Monday, September 30, 2019

Going to give blogging another shot

Hello Dear Friends,
I know it has been a really, really long time since I blogged.  Somewhere along the line I got it in my head that I had to have something monumental to share to make a post, and started doing it only when I released new samplers.  I guess I'm now figuring out that isn't true, and when I wait for something big to share, then there is too much and it just takes too much time and I don't do it.

So I'm going to make an effort at frequent, shorter posts.  I will never be able to catch up with everything that has happened, so I won't even try.

This time I'll share information about my air bnb, which I actually began last November.  It really began out of necessity.  After my mother passed away, I could no longer afford this place.  With her social security and half of my late father's pension, she paid most all of the bills.  I really am not ready to move, but something had to be done.  Some of you are aware that I am disabled with MS, so cannot go out and work an outside job, but I can manage to clean house and make beds.  Plus, I really, really don't need over 4,00 square feet!  So I had an epiphany, rent part of it out!  The way this house is set up, the front portion is the original 1815 federal farmhouse consisting of 3 bedrooms upstairs, full bath, downstairs is kitchen and living room, with separate entrance.  That is the part available on air bnb.  Attached to the front part behind a door is another portion of the house, circa 1850, which consists of 2 bedrooms and 1/4 bath upstairs and two rooms and full bath downstairs.  Two more separate entrances.  There are a lot of doors! LOL.  This part is where I now live.  And then being this is the mother in law suite which my parents built on, where my son currently lives.

Big shock, it has actually been a big success!!  You wouldn't think that so many people would be coming to little old Tipp City, Ohio to stay, but I am almost constantly booked!!  If you ever come to the area, stay with me at Merry Wind Farm!!  Here are some of the pictures I have advertised online.

                                                         Living room, tv hidden in pie safe, fireplace
                                                                Bedroom w/full bed
                                                                 Bedroom #2 w/full bed
                                                                   Bedroom #3 w/twin bed
                                                       Eat in kitchen w/fireplace

Looking at the pictures again, I see I still have a lot to do, I just never have any time.  I think I need more nic-nacs, maybe put too much away.

Well that wasn't too hard.  I guess I'm finally getting better at the computer stuff.  I have learned how to take photos directly from the iPhoto site to the blog, that saves a bunch of time.

Will try to be back again in a couple days.



  1. Glad you Air BNB is a success. Your rooms look warm and inviting! Janice

  2. It is so nice to see a blog post from you. I hope you can keep it up. It is time consuming, but I still enjoy blogging and reading others' blogs.
    Very cool that your air bnb is so successful. Your house is wonderful and I'm sure people love staying there.
    Hugs :)

  3. I'm so happy to see your post. If I ever get to your area I would absolutely love to stay at your home! Good for you for being clever and finding a way to stay in your home. I have fallen in love with Leah Gronow but I have to ask how much over one is there in the pattern? My eyes just won't take too much over one. I need cataract surgery so I hope they will be better in the future.

  4. Hi Melinda! So glad this is working out for you, sounds like the perfect layout for guests and privacy.

    Would love to see more posts and photos.

  5. Congrats on your Air BNB being a success.
    It looks so warm & cozy.
    Good to see you post agin.

  6. Welcome back to blogging! I'm glad the Air BNB thing is working out for you. I'm not so sure you need more knick knacks - the bedrooms & living room look just right as is, IMHO.

  7. Melinda, Your Airbnb looks wonderful, so cozy. I used to visit Tipp City a lot when I lived in Cincinnati, so I understand why people are interested in visiting. Good luck with your undertaking!

  8. Hi Melinda,
    I totally understand what you mean about blogging and posting as I have struggled with that myself!! Some people are SO GOOD at posting all the time and seem like they have so many exciting things to share, so it is easy to feel like no one will be interested! We are too hard on ourselves and blogging is about JUST SHARING and those who are interested WILL READ AND VISIT!! I stopped putting pressure on myself and just blog when I can and appreciate those who stick with me and comment and visit!! Hope you enjoy blogging again and happy to see you back!! Your Air BNB sounds just perfect and I am so happy you have had such a great response!! Your home is very welcoming and I'm sure you will have lots of return visitors!! If I ever get back that way, would love to stay with you in your lovely home!!!
    Take care and enjoy your week, Melinda!!
    Heart Hugs~
    Julie xo

  9. Melinda - I'm so glad to see your post today! I have missed your blog and what was going on around the farm. I'm so glad you can open your home as a Air BNB property. We used air bnb for the first time in Ga a couple of years ago. It works well and yours is such a unique property for history lovers. I did not know about your MS - so sorry to hear that. take care and come back again soon. Melody

  10. Hello Melinda!!!! It all looks great and happy for you. I try to blog once in awhile too, miss everyone.

  11. Congratulations! I wish you much success

  12. How nice! Continued success with your airbnb, it looks very cozy. Love the sampler in your header pic!

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