Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Where It All Began and What Is This Doggie?

Hello to all,
Rather than complaining about the weather, I will get right down to business :)  Here is my very first sampler, the one that was the beginning to this obsession .  This horrible looking thing was purchased as a stamped linen pattern somewhere in Wisconsin ...  in 1978!!!  It was actually framed and hanging for many years until I took it out to reuse the frame.  It has been just tucked away in a chest of drawers.  I wonder if I were to very heavily stain and age it if I should bring it out again?  Maybe make it look like an antique?

Pretty dreadful, huh?

Here are two pictures of two cute doggies.  The first is my dear little adopted Bella.  Her true color is not quite this golden.

The next one is from a Pedigree dog food add in People Magazine.  This was also an adopted dog.

They look so much alike!  Since I have adopted Bella, I have noticed so many pictures of dogs that look like her.  What kind of doggie is she?  Some kind of Maltese mix, maybe?

Here's Bella again.  I think she's the cutest :)

Remember a few weeks ago I shared with you the hooked heart that Lauren made me for Valentine's Day?  Here is where I have it, when the light is on it makes the lavender smell so lovely!   And it's right by my bed.

A few months ago I bought some stone fruit on ebay, for $8.00 for the bunch!  It is not really old, but none the less give the look I want.  There was a banana, but it broke, I need to try and glue it back together.  I moved some things around in the dining room and have it displayed here on this little table in a wonderful hand made tin compote from The Tin Peddler in Tipp City.  Doesn't it look pretty?  I would like to age the fruit some, anybody have any ideas on how to age stone fruit?  I'm thinking maybe the table should be painted black.  What do you think?  Maybe just make a penny rug for under it?

I recently finished this sewing pocket made from a pattern in Lori Brechlin's new book.  I'm joining Early Work Mercantile on March 15 and plan on offering it there.  I love the cheddar reproduction fabric that I found, it really sets the design off!

Have a nice weekend!  Hope the weather is improving where you are.


  1. Bella looks like such a sweet little dog. It is fun to go back and look at what we did in the past. The first quilt I made has such ugly colors that , even though it is hand quilted, we use it just to keep warm. I would never put it on top of a bed. I like the way you have the stone fruit displayed.

  2. Love the pics of your sweet pup. Love that pocket too. So exciting that you will be on the mercantile!

  3. Bella is a princess - doesn't she have a nobility about her!
    I adore your latest finish and as for your first x stitch I think it is wonderful too and you should stain it up and display it!
    Best wishes

  4. I think that your first sampler is great! It is what people were stitching back then and it is where you started. woohoo!
    Bella is a beauty and she does look exactly like that pic.
    Your home looks nice and snug.
    The new pocket is gorgeous.
    I hope that the cats are behaving!

  5. Love this little pocket! That's the perfect finish for this design! Bella is a little cutie!

  6. Morning Melinda, I love your sampler, beautiful....Such a sweet pup, love her.....That hooked heart is so pretty, lavender would smell so nice......Adorable pocket, so charming, Blessings Francine.

  7. What is that embroidery under the extra picture of Bella? Very interesting design.... Just love your pocket - great match of fabric to sampler.....

  8. Bella looks like a yorkie mix, maybe with maltese...

  9. Bella is just too precious! Can't wait to meet her.
    Oh, didn't we all (at least those about our age) start on the stamped cross stitch? Then move on to counted cross on Aida? Oh, I'm showing my age!
    Maybe just paint the bottom of the table black and leave the top natural with a penny rug on top? (Less dusting that!)
    LOVE your sewing pocket. You do the bestest work.
    Hugs :)

  10. Bella is adorable! Love your stitchery. The fabric looks great with the floss choice. Janice

  11. Bella is adorable and she does look just like the pic! Your stitched pocket turned out great and the fabric is perfection! Your old sampler is sweet. I think I'd distress it and make it into a soft pillow that was not overstuffed. My mom used to have stone fruit acquired in our travels... Wonder if she still has it? Yours looks great! Yes, paint the table!

  12. Haha ... I made that very same sampler ... in 1978!! A great beginning to an insane obsession!

  13. That 's funny ! Back in the day....those were the "in" colors, lol! I used them a lot. Of course now all of my things have been antiqued & I LoVe them all over again. Your pups are adorable.

  14. Bella is adorable! Love the pocket Melinda. You make such nice ones with samplers. I think I'd be chicken to try that! Hugs, Lori

  15. I love your sampler! Bella sure is a doll, so glad you have her!
    I love your lamp. And that wall pocket is absolutely stunning. I love it.
    Hugs, Lecia