Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Halloween Happenings and a New Release

Happy Halloween to all!

As I relax on a rainy, dreary, foggy Halloween I thought this might be an ideal time for a blog post.  Living on a farm in the country, I don't think there has ever been ever a single trick-or-treater come to my door.

I do have a new release!  She is Leah Gronow 1872, a Welsh Folk Art Sampler.  Leah was released a couple of weeks ago at The Craft Gallery in Findlay, Ohio during the annual North Coast Tour de Stitch.   Here she is:

Leah is stitched using Gentle Arts Simply Wool and two DMC colors.  The stitch count is 197 (w) x 245 (h) and I have stitched the model on 32 count Cappuccino linen from Weeks Dye Works.  A DMC conversion is provided.  Most all of the mid to late 19th century Welsh samplers were stitched using wool, as was the antique Leah Gronow.  Cross stitch over two threads is used.

Gronow is an ancient Gaelic name meaning "a heron".  The name Gronow can be found in Wales as early as the 11th century.  The verse was penned by the English bishop Thomas Ken in the 17th century.

Leah was born to Daniel, a bootmaker, and his wife Ann in December 1864 and baptized on Christmas Even in Pontypridd, Glamorgan, Wales.  She never married and remained in her parents' home with her sibling.  A local census lists her as a milliner at age 16.  Sadly, her life was short and she died at the age of 24 in June, 1889.

Antique Leah Gronow 

The chart has been shipped to select shops, or you can order her at my Etsy shop.  Merry Wind Farm

There has been very little fall color here in my next of the woods until just the other day.  I took a couple photos.

I wish I knew what influences the fall color.  We have had tons of rain this year, and my friend in Indiana has had very little rain, yet neither of us had a pretty fall.


I am working on stitching the model for my next reproduction sampler, Eliza Brassington 1805.  I am 
taking a different approach on this sampler.  Before, I have struggled with my magnifying glass to see every detail.  One of the antiques that I purchased was in very delicate condition and nearly fell apart in my hands as I charted her!  This time I have taken photos, both of the front and the back, loaded them onto my computer, then printed them out.  It works like a charm!!  A small area when enlarged and printed on regular size paper yields the details of every single thread!!

Look at the detail!  I may be on to something!

A fat snake!  The sampler is quite faded and I am using the beautiful colors from the back.

Since blogger has decided to no longer email me the comments, Gggrrrrr, here is a link to drop me a line if you would like.  I'd love to hear from you! email me here


  1. Lovely post. Looking forward to your unveiling progress in this newest sampler.

  2. Loved reading the story about your latest sampler. Happy Halloween! Janice

  3. I think it's the shortened daylight and cooler temps that triggers the leaves to stop producing food, chlorophyll (the green) is lost and the color starts. Ours turned and dropped very quickly this year and I can't take any more rain!!

  4. Leah is a beautiful sampler. I love the trees! We had the best Fall color ever in the Seattle area. I am puzzled as we had a hot and extremely dry summer. All the trees were under stress. Who knows??!!

  5. Another beautiful sampler!
    It is finally a gorgeous day in northern Ohio ~ the nicest day in weeks. I've gotten some outside tasks done but need to do more. Darn yard guy never shows!

  6. Nice to see you here Melinda ! I'm glad you are still blogging - I still enjoy the blog reading so much. I had been absent for 2 mos but recently updated my blog too. I LOVE your new sampler - I may have to add that one to my vast stash. I've never worked with the wool before but I think the "woolwoman" should try stitching with it. Oh of course I've used wool for years in needlepoint but just not on linen. Hope fall continues to show her pretty colors in your neck of the woods - Mel

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