Sunday, May 20, 2018

****NEW RELEASE**** Amilia Bemrose 1805

Amilia Bemrose 1805

Merry Wind Farm is excited to announce the release of Amilia Bemrose 1805, a 
companion sampler to Mary Clay 1805.

Both young ladies were born in North Carleton, Lincolnshire, UK and baptized at 
St Luke's church in the early to mid 1790's.  They stitched their samplers together, finishing a week apart in April 1805.  Both samplers feature a prominent Soloman's Temple, similar motifs with colorful birds, and the dedication ending with "how kind my parents has been to me".

A pink squirrel!

When Mary Clay married in 1810, her witness was her dear friend Amilia.

Amilia married Gervais (Jarvis) Middleton in 1810 and bore seven children, one of which she named Catharine!  She and her husband moved to the town of Gainsborough, a not too distant carriage ride away.  I hope they were able to keep in touch throughout  their lives.

I like to think that Amilia and Mary would be pleased that their samplers are
reunited after over 200 years!  Both of the antique samplers are in the collection of Merry Wind Farm.   Amilia Bemrose and Mary Clay are available separately
if you would like to stitch your own "companion samplers"

Amilia Bemrose stitch count 233 (w) x 298 (h)
Model sampler stitched on 36 ct. Legacy linen from Picture This Plus.
Charted for Gentle Arts and DMC with a DMC conversion.

at select needlework shops


ask your local needlework shop to order it for you


available in my Etsy shop 

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Exciting News From Merry Wind Farm

Happy spring (finally) to all my friends and lovers of antique samplers.

I have some exciting news!  On Saturday, May 12,  I will be giving a presentation to the Queen City Sampler Guild at the Warren County Historical Society in Lebanon, Ohio.  A trunk show will be included, so all of the stitched models from Merry Wind Farm will be on display.

The really big news is that I have a new sampler for release on May 12!  The Queen City Sampler Guild will be the first to see it.  

Here she is, Amilia Bemrose 1805.  

As you can see, Amilia is very similar to Mary Clay 1805, also from
Merry Wind Farm.

As it turns out, Amilia and Mary were best friends stitching their samplers together at school in 1805!
Mary finished her sampler April 17, 1805, and Amilia a week later on April 25, 1805.
What fun they must have had stitching their samplers together!

The original antique samplers of Amilia and Mary are both in the collection of
Merry Wind Farm.  I like to think that they would be happy to be back
together again.

Mary Clay was baptized 11 November 1792 and Amilia Bemrose on 21 August 1794,
both at St. Luke Church, North Carlton, Lincolnshire.  Five years after stitching their samplers, Mary was married, also at St. Luke's, with Amilia by her side.

The antique samplers of Amilia and Mary will be available to study at the Queen City Sampler Guild
meeting, along with several more antique samplers.

Mary Clay 1805 is available for purchase now and Amilia Bemrose will be released to the public on May 15th.  Shipping to select needlework shops will occur next week.  Amelia will also be available
in my etsy shop Merry Wind Farm

I look forward to presenting the history of these *Best Friends Samplers* to the guild.

Saturday, February 10, 2018


For the very first time  Samplers from MERRY WIND FARM  will be available at the Nashville Needlework Market!  There will be two new releases, Ellen Ford 1832 and Girls in Blue Dresses.  Pre-order charts for your shop and I will ship them to you FREE of charge!  Less to carry back from Nashville!  I accept Paypal and will invoice you.


Ellen Spedding 1832 is an English sampler suitable for for all levels of stitchers.  The thread count is 241(w) x 262 (h) and is completed using cross stitch over two  on suggested 32 count linen. Charted for Gentle Arts and DMC.  Suggested retail price is $20.00 and wholesale is $10.00

A red Adam and Eve.

A pair of spotted deer and a sampler full of delightful motifs.


Two young girls in their Sunday finest pose beneath a pomegranate tree.   Girls in Blue Dresses is a smaller sampler with a stitch count of 127(w) x 171(h).  Completed using cross stitch only, it is suitable for the beginning stitcher and a quick project for the more experienced.  This sampler is charted for Gentle Arts and DMC and the recommended linen is 30 count.  The suggested retail price is $12.00 and wholesale is $6.00.

Please remember to stop by room 317 at Nashville to see the beautiful works of two other designers, and several more available samplers from Merry Wind Farm.

Please provide your email for Paypal.
Thank you!!
Continue on to see more samplers from Merry Wind Farm
All samplers are packaged in easy to read chart packs with stitch count, finished sizes, suggested linen,  complete color key,  and history if available.

Ellen Ford's Work
A stately manor, lions, and crowns
$12.00 retail, $6.00 wholesale

Ann Evans 1843
A Dutch Folk Art Sampler
$18.00 retail, $9.00 wholesale

Sarah Ann Marven 1838
a beautiful tribute to her Mother
$22.00 Retail, $11.00 wholesale

Lillias Davidson 1858
a Scottish Sampler originally stitched in wool.
$15.00 retail, $7.50 wholesale

Mary Inglis 1830
A Scottish House Sampler
$20.00 retail, $10.00 wholesale

Mary Clay 1805
The Chinese Quail Sampler
$20.00 retail, $10.00 wholesale

Elena Tratman 1824
An English Sampler
$18.50 retail, $9.25 wholesale

Mary Ann Mitton 1832
An unusual, detached border
$21.00 retail, $10.50 wholesale

Mary Ann Stenson 1859
$15.00 retail, $7.50 wholesale

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Are you ready for Christmas??

Well, no, but I'm making progress.  I have the wreaths up on the windows.
This picture is from a few years ago, but it is the same, sans snow.  I remember this day quite well,
I was so excited to be able to take Christmas photos of the farm with snow!!

