Monday, March 23, 2015

It's over

Sad day here.  My sweet boy Pipsy is gone.  This morning he was eating although I had to hold his feed dish up so he could eat.  Late this afternoon he went down, and the vet and Evan (my son) tried valiantly to get him up again.  Pipsy tried so hard to get up, he just couldn't.  I would have kept trying and using more medications, but then he began to have seizures, two in 5 minutes.  Whether the test ends up being positive for EPM or not, it was something neurological that went to his brain.  I was sitting by  his head and stroking him, so he knew how much he was loved.  I took some of his tail to maybe stitch with, and he will be buried tomorrow here on the farm along with my five other lost babies, Lynn, Shadow, Missy, Valford, and Monarch.
And yes, he was vaccinated against rabies, so that wasn't it.

Sunday, March 22, 2015


EPM is Equine Protozoal Myeloencephalitis, a nasty type of parasite that can travel to the brain and central nervous system, rather like the Toxoplasmosis which is the reason doctors advise pregnant women not to clean the litter box.  It is spread by raccoon and possum poo, in the hay barn and in the pastures.  Many horses are exposed, but the immune system often fights is off.  This is what my vet thinks that Pipsy has.  Symptoms are ataxia, he looks like he is drunk.  I saw this once years ago in another horse that I had, he recovered and lived to be a ripe old 45!  There is treatment, unfortunately very expensive.  Bloodwork should be back the middle of the week.  This picture is from last summer.  He is being treated and hopefully will improve...  Melinda

Tuesday, March 3, 2015


After  months and  months of work...first the fun part, the charting and then the stitching of this wonderful sampler, and then the not so fun part...trying to learn how to use a computer for something other than email and shopping, Elena Tratman 1824 is finally making her debut!  The price of the chart is $17.50, with $3.50 US shipping and $6.50 international shipping.  I know international shipping is expensive, but that is the lowest I can go :)

For the time being, Elena is available through my blog.  I hope to also have her available through select shops, but one thing at a time!  Please click on the buy it now option on the left header, and chose either US or international shipping.  Even though the weather here has been so dreadful, I will promise to get them mailed within 2 days to you.  Please share this new release on your blogs and to your friends.  I need all the help I can get to get this new business off the ground.  A special heartfelt thanks goes out to Carmen Sutton, without her help and friendship this never would have come to fruition!  Thank you, dear Carmen!!

Now some details on Elena.  I have chosen to stitch her on 36 count Ale linen from Picture This Plus, using DMC floss.  Elena was from Gloucester, England, and was born in 1814 and died in 1837.  The STITCH COUNT is 230 X 329.  The antique Elena Tratman sampler can also be seen on the left side of my blog.

Thanks so much for your consideration of this sampler reproduction.  Hopefully by the time my next one is available, all this awful snow and ice will have melted.  It is nearly impossible to get through it to go to the barn, and the barn water pipes are still frozen!  I think they will remain frozen until spring, which hopefully will arrive very, very soon.  I'm sure you all are tired of hearing me complain about the weather :(

Thank you kindly for your support!

Hugs to all,

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Winter Weary....

Hello, everyone,
I know that many people are suffering much more than we are here in Ohio this winter.  But I do feel the need to complain a bit...the water is frozen to the barn!  I had the plumber out, to the tune of an expensive bill, he tried to thaw out the pipe with a blow torch for an hour, but still no luck.  I had a head tape on it and a heating pad, but it has frozen somewhere back the line underground.  This means that nothing will improve until the ground thaws out, and who knows when that will be.

Fortunately, I have a man who cleans the stalls for me, and he has to connect three long hoses from the outdoor house spigot, across the garden, the yard, through a hole in the barn siding, down the stairs to the lower barn where the horses are, to fill the heated buckets and the trough.  Very inconvenient, and costly for me!  Here is a picture taken from the house so you can see how far he has to go.  Afterwards, he has to take the hoses down to the basement so that they aren't frozen for next time.

I am going to make a few changes to my blog.  I am no longer selling on Early Work Mercantile, but will be offering a few occasional things on my blog.  The main items will be my new reproduction samplers that I will be offering under the name of Merry Wind Farm.  I have wanted to try this  and chart some of my antiques
for a long time, and hope I am not too old to start a new venture!  These will be available on a side bar, but my blog will remain the same.  It will not become "just" a selling  blog.  My first design is ready to go, I am printing it right now and will debut it either later this week or early next week.  I hope you like it!!

Meanwhile, here is another hooked rug to share with you.  At least the snow is good for one by one all the hooked rugs are getting a good snow cleaning!  This one is designed by Log Cabin Rugs.  It is mostly a "worm" rug, meaning that I used up lots and lots of little scraps of wool left from other projects.  Its kind of hard to see, but there are chickens and roosters in the corners.

With the exception of in and out to the barn many times a day, and bird feeding, horse watering, and snow shoveling, and trying to figure out the business end of publishing a sampler, not too much is new here at the farm.  Stay warm and safe!


Sunday, February 15, 2015

Kitty Extraordinaire!!!

