Friday, September 2, 2016

I might be nuts....

Yes, I definitely might be nuts for trying to keep the farm.  Without my mother, income is now reduced by 2/3, and surely no 60 year old woman, borderline disabled with MS (although thankfully not the progressive type), by herself, would try to keep up a 15 acre property with two barns, gardens, pastures, horses, too many cats to mention, and three dogs!  I must have lost my mind!!  BUT, I love it so much, the 200 year old house, the animals, gardens, everything!  I was thinking the other day that without this place and all the animals to take care of, there really would be no reason to even get up every morning.  I could just lol in bed, get fatter and out of shape, and die.

So for now I am staying and going to try to manage.  I can't stand to give up my home.  There is so much love here and so many happy memories.

Thank you to all who wrote and expressed your sympathy on the passing of my mother.  I think I wrote back to everyone.  If you did not hear back from me, you must be no reply.

So now I am adjusting to the new normal.  Going from taking care of my mother 24/7 and never having any time to having nothing but time.  It is quite a change.  No one to care for, cook for, shop for, or plan my schedule around.  Very strange:(

On to some other is a sneak peak of a reproduction that is charted and I am working on stitching the model.  Sarah Ann Marven is her name, and she stitched her sampler to honor her mother who had passed.  I thought I wouldn't be able to stitch this model, but strangely it is comforting.

I am doing a lot of cleaning out of my mother part of the house, combining things and deciding what to keep.  I have moved three beautiful pieces that she had into my part.  One is a mahogany breakfront that belonged to my grandmother, and a small Sheraton desk that I  just love, the third is the antique bed that she bought and refinished before they were married, the only bed they ever had, and where I was conceived!  As a result of these pieces, I guess my decorating style is no longer primitive, but more colonial.  Many things are changed around the house, but the change feels good.

The bear with guitar next to the bed is a build a bear from my son, and the little yellow bear hugging

the bed post was a mothers day gift to my mother from Evan.  Both are very special to me.

Now, do you want to hear about the wedding?  It was a smashing success.  I could hardly believe how the barn turned out.  And although there were tornadoes a couple of towns away, the weather held out for the outdoor ceremony and it was lovely.  Hope I don't bore you with photos.  My son Evan was the best man.  That is him with the maid of honor.

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  1. It is a adjustment for sure but it would be hard to leave your farm.

  2. I have been thinking of you and and the changes you have been facing I think you the farm and all the animals need each other so if money is needed maybe you can have your event barn to be rented out its already had one lovely wedding and I could see hooking or sampler classes I'm sure lots of us would be glad to travel to attend.

  3. I'm glad you kept such beautiful items of your Mom's.
    I do hope you can keep the farm.
    The wedding looks lovely, glad the weather held out.
    Take care.

  4. You saved some wonderful pieces which have special memories. The barn looks pristine and nicely decorated. So glad the weather held out for the wedding.

  5. I was thinking of something with the barn as well. Rent it for different activities maybe or even to an organization for weekly meetings. You could also maybe start up some classes that you or someone else can teach for you. A portion of the weekly income from each participant could be for your space. I was also thinking that since your mom had a space all her own, maybe you could think about a guest room to rent out. I would just hate to see you lose the farm when there is so many wonderful memories there. You're so very talented also, and I think could come up with a way to help with the monthly payments. Please keep us all posted.

  6. I think we all want you to be able to keep your home. Since you have more time , what about using the barn for classes that you teach. You have so many skills, I'm thinking gardening, herbs, stitching, designing samplers etc. I also love the idea that came from LindaLee using you beautiful home as a very small and selective B&B. We all love what you do and want you to be able to stay on your beautiful farm.

  7. All the best to you -- I hope you will be able to stay in your home. Love the furniture you brought from your mother's side of the house -- beautiful! Love the sneak peek of the new sampler. I know when I stitched a sampler in honor of my mother, it was nice. I had her in my thoughts the whole time and it felt good.

  8. I know what you mean Melinda. Mom has been gone nine years and I still rush the shopping and errands to make it home before noon, when her aide would have been leaving. A drastic change for you and I applaud your decision to stay. After seeing that beautiful field and barn, you could rent your property for gatherings. That field is perfect for vendors too. Take your time, it will come to you.

  9. Hi Melinda,
    I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your mom!! May your continue to find healing and hope for the future! You have a beautiful place to call home and I know having her lovely things surrounding you has to be so comforting! The wedding looks amazing and I agree with everyone that it would make a lovely retreat center for so many things! It sounds like the beginning of another chapter for you and I know your mom is cheering you forward!!!
    Sending you hugs, prayers and blessings~

  10. The bed story is wonderful. How lucky for you to have it to cherish.
    The barn looks amazing.
    Hugs, my friend.

  11. so many changes for you Melinda - I feel so sad for you because I would be the same way w/o my dear mom who is my best friend. We don't live together but she is close and we see each other at least weekly and sometimes more. Have you thought of taking in a boarder and maybe someone who could help with the farm chores? I know it's scary to think about but maybe another woman who isn't as lucky as you to have a place of her own to call home. Just a thought - the barn wedding was lovely. good luck with your repro - it's beautiful - cheers Mel

  12. You are an inspiration. I am going through a divorce at 63 and will only have 1 1/2 acres to care for and was wondering how I could do it working full time and having a handicap grandchild that likes to come 2 weekends a month and another one that is so active in sports. I wondered should I just move to a smaller place and then I realized work will do me good no matter the aches and pains of an aging body. We lose so much as we age but surely there is a time for each loss. It is not my time yet I think to lose my home and perhaps not your time yet. God bless you with happiness and well being. Karen in NC

  13. Hello sweet friend, so many changes have come to you, my heart hurts for you still after losing your mother. The barn looks amazing and I love the bed story, such a treasure. Hugs to you,Francine.

  14. Thanks for sharing this with all of us.