It was time to purchase a new tree this year.  The old one went in the trash after Christmas
last year, it was probably 10 years old with very few needles left.
I ordered a new one from Lowe's on black Friday, on sale and free shipping.  I really like it, there are 1000 prelit white lights, and I was actually able to assemble it by myself!!
I hate having to ask Evan for help, then wait until he is good and ready, you all know how that is.
Tree technology has really advance since my last tree.  Remember the hassle of trying to
connect plug A into the other plug A, etc., etc., trying to get all the lights to come on?
Well, this wonderful tree you only have to connect the three sections of the trunk and that lights the entire tree!!  Plus, there is even a little foot pad to turn on and off!
No ornaments yet, but at least the boxes are down from upstairs.

Decorations are rather understated this year.  I actually donated a lot of them to goodwill
last year.  I kept the special and family items.  I have always been quite happy being
an only child of an only child.  But at Christmas it can be rather lonely, with both my hubby
and parents gone.  I was debating about decorating, but decided I need to keep all the traditions going for Evan.  Plus, if I didn't decorate, I would be sorry at this last minute and trying to
hurry and do it all in a day.

The little choirs boys belonged to my grandmother.

I simply added red candles and some greenery and white light.  The angels playing instruments belonged to my mother.

I love this collection of Santas Through the Ages.

I have to post something needlework related.  Here is a sneak peak of an Adam and Eve
I am working on for release at the Nashville market.

The above photo is the antique, the top of which is in terrible condition, but she spoke to me.
The young lady was born in Yorkshire, England around 1821.  Back to stitching.....


Friday, October 27, 2017

Looking for Kay Brown

Hello, I'm looking for Kay Brown, who sent me a blogger contact message, but the link for her email does not work.  Kay, I hope you see this and contact me again!!


Thursday, September 28, 2017

Western Reserve Sampler Guild

I was so honored to be invited to speak about the Merry Wind Farm samplers last night at the Western Reserve Sampler Guild in Bath, Ohio.   The meeting was held in a beautiful 
historic church built in the 1830s located in a wonderful hilly, park like setting.

I was so nervous as this was my first ever presentation, but the ladies of the guild could not 
have been more welcoming.  When I first walked in and saw all the chairs set up and a projector screen, I thought "oh my word, this is way more professional that me!"

The members of the guild were so friendly and really seemed to enjoy my exhibition of antique samplers and the Merry Wind Farm reproductions.  

My son was an invaluable help, as he turned all of my photos into something called a Power Point presentation,  of which I had no clue.  I am so grateful to him!  Not to mention that he drove me up to Bath (three plus hours each way) and operated the projector/computer for me so I could concentrate on what I wanted to say.

Yes, I was horribly nervous, but once I started to speak, I realized I was among like minded people and gained confidence from them.  Now my first time is history:)  And I actually had a wonderful time!!!

I took a couple of pictures at the beginning,  just as people were beginning to arrive, then forgot to take more.  There ended up being probably 35-40 people.


My newest reproduction, Ann Evans 1843, a Welsh folk art sampler, was officially released 
last night at the guild.  She will be available for purchase in a few days.

Antique Ann Evans.

Reproduction Ann Evans
Stitched on lovely Buttermilk Linen by Dixie Samplar Hand Dyed Fabrics

Ann Evans will be available in my Etsy shop

I also have a sneak peak of Ellen Ford, a small sampler that will be available soon.

Sorry about my shadow.  Ellen will fit in a standard 8 x 10 frame.

As Christmas approaches, remember that I also have a small Christmas sampler available.  Not a repro, she is Emmeline Cole, inspired by my ancestor.  Included is an alphabet and numbers 
so that you can personalize your sampler using one of your ancestor's names.  I used the name
of the township in which I live for the school name, you can do the same using your county,
township, road, etc.

Thank goodness the dreadful 90 degree weather came to a screeching halt!!  Fall is here!
I love fall decorating, pumpkins,
gourds, straw bales, and  cornstalks.
All things that are natural, some of which can be gathered here on the farm.

Till next time

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Happy Fourth!!

Hello and Happy Fourth of July!

It is too hot to do much of anything today.  You all know how much I hate summer.  We have had several days of cool weather this summer, and I try to get as much done outside  as possible.
I do think the heat and humidity has now set in...big frown... 
That means I'm inside as much as possible until October!!

If I didn't have horses and gardens, I wouldn't step a foot outside the rest of the summer!

The first cutting of hay is in the barn, so I don't have to worry about that again
until August....

I have never stitched any patriotic samplers to show you, but did do this rug a few years back.
I believe this designer is named Sandra Smith, from California.

I think my Mother and Grandmother used to say that copying is the
sincerest form of flattery.
I was in an antique mall in Tipp City this week.  There is a booth with some primitives and rug hooking supplies.  I was surprised to see this rug pattern.

Around eight years ago I participated in a rug hooking workshop right here in Tipp City.
It was sponsored by three nationally known rug hookers, and was the first rug class I ever took.
We were given templates to arrange into anything that we wanted.
Here is my rug.

I wanted something really primitive and came up with the pomegranate tree with the big crow.
I can't call it my design, but it was my "arrangement".  I guess I should feel flattered that someone
liked it enough to copy it.

Then, also this week, this miniature doll house sampler appeared on eBay.

This one I  can actually say is mine!!  Mary Inglis from Merry Wind Farm.

Several other big time reproduction designers  work was also on the site.  I guess I am honored to even be in their company, as I am small potatoes.  Does this mean I have arrived???
To be copied along with the big fish???

Hope everyone has a happy Fourth of July!  I will be sitting and comforting dogs scared of fireworks tonight.