Saturday, June 7, 2014

Belmont Day...My Love/Hate Relationship with horse racing

Here I am, waiting for the Belmont coverage to start in a couple of hours.  As you perhaps know, I have three adopted off-the-track racehorses.  Pip's Affair, Fan Anna, and Tanzanite (better known as Pipsy, Anna, and Blossom.  Here they are living the good life today.

However, this doesn't happen all the time.  My three were fortunate in that their owners donated them to a rescue operation.   Of the nearly 22,000 thoroughbred foals born in 2011,  only 20 made it to the starting gate of the Kentucky Derby.  Tragically, too many end up breaking down or sold for slaughter if they do not prove profitable.  This unfortunate end even befell 1986 Kentucky Derby Winner named Ferdinand.  Hard to believe.

As I watch the Belmont coverage, I am mesmerized by the beautiful animals, and then hold my breath during the actual race, praying that a tragedy does not occur.

Fortunately, there are organizations that believe that a race horse can have a productive life off the track.  An owner can donate their horse to one of these organizations so that they can be adopted into a good and loving home.  The one where I have adopted 4 horses over the past years was started about 15 miles from me. They now have farms from Kentucky and Ohio east to Pennsylvania.   New Vocations is a wonderful organization that retrains horses for new homes.  Another that I know of,  Friends of Ferdinand, is also nearby in Germantown, Ohio.

Please help pass the word that these beautiful animals can go on to new careers and loving homes.


  1. That is so sad, to hear that so many horses have a horrible end - the dark side of racing. But so lovely that there are organisations and people like you who care.

  2. How Awful, I had no idea that these beautiful animals had such a bad fate!!

  3. This is both a sad and lovely post. Thank you for sharing your home with some of these beautiful animals and for sharing this information.

  4. Melinda, I totally understand and think I'll write you separately tomorrow. The magnificent and beautiful muscle movement in slow motion of a horse running makes my heart skip a beat. Unfortunately they are bred to have thin bones and strong muscles and many break during a race and have to be put down.

    Thank you for taking on these gorgeous creatures and giving them a happy home.


  5. Oh that's so sad. It's so wonderful that you've adopted these horses so they can live happy lives. Such a waste of a horse's life. I was sad that California Chrome didn't win the Triple Crown. :(

  6. I was reading the comments after Steve Coburn's rant yesterday, after the race. Someone mentioned Alydar. I never knew a horse had even placed second in all three races after Affirmed. But his ending is rather sad.

  7. Your giant furbabies are livin' the good life at Merry Wind Farm. There is a special place in heaven just for you.
    Hugs :)

  8. If you want to know a tragic ending, look up what happened to Ferdinand, the winner of the 986 Kentucky Derby and the 1987 Breeders cup Classic. That's a tragedy.

    Being in Florida, we are lucky to have access to a large pool of ex-racehorses. As a former dressage competitor, I could not been able to keep riding as long as I did without my adopted ex-racehorses.

    Thanks for taking in your four. So glad you are giving them a great home.


  9. If only I had more land. Your horses are beautiful!