For a change of pace, this is just a fun little post.  Here is Petunia, one of the "kittens".  A face only a mother could love (and me).  She is a teensy little thing, only about 6 pounds, it is like she just never grew up all the way!  I don't know, perhaps she is the runt, but she is very healthy.

She has been my favorite of the kittens from day 1.  When we brought them all in the house along with mama just when they were opening their eyes, when I would go into the room to see them, it was always Petunia who would look up from nursing or sleeping and wobble over to see me.  She just warmed my heart!  She is so special in personality that it more than makes up for her looks.  She comes roaring to me when I call her.  She follows me around the house talking up a storm (her, not me :)  But the cutest thing of all is how she plays rubber band.  She follows me, talking, until I get one for her, then she hooks it around her claw, then pulls it WAY back with her teeth, then sling shots it across the room so that she can chase it!  This will go on for hours :)

I just wanted to share this little story.  Hope you are safe from the dreadful weather wherever you are.  Fortunately, all of these snow storms have missed us :)

Friday, January 16, 2015

A Bit of a Mish Mash

Ok, where to start?  I have a lot of little things to share with you.  I think it is actually going to get above freezing for a few days.  Everything is a sheet of ice, and I really need to get down all the outside lights and roping.  I see a lot of people still have their's up, so I guess we are all in the same boat.

The main thing that has been taking most of my time is stitching on my reproduction sampler Elena Tratman.  It is coming along and should be finished in a couple of weeks.  But, what to do then?  I have no idea how to sell, market, whether to just have it available on my Facebook and blog, whether I can do that and also send some to shops.  I'm hoping that I can go to the Apple store and they can show my how to put this in  PDF or whatever you call it, so that it can be printed.  Need to take pictures, write up a blurb and instructions... so much to do and no idea how to do it!  Here is a picture of part of the main house.  I sure hope people like it and that it is a success..  I'm already trying to pick which of my samplers to try next.

Poor Manifesto hasn't seen much light of day lately.  I hope to get back to it soon.  So close and yet so far away!

In December, I received my advance copy of Judy Condon's new book, Country Homes and Gardens.  As usual, it is a great book and I am so honored to be included in it.  It is available now.

The credit card that I use is an Amazon card, as the points are used for Amazon purchases.  I always save them up for books, and recently added these two to my collection.  I always manage to have enough points to buy all the new needlework and rug books!

Scottish favorite!  Such a beauty on the inside cover!

Another great book from Kim Ivey on quilts, from Colonial Williamsburg.  Great eye candy!

A really nice antique store that has been in Tipp City for years closed down.  So sad.  I had to stop in the last day just to see what I might find.  Came home with these, my first antique stick sheep.  Very fragile, but adorable.  Love the little pink collars.

I realized that I don't own any belsnickles and would like to start a collection.  While browsing on shop, I came across this small set of Santas Through The Ages, made in Taiwan, but hand painted.  I bid $20 which I though was reasonable, but was sniped at the last minute.  By now I really WANT these little santas, so I looked on eBay, and, guess what, found the whole set of 6 in 
original boxes for $3.00  total plus $6.00 shipping buy-it-now!  Hooray!  Too bad I have to wait an entire year to display them.  They are not as washed-out looking as the photo.

Geesh, the computer froze up for a minute and I thought this was all going to disappear!  Too many photos?  Better post now.  Melinda

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Christmas is almost here!!

Are you ready?  All the shopping, decorating, wrapping done?  As of today I'm in pretty good shape I think, although I was really late with the decorating this year.  I think I've been too obsessed with the antique sampler I am trying to reproduce.  Time has gotten away from me.  Here is a sneak peek of my progress.  I thought when I had managed to chart the design that I was home free.  But choosing colors, stitching, ripping it out and picking different colors...aarrgghhhh...this is harder than I thought it would be!

Here are the stitched ornaments that I have made through the years.  I have added 5 more this year, but they still aren't assembled.

Now to some Christmas decorating...if you follow my blog, you know all about my cats and kittens.  The tree this year is nothing but soft, unbreakable ornaments.  This morning when I came downstairs, there were four of them on the floor.  But at least they weren't broken!  Hopefully in a few years when the kittens are older and settled down a bit I'll bring out all the shiny breakable ornaments again.
Beneath the tree is my mother's toy piano from when she was a child.

Here is my reindeer display.  Some of the celluloid reindeer were my parents', and I have added to the collection, always keeping my eye open for them in antique shops.  The beautiful painting on the wall is a treasured gift from Lauren of Rugs and Pugs.

Here is a collection of Santa and his reindeer from Hallmark, circa the 1990's.  I love them, but I can't tell you  how much I spent at Hallmark that year had to make a purchase each time in order to be "allowed" to buy a piece of the collection.  The last reindeer has a broken leg, so he is propped up on a piece of boxwood.

The rest of the mantel.  I didn't take any thing down, just added some little lights.  One of the kittens gets up here too, so I didn't want to add anything breakable.

My angel collection.  The choirboys and noel angels were my grandmother's.  The small ceramic angels were my late husband's father's, I think he got them in Germany when he was stationed there after the war.  The large angels with instruments are my mother's.  The cats don't get up here in the pie safe, so hopefully all this will be fine.

I would like to wish all my friends in blogland a very happy and joyous Christmas and a good New Year!