Wednesday, December 5, 2018

A Stitch-A-Long and a Sneak Peak

Greetings, stitchers and readers!

I wanted to mention The Craft Gallery in Findlay, Ohio, is hosting a stitch-a-long for my latest release, Leah Gronow 1872.  I think Leah's colors are rather appropriate for this time of year.  If you need the pattern and/or would like to participate, please contact Paula at The Craft Gallery
The Craft Gallery

As an alternative to the called for Gentle Arts Simply Wool or DMC, Paula has done several lovely conversions to overdyes for you to choose from.

I also have a few sneak peaks to share of my next release, Eliza Brassington 1805.  Eliza is most assuredly an English sampler, there is even a town in England called Brassington.  I have identified several E. Brassingtons, but am unable to determine which was she.  The colors of this beautiful sampler have been taken from the back of the framed sampler which has been protected from light damage.  The front is quite faded.  Eliza stitched her sampler a mere 50+ years after the  battle of Culloden.  With the absence of crowns and the prominent pair of large thistle motifs, one has to wonder about the loyalties of Eliza and her family.

I have approached Eliza a little differently than my previous reproductions.  I took many close up pictures of the sampler, both front and back, then enlarged them and printed them off.  This way every single stitch was enlarged and easy to see!  An additional advantage is that this way keeps the handling of the antique to a minimum.  I then stitched the model directly from the sampler and the photographs.  Now, to create the chart from the model!  I actually loved doing it this way!  Somehow it seemed more authentic to be stitching a reproduction directly from the sampler....I hope to have Eliza ready for release by the end of the year.

Adam and Eve

Castle with huge dog

I hope to be back in a few days to share information about the air bnb that I have started here on the
farm.  I have been open for a month or so and have been quite pleased with the response.  But it sure is a lot of work!  :):):)



  1. Leah is just beautiful. She would be great to put in a special spot during the holidays but not really seasonal so you could enjoy her all year. Just imagine 8 years old. I will be contacting the shop soon.

  2. Eliza Brassington will be a beautiful Sampler.
    Good luck with your BnB!

  3. Your samplers are simply breathtaking.
    I look forward to reading about your air bnb.

  4. Beautiful samplers! Very exciting also about your bnb! Hope all is going well.

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  6. Beautiful work. Happy Stitching

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