Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Night Before Thanksgiving, and All Is ......

Peaceful!!!  I am not running around like a crazy person trying to get all the last minute cleaning and cooking done!!  I am not rushing out to the grocery store for last minute items!!  I am not picking up the turkey at the turkey farm!!  I am not worrying over how to set a beautiful table for tomorrow!!

You may ask, what am I doing?  I am relaxing, playing on the computer, and enjoying a beautiful, rare, late November day in Ohio!  That is because for the first time in 55 years, I am going to somebody else's home for Thanksgiving dinner!   Yippeee!!!!!   I have been invited to my son's girlfriend's house.  He is now 21 and they have been together since they were 16.  All I have to do is make a dessert for tomorrow.  

So... since I'm sitting here at leisure, I thought I'd share a few photos.    From the back of the house looking at what was the original milk house with root cellar below.

The horses enjoying the day .. they were clean and pretty yesterday, but not today.

Here are a few of my samplers going up the staircase, along with a Civil War flag that we found in the attic.  It was in bad shape but I had it framed to try and preserve it.  It has 34 stars, which means it is from between Kansas statehood in 1861 and West Virginia in 1863.  I had read that people did not display flags back then like we do now, that only military and ships had flags.  So that makes me think that whoever lived here during the Civil War must have served and brought the flag back with them.  I have researched the Quaker family who built the home in 1805, but they had all moved away within 20 years and I have never gotten around to researching the later owners.  

Here are some more samplers at the top of the stairs.

And more ... hope this is not too boring.  This is Dutch Beauty.  There was a yahoo group formed years ago for people stitching this sampler.  It took me four years on and off to complete it.

Just 2 more ...  Sarah Willson, which is probably my all time favorite.  I first saw the actual antique sampler on Scarlet Letter's site, and just had to stitch it, so I got all my stitching friends to write to her so that she would chart it.  Sorry for the flash..

And lastly, Jane Atkinson  .  Hope you all have a peaceful and happy Thanksgiving.  



  1. ENJOY not having to do all the work!! I hope your Thanksgiving day is wonderful!!

    Those samplers are simply gorgeous!!!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving! Love those beautiful samplers!Hugs,Jen

  3. Your samplers and sampler walls are gorgeous.
    Happy Thanksgiving.

  4. Love your sampler walls. You have a lovely collection there. Some of which are on my to do list.

  5. Good morning Melinda...well I answered your comment on my blog so thought I had better get myself in gear and visit my friends today.
    I am late I know but I haven't been blogging the past month like I should.
    We also didn't have to do the 'Thanksgiving' thing this year...our son/wife did it. Isn't it fun being pampered???
    Goodness your samplers are awesome. What a wonderful collection. Imagine how many stitches are in those! lol


  6. Your home is so beautiful and the setting idyllic.
    I would so love to see your sampler wall up close.
    A finished and framed Dutch Beauty too! I started this and it is a long time UFO never having gone beyond the first page!