding the television inside that lovely vintage pie safe. It's far more in keeping with the old traditional feel of your beautiful home.
    I've got the WTNT Sampler box pattern and can't wait to start it. I will look forward to your progress with great enjoyment :-)