Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Still plugging away...

September greetings to all!  The other day when I went to post about Early Work Mercantile,  I realized I hadn't posted in a month!!  How could that be?  Shame on me!  I have been so busy with lots of little projects around here, and time has gotten away from me!

I'm still plugging away on Manifesto.  I had hoped to finish this year, but I guess not.  If I would stick with Manifesto only, maybe, but I am also working on many other projects.

Here she is in all her glory.  :)

She is very addicting to stitch on.  You can either pay attention to what you are doing and stitch a motif, or just work on the border mindlessly.  I found a frame for her at the same shop in town where I got the chairs, for only $20.00!  It it almost a perfect fit, I may just have to add a couple of rows on the top or bottom.

Remember last year I showed you the picture of the hole in the back yard where the pool was.?  This was earlier in the summer, maybe June.  It has been a very nice place to relax this summer, enjoying the butterflies and hummingbirds.  Everything that we planted has some benefit to birds, butterflies, and nature.

 Little Bella can't go out in the back yard, though.  There are too many places that she could get out.  In the front yard I put chicken wire all along the fence, but not the back.  They are separated by a gate.

I spend too much time re-arranging furniture!   It only takes a few months for me to get bored and want to try something new.  I got these two matching wing backs at a consignment store in town.  There are in perfect condition, unfortunately are dark green rather than dark blue, so I will have to have slipcovers made for them.  With all my animals, slip covers are better than upholstery.  Evil eyed Ginger agrees. :)  I also moved this stepback in front of the door in the living room.  We never use it, there are three other doors, and it made furniture placement difficult.  See the vintage kitty on top (sometime real ones are up there too, ggrrrrrrr.

One of the other projects I have been working on is this reproduction Quaker hornbook, from a Needleprint pattern.  I was originally planning on selling it, but like it so much I think I shall keep it :)  If I can find some more vintage breadboards, I may make another.

I will try to be better about blogging, and, yes, I know I have said that before :)


  1. Manefesto is such a amazing piece; I could not dream of stitching it. Awesome progress. Your flower gardens are beautiful. Next year I am overhauling my small one out back; she needs a new do. Your home is so charming and cozy.

  2. Gorgeous home, lovely garden. I love your Manifesto -- what count are you stitching it on? So beautiful! Love the hornbook too! And your cute pup!

  3. Love all you stitching and gardens, the little horn book is to die for so you should keep it for a long life

  4. Melinda ~
    What a sweet pic of little Bella.
    I wish you lived closer. I never re-arrange. It's been the same for years.
    Manifesto is just breathtaking.
    Hugs :)

  5. Your home is so warm and inviting. Love the samplers and stitchery, so beautiful.Blessings Francine.

  6. Loved the peek into your fabulous home. The landscaping is marvelous! Beautifully laid out. Just today I wondered when you would show progress on Manifesto and here it is!

  7. Your "manifesto" is going to be magnificent. I admire that you have such ambition to stick to these gorgeous projects and complete them. This one is a definite beauty. I know it is much work but.. Mercy.....it will be worth it when finished. I particularly love this one (so much).

  8. It's so good to be back into things here at home. I was in the hospital for 46 days total this summer and got so out of touch with all my dear friends. I always love stopping in here. So many interesting things that you do and beautiful needlework.

  9. Great progress on Manifesto, what an intense piece.
    Bella is too darn cute!

  10. Wow! You have made such progress on Manifesto and it is gorgeous. Those SL pieces that are completely filled in take so much time....
    Love your landscaping and gardens, just lovely (and relaxing to look at). Thanks for the looks both inside and outside!

  11. Manifesto is amazing!! Such a masterpiece and one that will be a beautiful heirloom for the family. Love your garden! Bella is adorable! Very lovely hornbook too!

  12. Your place looks lovely and Bella is a real cutie. I am not brave enough to stitch Manifesto, I admire you for stitching it - love your work.

  13. Your home is beautiful and so warm and cozy! Your little pup is sweet.
    I Love your stitchery too. Those breadboards are hard to come by.
    Hugs Marg.