Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Fall greetings and a couple of finishes

Hello, and autumn greetings to everyone!  Today is rather a dreary, rainy day,  we have had a lot of these lately.  Fortunately, I have already made a good dent in the fall gardening chores, and have made some progress at mowing up the leaves.

Rainy weather is good for stitching and finishes up projects.  The first is a small penny rug I made from Cee's kit Early Style Penny Rugs.  The kit came with two mats to make but I have only completed one.  I just love her wools!  Aren't they gorgeous?
And I finally got around to quilting a quilt that I pieced from Civil War reproductions several years ago.  I did a simple grid pattern, which I think helps with making it look old.  It is just a simple birds in the air pattern.
Now that I have a few things finished, I am going to concentrate on Christmas ornaments and things and then after that I hope to buckle down and finish Manifesto!  I am nearly 3/4 done and I want to finish!!

Here are a few pictures of fall on the farm.
The pictures with the flowers were taken a week or so ago before pulling out all the annuals.  The first is my dear Mother, 88 years young, surveying her flower boxes.
She'd have a fit if she knew I took her picture ..haha!  The next picture is looking up from what used to be the old pool.  The flowers in the boxes outdid themselves and are hanging down.  Chicken coop behind.

If you are still with me, please check out my EARLY WORK MERCANTILE update this evening.  Perhaps you can find a Christmas present.  Just click on the button on the left column.


  1. Your quilt and the penny rug are lovely. I always so enjoy seeing the pictures of your yard and garden. So nice to have your Mom around for a visit.

  2. Melinda,
    You do the most beautiful work and I don't think there is anything you can't do!!! Sweet little penny mat (my mats I did were with pennies on steroids) and you quilt is beautiful. Manifesto will be la crème de la crème of your cross stiched pieces.
    Happy fall. I know you're lovin' the weather.
    Hugs :)

  3. Love the colors in your penny mat. Wish I knew how to quilt. Love the colors you chose for that too. Just awesome. Janice

  4. Very pretty Penny rug, and love the Quilt!

  5. Morning, love the penny rug, so pretty. Also I am a quilt lover, beautiful. Blessings Francine.

  6. You did such a beautiful job on your penny rug and quilt!
    And what a beautiful flower garden even at the end of the season.

  7. That quilt may be simple to you, but complicated for me. It's wonderful. You've really made progress on Manifesto and we want to see it! I always enjoy seeing your property and those stones are amazing! So are your flowers but I have a thing for barnstone.

  8. Awesome post Melinda, so wonderful to see the photos of your gardens and the sites around the farm. Love love the quilt and the penny mat is neat. I am just DEELighted that I got that prim chest from you. Can't wait to show it off on my blog. Cheers Mel

  9. Your finishes are beauties...you are so very talented !

  10. I love the colors in the little candle mat. And I loVe the quilt let you made. Those are my colors too. I just find quilting so relaxing. You have done so much work on Manifesto! That takes real commitment !
    Your flowers are absolutely gorgeous. You have a green thumb too. I Love the picture of your Mom. It's hard to clean up the garden when the flowers still look so great.
    Hugs Marg.