Monday, November 25, 2019


I am having my first ever sale! 
Buy 3 or more  Merry Wind Farm charts at my Etsy shop and receive 30% off your order!
Thursday, November 28 for one week.

If there are any you have been thinking about, now is the time!
Just my little way of saying Thank You for your support.

Melinda Cole
Merry Wind Farm

Thursday, November 21, 2019

Elizabeth Thornbrough 1790 coming soon

Dear friends and readers,

Sooner than anticipated, I have finished the stitching on my next release,
Elizabeth Thornbrough 1790.  She is an English sampler, but I'm not quite sure 
where, perhaps London.  I was pleased today to find a frame the perfect size in my
collection of antique and vintage frames.  That makes everything much easier.

The original plan had been to release her after Christmas.  That may still be the
case as I'm very busy with the B & B.  November and December are extremely busy months. 
I don't know how I am even going to find the time to get the Christmas
decorations up and all the wreaths on the windows.  I am very slow and everything 
takes me forever!!

Speaking of b&b, the vast majority of guests have been just wonderful!
I'd say 99%!!  However, there are always a couple bad apples.   Last week
a couple arrived and informed me that they wanted the temperature set
at 76 degrees!!!!  That is absolutely impossible in a big old house like 
this with brick walls that are impossible to insulate!  Who wants 76 degrees?  Whose house 
could even get the temp up to 76?  Keep in mind this is advertised as an old historic house in the country,
not some tiny, modern apartment.  I volunteered to round up extra blankets and quilts,and even space heaters,  but they just
left in a huff.  Oh well, they weren't the right fit for this place anyway.  

I was becoming concerned about the corn crop.  It went in so late this year
that it was not ready earlier this fall when the weather was good for harvest.
Fortunately, they finally got it in today.  I want to walk around and pick up the
little cobs and walnuts that have fallen (not in the same place),  surely there is something I can do with them.  Thinking of making a garland of some sort.

Next on the sampler front is a Scottish sampler with a ship, stitched in
wool, I think.  Her name is Grace Stewart.  She is charted and waiting on linen.

Also,  Harriot Goodman is awaiting her turn.  The horrid verse just makes me
smile, imagine a young girl stitching these words.  The problem with Harriot is that 
she stitched on teeny, tiny linen and the largest linen count I can manage 
comfortably is 36 count,  That will make this a very large sampler, but I 
can't figure out how to adapt her to a smaller version with compromising the beauty 
of the sampler.  Will have to think on it more.

Happy Thanksgiving to my US readers!

Thursday, October 31, 2019

Leaves, leaves, blow away please

I thought I'd share a few pictures of fall on the farm.  

 This is actually the gate to the side porch of the house, but
it is the only entrance that is used.  That is sweet autumn clematis
trailing over the fence and gate.

Maples around the barn .  That is an original bank barn with old
hand hewed beams, the Merry Wind Farm sign is exposed to the weather
from the west and has seen it's better days.

A few pumpkins and free hedge apples, and that's about the
extent of my decorating.  
All of the pretty fall color was spoiled by the heavy rains the 
past few days, and now we are having wicked winds, so I hope 
all the leaves just blow away!


Sunday, October 27, 2019

Black Cats of Merry Wind Farm

                    On national black cat day, I bring you the black cats of Merry Wind Farm.

As you can tell, the black cat force is strong around here.  At one time there were nine identical 
black kittens!  They are all identical, short haired shiny black with just a couple of white hairs
on their neck.  The spay/neuter effort in now complete, so hopefully this is the end of kittens!

Can you tell I like black cats?


Saturday, October 26, 2019

Blogging friends and fall on the farm

Do you read Lauren Fuqua's blog RUGS AND PUGS?  I imagine all of you  already do, if not, you should!!

I know I have already showed you pictures of my new reproduction sampler releases, but I did not mention that the owner of these antique beauties is none other than Lauren!  My dear friend was so generous in allowing me to reproduce these three lovely ladies.  The first two are probably American, which is a real treat!   Thank you Lauren!!

                                                                        Eliza Griffith

                                    Cornelia A. Moore, only 7 years old!  Isn't she adorable?

