Sunday, November 13, 2011

My New Pasture Ornament!!!

Hello, all,
I am enjoying what is surely one of the last beautiful weekends here in Ohio.  I want to show you my new ornament!!  Pasture ornament, that is hehehe!!  Now that I no longer ride,  due to dr.'s advice after a hip replacement, I adopt horses that no one wants from a wonderful organization here in Ohio called New Vocations.  I have adored horses ever since I am can remembe, in fact my parents bought this farm 35 years ago so that we didn't have to board our horses.  Boarding facilities never took good enough care to suit us.  I got my first horse when I was 16, as a bribe from my mother to put off getting my driver's license.  Unlike most teenagers, I was tickled to death to have a horse instead of a car!!

My new horse is named Tanzanite, she is a registered off the track Standardbred, as are the other two.  She is 14, and after racing served an Amish family in Indiana for several years, who called her Blossom.  She has some arthritis in her front leg, as a result of over 10,000 miles in harness, and deserves a nice retirement.  Here she is peaking out trying to get up the nerve to join the others.

Ok, here I am, aren't I pretty???

Here is Anna, she is quite a big girl at age 20, and she thinks she is quite special as she was Ohio filly of the year 17 years ago.  She isn't as old as you think, as I had a previous horse live to be 45!  Anna is quite busy asserting herself as head mare today.

Here are all three together.  The third horse is a gelding named Pip's Affair "Pipsy".    No one wanted him as he was raced so much that he had a suspensory injury, which is basically the ligament between the ankle and foot.  He is now completed rehabbed and enjoying the  good life.

 That's all for now, time to get back down to the barn and feed supper.


  1. Your pasture ornaments are really lovely. It is lovely to see that they have found a loving home where somebody will love and cherish them. - Sandra.

  2. I love your pretties. Horses are special. We had a few when I was a child. I love the way they smell. They are lucky to have found you. -Steph-

  3. Oh my! beautiful horses! I always dreamed of owning my own horse when I was little. It must be so great.

  4. Melinda
    What a beautiful home you have for the pretty horses~