Sunday, November 29, 2015

A few smalls through the years

Hello, all!  I hope everyone had a happy and safe Thanksgiving!  No shopping for me this weekend, I don't "do" malls and large department stores, and haven't for years!  I really don't think I'm missing anything.  I do most of my shopping at small shops locally, and online for my son.

First off, why I have been missing.  Some time ago my Mac starting acting funny one in a while, with strange pop-ups saying that the website I was trying to access was not safe, and it was a website I don't even go to.  Well, typical me, I just ignored it even as things got worse until one day the whole laptop just froze and refused to do anything.  Ggrrrr..... I finally asked my son to look at it, and with the help of his computer whiz friend, everything was fixes.  However, when I went to blogger it said I didn't own any blogs and wasn't following any either.  Eventually I figured out to sign back in to blogger, and presto, everything is back now!  So I have have missed commenting, this is why.  Also, for some strange reason some of the blogs I comment on come back to me with that annoying "mailer daemon" undelivered thingy. :(  I hope that some of you are still around to read my blog.

I thought I'd share a variety of "smalls" I have stitched through the years.  These are a sampling of classes,  and some of my own designs.  A lot have been given away or sold, but this is some of what I have left.  No Christmas designs included, as those are still packed away.  If I have forgotten the designer, please forgive me.  If you really want to know, let me know and I will research further.

A little mini sampler, just made up by me not using any pattern, picked a name of one of the daughters of the original settler of the farm.

Hanging bag, Let Virtue Be a Guide to Thee.  Stacy Nash.

I love this punch needle bag designed by 1890 Gable House Designs.

Shaker sewing box, Merry Cox.

Little sewing book, it opens up with needle book and pocket.

Inside page of the Alphabet Book, designed by Ellen Chester.  It is faded because there was a dog accident on it and I had to soak it.

Punch needle bird designed by Brenda Gervais mounted on old oil can.

Sarah Smithfield, I think by Goode Huswife, mounted on hornbook board.

Designed by Ellen Chester.

My design, just made up, stitched on top with vintage blocks on the bottom and coordinating huswife inside.

Sewing box designed by Brenda Gervais made from standard chocolates box from Whitman's.

The box is painted and antiqued.

Cute little pincushion/pillow.

Another sewing pocket, this one made from part of the John Foster sampler.

Two pieces left over of a German sampler that I made and sold a sampler pocket out of,  I just stuck them in this little vintage gold frame.

This was the Anna Cole sampler that I made into a huswife.

Anna Cole again.  The inside has three pockets of coordinating vintage fabric.

Two more designs of mine inspired by Quakers designs mounted on hornbooks.

Adaption of the huswife design from the Sampler and Antique Needlework Book 1, I think.
Pincushion by Brenda Gervais that goes with the Whitman box above.  Used antique lace and buttons.

Inside of another shaker box by Merry Cox.

The other side of the above box.

That's all for now if you are still with me after all these pictures.   When I start on Christmas I will share those also.  I have no idea why it starts out with the paragraphs starting on the left, then suddenly switches to centered in the middle :)  The wonder of computers!  



  1. I love seeing all the ways you use your stitching. I am not that creative, I think I just give up and frame my work. You have been an inspiration to me to try and come up with some better ideas!

  2. All great projects.
    Congrats on all of your finishes.
    I especially like the SN Virtue bag.

  3. Hi Melinda,
    Each piece is just beautiful and just when I think I have a favorite, I see something else just as wonderful!! So, I guess I love them all!! I keep saying I am going to get back to cross stitching and your post has certainly inspired me once again!!
    Thanks so much for sharing your lovely work!
    Warm Hugs~

  4. Oh, Melinda ~
    Your stitching is beautiful and your finishes just perfection. I am simply amazed at all you have created and feel blessed to own several of your creations.
    Computer problems. UGH! I feel your pain. I believe my desktop just died and I just don't do good working on this little iPhone.
    Hugs :)

  5. I'm still following and love all your smalls I think we have the same taste as I have quite a few of the same pieces as you! Glad you computer
    Is fixed look forward to your posts always.

  6. Wow Melinda, such beautiful stitcherys, I love them all. The bag is so sweet, you are so talented.Blessings Francine.

  7. Loved seeing all your work and glad to see the "accidental" Alphabet Book survived! Hope you continue these posts!

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  9. Was hoping you'd say how your new horse is settling in, good I hope ! Loved seeing all your beautiful things - oh my - I can't believe how much you have stitched - not to mention the big samplers I know you have also. Of course your fans are still with you ! I put out my little PS breadboard piece I bought from you last year - love him ! one of my treasures now - take care Mel

  10. I hate when computers get messed up! Glad your son and his friend could fix yours for you. Lovely stitching -- it's fun to see so many of your beautiful projects from years past!

  11. Beautiful stitching and such lovely finishes. Thanks for sharing all these wonderful projects!

  12. Melinda, Your stitching creations are always fabulous!
    You are an inspiration! Thank you for sharing the photos with all of us! ~C

  13. What beautiful finishes to behold! I feel so inspired and have not been so in a while. Thank you! My last post looks horrible, the computer was doing all sorts of wonky things that I couldn't fix but I think your post looks AOK! I remember you posting about the doggie accident on your alphabet book some time ago. I think it just makes it look that much more vintage and loved! All your finishes are fabulous.

  14. Oh my gosh, a feast for the eyes of a stitcher. I love everything. Thanks for stitching and sharing my designs and your kind words. I hope you and yours have a very Merry Christmas.

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