Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Blizzard in October!!!!

Blizzard Babe that is!

I am over the moon with excitement!!  Look what arrived Sunday evening!!  Isn't she beautiful??  I have wanted a grey mare all my life, ever since reading about Merry Legs in the Black Beauty book as a little girl.  "Babe" is a retired standardbred that I have adopted to add to my small herd of Anna and Blossom.  She has also been a very successful broodmare, her babies have sold for 20-30 thousand as yearlings.  Now she is in her forever home to live the good life and be doted on!  You will perhaps remember that I lost my Pipsy to EPM, a nasty neurological disease, earlier this year.  I needed to fill an empty stall!  I had been managing not to search the adoption site for quite awhile, but I gave into temptation and there she was!  She was a Michigan champion and earned over half a million on the track, which is quite a bit for a standardbred.  Their purses are not as high as thoroughbred racing.

Just a reminder, both Elena Tratman and Mary Ann Mitton reproduction samplers are available.   I am currently working on my next two, Mary Ann Stenson and Mary Inglis.  Lots of Mary's!

Till next time, I'll be in the barn :)


  1. Oh, Melinda,
    She is a beauty. You are such a wonderful person and I know she will be doted on. How lucky for her that she will live at Merry Wind Farm.
    Congrats to you. I hope I get to meet her soon.
    Hugs :)

  2. Babe is beautiful, and I'm so happy for both of you. Congratulations.

  3. What a beautiful lady, I'm glad you found each other.

  4. Good morning Melinda
    Well bless your heart for adopting Blizzard - she is just gorgeous. I am sure she has settled right in and is taking to being spoiled.

  5. She IS a beauty and am glad you were able to fill that void in the stall as well as your heart. New babies can't replace the loved ones we lost but help us with the ache in our heart a little.

  6. I or I g Melinda, she is beautiful, lucky horse to go to such a loving home. Blessings Francine.

  7. This is the first blizzard I have liked. What a gorgeous mare! Janice

  8. What a beauty! I'm sure she will be enjoy her retirement! How kind of you to give her a loving home.

  9. She is beautiful! It's so interesting to read about her history and about horses in general. I know so little about such things. I hadn't even heard the term standardbreed before. I hope she enjoys her forever home. And you enjoy her too!

  10. Sounds like this beauty gave a lot, and now it's time to receive. I hope she has a long and happy retirement. Like Margaret said, I don't know much about horses and it was interesting to read her history.