Friday, July 3, 2015

Almost finished...Mary Ann Mitton 1832

Hello!  Is it raining where you are?  Rain is all it ever does here, the garden is drowned, the mosquitoes are multiplying like crazy, and  the roses are just one great big black spot!!  I hope it takes a break for tomorrow, so many people's big plans are going to be a washout.  I did manage to get the grass mowed today before it started raining again, and some of the pastures mowed to keep down the weeds.  I hope everyone has a happy and safe 4th of July!

I have been busy on my next sampler release, Mary Ann Mitton 1832.  I must call this a part reproduction, part adaptation.  The great majority of the sampler was still in tact when I began charting it,  but the large building was only a ghost image, so that is my recreation.  I have searched Ancestry and located 4 Mary Ann Mittons born around 1820 to be the correct age of the stitcher.  My last repro, Elena Tratman, was an odd name, so there was no difficulty in finding her.  I am hoping to contact some sampler experts who may be able to make an educated guess by looking at the style of the sampler.  Perhaps one of you can help?

Mary Ann is a biggie, with a very unusual floral border, three verses (hymns), flowers, birds, butterflies, little doggies, and the afore mentioned manor house.  I have done as much research as I am able, and have not located another sampler similar to this.  Maybe a good thing, as it makes it unusual, but also a bad thing in that another sampler would help me to identify where in England Mary Ann was from.

Here are a few sneak peeks, hope you like it.   Lots of peaches, greens, soft browns, etc.

Part of the original sampler.  Unfortunately, there is even less left now.  The stitches were just laying on top of the linen, and as I handled it, most of it fell apart :(  Lesson learned for next time.



  1. I am also raising mosquitos in my back wooded area.

    Such delicate handiwork must be difficult to deal with. Wish you had space where you could lay it under glass somewhere protected and avoid handling it so much. It will be beautiful when yours is done.

  2. What a beautiful design.
    It will be lovely when completed.

  3. What a lovely sampler. Mary Ann must have enjoyed stitching this.Looking forward to getting the pattern.Love the manor house.

  4. Melinda, the sampler is so pretty. Love the colors! We had lots of rain in Kentucky. Lots of rain last night. Hope to get a dry spell this afternoon so we can at least put some good stuff on the grill. Zucchini from the garden unless DD is making her famous zucchini bread. The first tomatoes will be ready soon:) Happy 4th!

  5. Melinda,
    So sorry about the sampler deterioration, but I am sure your repro will be lovely. You do love those big samplers :)
    Sunshine in northern Ohio today. Such a welcome change, but I know in a few weeks we'll be wishing for rain. Ahhh, welcome to Ohio.
    Happy 4th to you.
    Hugs :)

  6. Happy Fourth!!!!! I love the sampler, they are always beautiful.Blessings Francine.

  7. It looks so pretty! Too bad I'm on such a stitching slump recently. :(

  8. It looks like another great one. I brought Ms. Tratman to work today to look at while I eat know the old saying...too many samplers, not enough time! But, she will get done because I can not pass up a pink house!! LOL Hope you had a wonderful July 4th.

  9. beautiful design - good luck with the stitching and charting. Lots of rain here too but no surprise when it's this hot. Our lot is high and doesn't stand water which is good for us. Have a great week ! Mel