Thursday, May 7, 2015

The two hardest things about blogging...

for me, are trying to come up with a clever title that will catch people's eye, and trying to figure out what to blog about...  I am not complaining, quite the opposite, but often life here on the farm is pretty quiet without much happening.   That is rather a good thing, I think, because if something does happen out of the ordinary it is usually something bad, i.e., sick animal, frozen pipes, flooded basement or barn, etc.  I sometimes laughingly tell my son that what he will remember about me is that I cleaned house, stitched, and gardened.  He'll ask me what my plans for the day are, and I'll laugh and say "clean house"!!!

The "exciting" event for this week was having the barn and chicken coop painted!!  Oh, wow!  you say...haha...  So I'll take you on a tour of the gardens.

Newly painted barn,  I love how they trimmed out everything in white.  They did a good job painting, and were very reasonable, but why can't people clean up after themselves?  I had to drag all the empty paint containers out to the recycling...grr.

Newly painted chicken coop on left, this is the back yard, with the "bottom barn" at the bottom of the hill.  It didn't need painting this year.  No chickens in coop, too many local raccoons.

Entrance gate with old original farm bell, and a sign that reads "Please Ring Bell".  Everyone ignores it.

Japanese tree peony bloom.  They really aren't from Japan, but from China.

A few pansies by the entrance.

The afore-mentioned Please Ring Bell sign.  This little dog board was found in the barn and I just painted it to mount how it has weathered.

My beginning on Mary Ann Mitton.  The beautiful 36 count wren linen arrived from Picture This Plus!  A start on the border, lots of yummy pinks, corals, and greens.  Manifesto has once again had to go into retirement until Mary Ann is stitched.

Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend, and Happy Mother's Day to all of you Mothers out there!


  1. I know what you mean.

    A special treat to see your beautiful yard and area.!!!
    Sometimes I think about stopping my blog but love keeping in touch since I won't FB.

  2. Melinda,
    Your gardens are always to lovely. I don't know how you keep up!
    I can just smell that peony. Your gardens are way ahead of mine.
    Beautiful start to your new sampler.
    Happy stitching :)

  3. What a beautiful garden and yard you have! You are off to a fabulous start on your sampler.

    Robin in Virginia

  4. I totally understand where your coming from about blogging. Not that I don't like blogging. I totally do. Your property is really beautiful. Lovely stitching.

  5. Gorgeousness abounds on both your property and in your stitching chair! I hear you on blogging, but I also believe that beautiful photos draw people in (or at least in my case they do!) and you have beautiful venues - a treat for the eyes!

  6. Good morning Melinda,
    I love your kind of posts - very real!
    Your home and garden areas are just so beautiful and pleasing to look at - I just can imagine living there.
    I would have thought that the company that painted your barn was liable for the removal of the paint cans. Very unusual.
    Loved your post (but so understand where you are coming from)

  7. Hi Melinda, I do enjoy your posts and pictures so much. Nothing major happening is a good thing in my book - lol. Great start on the new that linen. My husband's grandparents had a very similar bell on their farm in Suffolk, VA. So pretty. Enjoy your weekend.

  8. I agree with you on the two hardest things about blogging. You have quite a lovely piece of land and that must be a challenge too with so many buildings to keep up, plus the yard. Enjoy your weekend and your stitchery.


  9. Beautiful, Beautiful gardens !!
    I love a simple quiet life. Consider yourself lucky !

  10. Morning Melinda, such beautiful gardeners you have, love the blooms too. I really like the sign too, cute.Blessings Francine.

  11. always love to see a post from you Melinda - catchy title or not ! Love the views from the farm - oh how tranquil and peaceful it looks there. I think you should convert your unused areas and open a hooking/stitching retreat facility. I think I would drive to Ohio for that experience. Your new sampler start looks luscious - great linen choice with those yummy colors. Hope you have a wonderful Mothers Day weekend - Mel

  12. What a colorful post! Love all your blooms, Melinda.....stitched and the real growing plants too. I have always wanted a house in the color of your barn. Happy Mother's Day!

  13. Happy Mother's Day to you Melinda. Photos of your land and surroundings, house and furbabies, are thoroughly enjoyed. Love seeing your landscaping designs, flower choices, and exterior decorating. Your posts, except for sad news, are always a joy.

  14. Melinda I am with you. Thinking seriously about closing My Back Door. You don't know what people want to read. I get 6-8 comments, then go to my dashboard and I have close 200 hits. I just don't get it. (I am bad about not leaving comments myself) Time will tell. Love the dog sign

  15. Love Mary Ann so far -- so pretty! Love the painted barn! Well done to the painters! So the title is supposed to attract attention? lol! I'd never thought of it that way!

  16. I so enjoyed your tour. I stop by often to see what is happening at the farm and your needlework. I love samplers and have made quite a few and also loved the weathered dog sign. All fun stuff! Robin

  17. I loved taking your tour!!! Sandra from Homespun Elegance

  18. Not to worry, there is nothing boring about farm life, quite the opposite I think. Having a barn painted IS exciting to me!

  19. I always love coming to your blog to see what you have been up to. So interesting. Your gardens and out buildings are beautiful! And doesn't everything just look better when the sun shines. I loved the " cleaning the house" quote too :) always works for a quick answer.
    Hugs Marg.