                                                                  Hannah Thompson

Some random photos of fall on Merry Wind Farm.  Today we are having a soaking, draught-busting rain, so that is the end of the fall color until next year!

                                                            Thanks for stopping by!!

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Four New Reproduction Samplers

On this blistery fall day, I would like to show you my four new reproduction samplers from Merry Wind Farm.  All can be purchased at my Etsy store Merry Wind Farm.  I hope you may see one that you like.

First in Mist on The Mountain, Martha Ford's Work 1849.  This Adam and Eve
sampler has a beautiful and unusual verse that was penned by a 
Church of Scotland minister in the early 1800's.  A honeysuckle border surrounds the verse, 
two large stylized birds, owl, flower motifs and an Adam and Eve who look as if 
they have spent too long in the sun!
Cross stitch over 1 and 2 threads 
36 count Relic linen from Picture This Plus

Hannah Thompson is a fine example of a typical mid 19th centuryEnglish  spot motif
sampler.  She features alphabets, a strawberry dividing band, flowers, trees, a windmill
and a little person.  All stitching is cross over two threads on 36 count Angel Hair linen from
Weeks Dye Works.  Threads used are Gentle Arts and DMC.  Stitch count is 160 (w) X 224 (h).

Cornelia A. Moore is a very small  109 (w) X 124 (h) simple marking sampler.
She is perfect for a beginning stitcher and a quick project for the more
experienced.  The beautiful linen is 30 count Old Salem from The
Primitive Hare.  The sampler uses cross stitch over two threads, with one dividing
band of four-sided stitch and another of algerian eye.  Cross stitch could
be substituted for the beginning stitcher.  Threads used are Gentle Arts and DMC.
Just an idea, I plan to do another example of Cornelia's sampler using
only a red thread.  $12.00

Eliza Griffith is also stitched on Old Salem linen from The Primitive Hare.
She too is a simple marking sampler that could be accomplished by
a beginner.  The sampler is completed using only four colors of
The Gentle Arts threads.  Stitch count is 100 (w) X 160 (h) $12.00

So now you see what all I have been up to!


Monday, October 7, 2019

A few things I've made

I thought I'd share a few of the samplers I've stitched over the last year or two.  Sorry about the wrinkles, some are just sitting rolled up in my drawer.

First is a sewing roll that I made using the pattern of Dawn Ronningen.  She is the author of the new book Antique Needlework Tools.  It is made using lots and lots of little tiny squares, and I also used an antique quilt block that I cut down to fit.  I also had a small completed sampler from the book Shall I Compare Thee to a Summer's Day that I sewed onto the back.   Actually, I see not first, but third, I have to figure out how to load photos in the proper order.

 This is a small sampler that I just really loved,  a friend allowed me to borrow her chart, I can't remember the name or designer, but I know it is an old out of print chart.

 Here is a solidly stitched piece from Scarlet Letter, I think it is called The Huntsman.

 Huswife by Dawn Ronningen.

 Miss Mary Ann Bournes, from Hands Across the Sea.

 Ann Tong Uffindell also by Hands Across The Sea.  Lots of mistakes, including the vase on the right side of the verse.  I guess I need to correct that, it should match the  vase on the left.  I absolutely love this sampler.  I really want to frame it before Christmas, as I think the colors look very Christmassy and would look lovely hanging above the fireplace mantel.

 This was one of my reproductions for my "company", haha, Merry Wind Farm.  Eliza Brassington 1803.

 This is another of my repros for Merry Wind Farm, Leah Gronow1872.   She is what is referred to as  a Welsh Folk Art sampler.  Samplers stitched in the mid to late 19th century in Wales were commonly stitched in wool and are referred to as folk art samplers as they were not intricately stitched like other earlier samplers.

I am not doing very much fall decorating.  Just some dried things from around the farm, hedge apples, and I'm cutting some corn cobs from the field.  All free stuff, the best kind!!  I'm not going to buy any mums, as I've probably purchased them for 40 years and have never, ever, had them come back in spring.  A big waste of money.  I may not even get a pumpkin, just stick with free hedge apples!!!  They are pretty too!

Hope this wasn't too picture heavy.  This is something else I find difficult to do is post pictures of what I have done.  It seems like "look at me"!!!  which I was always taught never to do.