Friday, June 1, 2012

Two new rugs and a sampler

Greetings, friends!
It has suddenly turned cool here after several days of oppressive heat, and we finally got some rain last night.  Yeah!  The garden needed it so badly.

I have a couple of new rug finishes to share with you.  The first is the Bird Dog pattern from one of Pat Cross's wonderful books.  I tried to use worms and left-overs, and the only wool I bought was the reddish brown for outside border.  The worms were a combination of 8 1/2 cut and 8 cut, but mostly 8 1/2.  To whip the border, I purchased a skein from Brenda Gervais, it was a very thick hand-dyed yarn, and was so easy to work with.  I really like how this turned out.

Another much smaller rug I completed is now on the dining room table.   It was too long to fit in one picture.  The design is from Woolen Willow.  The picture looks brighter than it actually is.

As a nice change from time-consuming reproduction samplers, I finished Frederic from Carriage House Samplings.  It is done with 1 strand DMC on 36 ct.

Now to report on the kittens!  All is going well, yesterday they started to eat wet food, and are playing with each other and beginning to groom each other.  Every day there is a surprise!  One little one had conjunctivitis and went to the vet yesterday, she told me to treat all five so that they don't just pass it around.  The little girl weighed .9 and is now named Tisha and my mother is keeping her.  All it took was taking her to the vet wrapped in a basket with a hot water bottle and she fell in love.  She is one of two tortoise shells and I learned that the tortie gene is a female gene like the calico.  There are 3 girls (two torties and a calico) and 2 little black boys.  Here they are today.

Wishing everyone a lovely weekend!


  1. Nice job on the rugs and I love the design you used for the dining room. Freddie looks proud and he should be! Then .... the babies. Oh my such sweetness.

  2. OMG! Those kittens are sooooo cute!!! Good idea to treat all of them for the conjunctivitis. I love tortoiseshells -- that is the kind of cat I would like to have if I got to choose. Of course, Mia chose us. lol! Love your two rug finishes. Both are wonderful! Love Frederick too. He's a nice change of pace, I agree! Are you going to stitch Frederica too? They look really nice hanging together. :D

  3. I do so love your rugs. I always whip my edges with my makes it so homey! Your kitties are just too adorable. I would have loved the torti too!

  4. Those kittens are adorable. I really like how both your rugs came out especially Bird Dog. My sister would love that piece. Wonderful stitching too - Frederick came out great. Will you do Frederica to keep him company?

  5. Hi Melinda,
    Your rugs are wonderful! The body of the dog is so fun, and the colors in both rugs are great! Love Frederick, too. You certainly have been busy!
    Your bundle of kitties is so sweet!
    Have a great weekend,

  6. Oh I love your rugs. I have always wanted to have a bash at making one. One day lol. I also love your Frederick. He will look lovely in your lovely home. - Sandra.

  7. Melinda ~
    Great rug finishes! I've done Bird Dog in punch needle, but not hooked. Pat Cross even saw it on my blog and sent me an email about it. How sweet!
    I'm impressed with Frederic ~ especially on 36 count linen! Even over two threads I'm pretty sure I could not see to do it.
    The little kitties are too sweet. Thank you for taking such good care of them.
    We got some much needed rain "up north", too. The ground was already cracking and the grass turning brown. Not good for May/June.
    Pug hugs :)

  8. Gorgeous rugs and I love Frederick!!!!!

  9. Hi, Melinda~
    oh, the kitties are growing, so cute~
    Gorgeous work love the Woolen Willow rug~

  10. Hello Melinda! Love your new rugs! They are both so bright and cheerful. Rug #2 looks very nice on your dining room table. Frederick looks quite charming. Hope his mate will join him soon! They make a very handsome couple!! Hugs to you - kelley

  11. Goodness Melinda I get so envious when I see everyone's FINISHED hooked rugs...seems I never get free time to work on mine. So I will enjoy seeing what you have accomplished and get my pleasure that way.
    your work is wonderful.

  12. So much CUTENESSSSS!!!!!! That little tortie in the center reminds me SO much of my sweet Ebby when she was a baby. Oh how I miss kittens so much! :)

    Carmen and the Primcats

  13. What an adventure those cute kittes must be and so much fun too:) The rugs looks so neat. You do such a good job. My favorite is the second although the bird dog does pull at my heart strings just a bit. Lovely stitchery. My, you have been busy. -Steph-

  14. I'm so glad I'm an ocean away from you, because otherwise I'd be SOOOOOO tempted to take one or three of those kittens! How adorable. I'm glad they're all spoken for and that they'll have loving homes.

    Your rugs are amazing. Great job! I would love to be able to rug hook but am almost afraid to learn--I don't need another hobby but I SO love hooked rugs. Great work on Frederick, too! I love both of the Freds and have them as must-stitches in the huge pile of samplers that need to be stitched. ;)

  15. What great rugs! I sometimes wonder if I should think about rug hooking but then I remind myself that I have more than enough stitching stash to keep me occupied without starting a new hobby (addiction!!!). Love your Frederick finish. What sweet kitties too. I'm sure they keep you busy!