Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Time to pick another winner!

Hello, all.  I hope everyone has had a very Merry Christmas.  One of my winners is no reply and I have not heard from her, so I have picked another winner.  Fortunately, I kept my
 bucket of little pieces of paper with names on them.  The new winner is AnnMarie!

Please contact me AnnMarie!

Thank you,

Friday, December 23, 2016


Hello, I am so pleased that I received 119 entries for my Christmas sampler giveaway!  If at least half of you would continue to follow my blog, I would be one happy camper!!  I have added a sidebar link to follow by email if you like.

I have decided to draw two winners!!!!    Drum roll please
And the winners are 
Mirjam (Netherlands)
Maureen W!

Please contact me Mirjam and Maureen W!  I will try and contact you also.

Thank you all for entering, Merry Christmas, and please keep following me.  There may be future giveaways.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Christmas Giveaway

Hello, fellow samplers lovers!

I am having a Christmas giveaway to thank everyone for their support of my relatively new endeavor of getting into the world of reproduction samplers by offering a Christmas giveaway.

Please leave me a comment that you would like to enter.  The prize is any one of my reproduction sampler charts, you choose, including shipping anywhere in the world.  Although not a requirement, I would appreciate it if you would share my blog with one of your stitching friends, so that I can try and reach more people.

As a reminder, these are the samplers.
Elena Tratman 1824

Mary Ann Mitton 1832

Mary Inglis 1830

Lillias Davidson 1858

Mary Ann Stenson 1859

Mary Clay 1805

No need to choose which one you would like right away.  I will draw the winning name next Friday night, December 23, at 8:00 pm EST, and post the winning name here on my blog.  If I can email you, I will also contact you.  If you are no reply, you have through Monday, Dec. 26 to contact me, then I will draw another name if necessary.

Thank you for entering, and thanks for your support and reading my blog!
Merry Christmas!
Merry Wind Farm

Monday, November 21, 2016

Some sampler news....


First off, I thought I would share some progress on my next release, Sarah Ann Marven.  Sarah is a large sampler, and I am currently at a standstill needing to get some more threads.  Sarah's verse is a tribute to her dead mother.  I did not think that I could bare to stitch it so soon after my Mother's passing, but oddly enough it is rather comforting.  

While waiting, I have accomplished a few small finishes.  First is a hornbook design.  A fun, easy stitch.  The chart was purchased from Etsy.  Will be mounted on a breadboard.

Next, a cute Christmas design by Lori Rippey.

A pretty design by Pineberry Lane, Elizabeth Pickford, with a few changes, mostly to use threads that I had.  Elizabeth may become a stitching  bag.

Here is the a beautiful Virginia sampler currently being charted.  She is Elizabeth Tompkins, and I am honored to have been asked by a descendant of Lizzie's to chart her.  There is an enormous amount of  history available on Elizabeth, but unfortunately I have yet to identify the manor house, or find another sampler with this beautiful border.  I believe Lizzie to have been taught by an aunt rather than in a school.  However, another aunt was a teacher at a girls' academy, and is mentioned in Kim Ivey's book, In The Neatest Manner.

Finally, a few photos of a new acquisition, Ellen Spedding 1832.  She features lots of red, a pair of really cool deer, and Adam and Eve.  I love that she wrote "In Adam's Fall, We Sinned All"  Finally, a girl who blamed Adam!  Should be fun to reproduce.

Wishing all a Happy Thanksgiving!
Melinda xxx

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Emmaline Cole 1835, A Christmas Sampler

For those who may be interested, I have designed a simple Christmas sampler which you can easily have finished before December 25.  Presenting Emmaline Cole 1835, inspired by Handel's Messiah composed in 1741 and commemorating the name of my ancestor.  The stitch count is 153 x 97 and uses all cross stitch over two with the exception of the tiny dog, which is over one.  The model is stitched using Gentle Arts threads, and includes a DMC conversion.  I have also included an alphabet and a graph for personalization.  Perhaps you might chose one of your ancestor's names for your sampler!

I am releasing this as a pdf download which includes 6 pages with a  color photograph.  Price is $9.00, or if you would prefer me to print it and mail to you, it will be $12.00 which includes domestic shipping.

If you would like to purchase, please leave me a comment and I will send you a paypal invoice and get your chart right out to you!  Thank you, and I hope you like it:)

Friday, September 2, 2016

I might be nuts....

Yes, I definitely might be nuts for trying to keep the farm.  Without my mother, income is now reduced by 2/3, and surely no 60 year old woman, borderline disabled with MS (although thankfully not the progressive type), by herself, would try to keep up a 15 acre property with two barns, gardens, pastures, horses, too many cats to mention, and three dogs!  I must have lost my mind!!  BUT, I love it so much, the 200 year old house, the animals, gardens, everything!  I was thinking the other day that without this place and all the animals to take care of, there really would be no reason to even get up every morning.  I could just lol in bed, get fatter and out of shape, and die.

So for now I am staying and going to try to manage.  I can't stand to give up my home.  There is so much love here and so many happy memories.

Thank you to all who wrote and expressed your sympathy on the passing of my mother.  I think I wrote back to everyone.  If you did not hear back from me, you must be no reply.

So now I am adjusting to the new normal.  Going from taking care of my mother 24/7 and never having any time to having nothing but time.  It is quite a change.  No one to care for, cook for, shop for, or plan my schedule around.  Very strange:(

On to some other news...here is a sneak peak of a reproduction that is charted and I am working on stitching the model.  Sarah Ann Marven is her name, and she stitched her sampler to honor her mother who had passed.  I thought I wouldn't be able to stitch this model, but strangely it is comforting.

I am doing a lot of cleaning out of my mother part of the house, combining things and deciding what to keep.  I have moved three beautiful pieces that she had into my part.  One is a mahogany breakfront that belonged to my grandmother, and a small Sheraton desk that I  just love, the third is the antique bed that she bought and refinished before they were married, the only bed they ever had, and where I was conceived!  As a result of these pieces, I guess my decorating style is no longer primitive, but more colonial.  Many things are changed around the house, but the change feels good.

The bear with guitar next to the bed is a build a bear from my son, and the little yellow bear hugging

the bed post was a mothers day gift to my mother from Evan.  Both are very special to me.

Now, do you want to hear about the wedding?  It was a smashing success.  I could hardly believe how the barn turned out.  And although there were tornadoes a couple of towns away, the weather held out for the outdoor ceremony and it was lovely.  Hope I don't bore you with photos.  My son Evan was the best man.  That is him with the maid of honor.

Thanks for visiting...

Thursday, July 28, 2016

My dear Mother

Winifred Coates Davidson, age 89, passed away Tuesday, July 26. She was born in Dayton, Ohio to Wilfred and Olive Gibson Coates on August 30, 1926. Winifred was the most beloved and precious mother to Melinda Davidson Cole and grandmother to Evan Thomas Donald Cole. She was a graduate of Fairview High School and the University of Dayton with a degree in music. Winifred excelled in so many things during her lifetime. She enjoyed painting, gardening, life at Merry Wind Farm, and was an accomplished classical pianist. She was proceeded in death by Thomas Evan Davidson, her husband of 62 years, and son-in-law Donald R. Cole. 
Forever in our hearts. I love you so much, Mother.