Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Too wash or not to wash

Well, here it is two weeks after finishing Manifesto, and I am still dilly-dallying over whether to wash it or not.  I did use DMC, so fading should not be a problem, but I am still nervous, wondering whether it will shrink out of shape or not.  I'm sure it must be dirty, but does that really matter?  All of the antique samplers are surely dirty and they are still around.  I did manage to stitch my initials and the date.

The weather has turned crisp and cool...wonderful!  The only downfall is that it hasn't rained for several weeks, but maybe this hurricane off the east coast will send a few remnants our way.  I haven't done any fall decorating, either inside or out.  Mums in my mind are just expensive annuals unless you plant them in the spring, and I have just resisted wasting my money on them.  Besides, my bubblegum petunias are still going great guns, and I can't bare to pull them out yet.  You can see how dry the grass is.

I thought I'd share a picture of Ginger with you, she is a real sweetie and loves people.  Carmen Sutton and Stacy Nash stopped by on their way back from the show at Malabar Farms, and Ginger was really in her element on the couch between the two of them, purring, gently nibbling, and feeling the love :)  She would be the perfect little cat if it wasn't for the fact that she throws up all the time.  She is a rescue and had a hard start in life.

This picture shows a flag from between 1861 and 1863 which was found in the attic.  From what I have researched, back then American flags were not owned by average people, only by military units and ships and public buildings.  This makes me think that whoever lived here during that time perhaps served in the Civil War and brought back a flag.  It was in pretty bad condition, as you can see, but has been carefully restored and framed.

The other news is that I feel as if the bottom has just fallen out underneath me.  It all started in July, when my mother had a horrible case of bronchitis,  followed by a cat "love bite" that caused blood poisoning and cellulitis and a 4 day hospital stay.  This was followed by a diagnosis of type 2 diabetes, and then horrible back pain making her unable to walk.  Just one thing after another.  I don't know how on earth someone who weighs 105 pounds can be diabetic and need insulin shots daily.  Life here on Merry Wind Farm is a very delicate balancing act between two women, my 89 year old mother, and me, and I also have some health challenges.  We got along pretty well, with her doing some cleaning and cooking, and me doing the outside and farm work.  Now, things are changing.  Hopefully things will improve again and life can resume.  This big house and 15 acres is just too much for one person.  Moving is totally out of the question, she loves it her, it is her home (it was her home first) and she would never leave.

I have tried to answer come comments, but it seems like a lot of people are no reply.  I don't know whether blogger has changed or whether people have changed their status.

Here's a picture I took of her.  She'd kill me if she knew I posted it, but I'm safe because she doesn't have a computer, haha.  That is Bertie (dog), Ginger on her lap, and little Benji on the stool.



  1. Melinda, thinking of you & prayers for your Mother & yourself. I hope her health improves, I can imagine it is hard to keep up with daily chores & take care of her. I hope you are able to carve out a few minutes each day for yourself! Don't get too worn down. Hopefully you will be able to enjoy fall in Ohio, the leaves are falling! Take care! Jo

  2. Awww Melinda, so sorry hear about your mom and you, pray all is well. Sweet picture of your Mama and love the ginger kitty. Happy October, Hugs Francine.

  3. Melinda your both going through so much!!!! Thoughts and prayers for both of you, what a sweet picture of her.
    LOVE your bubblegum petunias, they are huge. I would leave them too until frost. Hugs....Earlene

  4. Such a sweet pic of your mother and the critters. Hope you both are feeling 100% very soon. The old flag is a treasure.

  5. Melinda ~
    Hopefully mom can bounce back a bit and ease some of your burden. Sweet picture but she looks so fragile. You have so much to deal with! My heart breaks for you. Perhaps with less to do in the yard, it will be just a bit easier. Be sure to take care of yourself, even though that is hard to do. Sending you lots of hugs and prayers.
    As for the sampler, perhaps wait until the snow flies and try "snow cleaning" it like you do with hooked rugs. Just a thought.
    Hugs :)

  6. Hi. Hope things improve for your health issues with both of you. It is hard caring for an elderly parent. I've taken care of both of mine. You won't look back and be sorry you were there for her. It is difficult tho. Find time for yourself too.

  7. Oh gosh, I'm sorry your mother is having these health issues, and that you too are having some issues. I hope things get better and back to normal. It's only when these things come up that we realize how lucky we are when we are healthy. I will be thinking of you both and sending good thoughts and prayers.

  8. Hi Melinda. Sorry to hear of you and your Mother's health woes. Please take care of yourself - that is so important. Love that picture of your Mother. Maybe you could get your son to help with some outside chores. You both are in my prayers. By the way, your Manifesto is wonderful.