Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Looking for Grace

Grace Stewart that is!  This lovely Scottish sampler is all charted and 
the model is stitched.  Usually these Scottish girls are so easy to
find with their whole family stitched on the sampler.
I assume that the WS (heart) BS is her parents, but of about 40 
Grace Stewart's born between 1800-1840, none of the initials match.

I have tried other things, all on Ancestry as that is all I have access to.
Whether B could be Beth or Bell, short for Elizabeth or Isobel.  
That doesn't work either.
Neither does looking for Grace in censuses.

The only other thing I have not tried, is whether her father could have
had multiples names, sort of like in Outlander, Jamie has 3 or 4 names.

I don't know where to turn.  I'm hoping that someone can help me.  
I need to find family information about her, where she was born, etc. and what
building this is.  It appears on two other samplers that I know of, both from very 
early 1800;s.  Elizabeth Chapman and Ann Blair.

The second sampler, Ann Blair, has the identical manor house motif with the same
cockerels on the roof and identical colors.

The other two Scottish samplers that I have reproduced were so easy to locate.
Here are Lillias Davidson and Mary Inglis  Davidson was my maiden name and 
I just loved the blue roof on Mary!

Winter continues to march on without having really any winter.  A few days of lows in the single digits but no snow or ice.  But there are still two more months to go before we can really 
be safe from the winter weather.



  1. I know nothing about early samplers other than I like them! Wish I could help, hope you find some answers.

  2. Have you checked the orphanage records? I’ve looked into that building a little before and girls in orphanages often stitched their building. When I tried to locate the building it was very hard to find something that was that large, with so many windows, but that wasn’t ornate in any other way - columns etc. That might explain why she’s so difficult to find as it may be her own nickname in the orphanage, with the initials being her wee pals??? Just a thought

  3. How ironic that the same house appears on two other samplers you know of.
    Good luck finding Grace :)

  4. Best wishes in finding Grace!

  5. That’s a lovely sampler. Can’t wait to see what you’ve done with it. How did you find the other samplers with the same house? This is all so intriguing!

  6. I hope you find the information you need! Beautiful sampler!