Saturday, February 20, 2016

Searching for a sampler stitcher

I have been searching for Louisa Richardson, the young lady who stitched this sampler in 1828.  A friend has asked me to chart her antique sampler.  I can't just chart it, I want to find out who she was.  About all I started was is a belief that this is American, and she had a friend or someone named Hannah Tyler, and Instructress Scott.

I know I have seen similar motifs somewhere, the ones where there is a blank space left between the stitches.  I have spent hours upon hours looking through every book that I have, and searching everything that I can find on the internet.

I know I have seen these somewhere!!  Guess where I found them?  On the Julia Hay sampler that is hanging on my sewing room wall!

I have all the genealogical information for Julia, she was from New York State, and her sampler was done about 15 years later than Susannah, but it has those motifs and a very similar alphabet.

I am still looking for Louisa, but now I have a location to concentrate on.  Incomplete verses drive me crazy, she started with The Beauteous Rose em??????  Emblem??  Embrace?

I will keep looking.



  1. I admire you for knowing and studying the history of pieces. I couldn't tell American from Scottish and probably should learn at least a little about needlework.

  2. I wish you luck in finding out more about Louisa! Perhaps you will discover a link between the two samplers.

  3. Good luck with your search! That's a very pretty sampler.

  4. Hope you find the information you need. So interesting!

  5. I admire your perseverance! It is a beautiful sampler and I'm sure you will do her justice.
    Happy Sunday, my friend, from sunny northern Ohio.
    Hugs :)

  6. Good luck sweet friend, sampler love.Blessings Francine.

  7. It's a beautiful sampler so I hope you find out all the information on the stitcher!

  8. how fun Melinda! I think the history of the samplers is part of the mystique. My great grandmothers name was Louisa only in the deep south - they pronounced it Lou- I- sa with a deep emphasis on the I. Hope all is well with you - Mel

  9. I love this sampler! Have you contacted Barbara Hutson, Queenstown Samplers? She is so knowledgeable about samplers and, if she can't help, will point you in the right direction.

  10. The motif you are talking about is actually common in a particular area of NY. You should contact Lynn Anderson. She gave an entire lecture on the use of that motif at a symposium in Williamsburg last February. She would love to learn about this sampler, and would probably have some great information for you about where to look for your stitcher!

  11. It has occurred to me that Louisa Richardson might have made a mistake, lost her place when stitching the verse. I think it might be '..beauteous rose seems..' or something similar and she never undid her mistake.
    I am enjoying your blog very much. I admire your courage making a good life for yourself and your family as well as your dear pets.
    All the wonderful samplers you have stitched are amazing.
    Blessings :)