Monday, October 7, 2019

A few things I've made

I thought I'd share a few of the samplers I've stitched over the last year or two.  Sorry about the wrinkles, some are just sitting rolled up in my drawer.

First is a sewing roll that I made using the pattern of Dawn Ronningen.  She is the author of the new book Antique Needlework Tools.  It is made using lots and lots of little tiny squares, and I also used an antique quilt block that I cut down to fit.  I also had a small completed sampler from the book Shall I Compare Thee to a Summer's Day that I sewed onto the back.   Actually, I see not first, but third, I have to figure out how to load photos in the proper order.

 This is a small sampler that I just really loved,  a friend allowed me to borrow her chart, I can't remember the name or designer, but I know it is an old out of print chart.

 Here is a solidly stitched piece from Scarlet Letter, I think it is called The Huntsman.

 Huswife by Dawn Ronningen.

 Miss Mary Ann Bournes, from Hands Across the Sea.

 Ann Tong Uffindell also by Hands Across The Sea.  Lots of mistakes, including the vase on the right side of the verse.  I guess I need to correct that, it should match the  vase on the left.  I absolutely love this sampler.  I really want to frame it before Christmas, as I think the colors look very Christmassy and would look lovely hanging above the fireplace mantel.

 This was one of my reproductions for my "company", haha, Merry Wind Farm.  Eliza Brassington 1803.

 This is another of my repros for Merry Wind Farm, Leah Gronow1872.   She is what is referred to as  a Welsh Folk Art sampler.  Samplers stitched in the mid to late 19th century in Wales were commonly stitched in wool and are referred to as folk art samplers as they were not intricately stitched like other earlier samplers.

I am not doing very much fall decorating.  Just some dried things from around the farm, hedge apples, and I'm cutting some corn cobs from the field.  All free stuff, the best kind!!  I'm not going to buy any mums, as I've probably purchased them for 40 years and have never, ever, had them come back in spring.  A big waste of money.  I may not even get a pumpkin, just stick with free hedge apples!!!  They are pretty too!

Hope this wasn't too picture heavy.  This is something else I find difficult to do is post pictures of what I have done.  It seems like "look at me"!!!  which I was always taught never to do.



  1. Oh, never think that. I enjoyed seeing your beautiful work! Hope you will be posting more often.

  2. Love seeing all your beautiful stitching! Lovely!

  3. That sewing roll is beautiful! Intricate samplers and all beautiful. I struggled to find the error in the vase, can't find it. Uffindell is magnificent, Huntsman is fantastic, Bournes is stunning, and Merry Wind's are wonderful!

  4. Please don't concern yourself with showing us the things you have stitched. I love seeing all your beautiful work. Leah came in the mail today. I can't wait to stitch her. It will have to wait a bit as I have a few Christmas gifts to stitch first. But she will make a wonderful New Year's start!

  5. What beautiful projects you've stitched.
    I do a couple of Mums,just small ones, but I don't plant them in the ground anymore. Like you, they don't ever come back.
    Not sure why, but Mom's always came back, she had a beautiful variety of colors.

  6. OMGosh Melinda - your samplers and other stitching are GORGEOUS! I just can't believe how many BIG samplers you get done. You are amazing. Never feel like you are putting too many photos - you are a very accomplished stitcher and I love seeing your work. Also love seeing what's going on around the farm. I live in a big urban city - I've always dreamed of life in the country - it will never happen but I still like to dream. you help - please keep posting - Mel

  7. Hi Melinda,
    Congratulations on another post!! As far as pictures are concerned, I really believe it is what blogging is ALL ABOUT! We LOVE to see and hear about what you are doing and your work is just incredible!! I keep saying I want to get back to cross stitch, but I did it on Aida and really want to use linen and make them look old!! Till I do, I will just enjoy beauties like yours and others in blogland!! Love your porch too, and using what you have is really the best way!! I do love mums and wish I had several as my porch needs some color but I did bet some pumpkins as I love the pop of orange!!! Would love some of those apples and dried corn and corn stalks!!
    Hope you have a great week!
    Heart Hugs~

  8. Melinda,
    We LOVE seeing what you have accomplished and accomplish you have. I am simply amazed with your work...and of course it is so much better in person.
    I love to get a mum or two but never even plant them. I treat them as an annual. I usually don't get any pumpkins because the da** squirrels eat holes in them an carry them around the yard.
    I hope to see more of your work soon!!!
    Happy fall :)

  9. Beautiful work. Thanks for sharing.