Saturday, January 11, 2014

I Know I Am A Terrible Blogger...

It is just so hard to come up with something new and interesting to post!  If I haven't finished anything new stitching wise, there is just nothing blog-worthy for you!  Christmas came and went, nothing big to report there.  The tree and decorations went up ... the tree and decorations came down :)  I didn't even take any photos.  The tree was nothing exciting as I only decorated it with unbreakable hand-made and primitive ornaments.  Every morning I would come down the stairs and about a dozen of them would be strewn around on the floor, courtesy of the kittens, of course!  I have boxes of beautiful,  breakable ornaments that my late husband and I collected over the years, but I am too afraid to put them out!

I made it though the "polar vortex", but, boy, was it hard!  Keeping all the animals warm, fed, and watered in bad weather is no easy trick.  Fortunately, I have heated buckets and water bowls, and heat tapes for the pipes.  Last time it was this cold none of those new inventions were available!  I often wonder how people with horses and farm animals manage in places like Maine and Minnesota where this cold weather is frequent.

I am working on a few things which I should have to show you by my next post.  And, I will be picking up Anne Maria Clarke from the framer.  In the meantime, here are some more older samplers.

This is Anne Wallace, Scarlet Letter.  This was framed for me in an antique frame with antique glass by the same lady that is doing Anne Maria Clarke.

Here is a really old out of print Scarlet Letter sampler, a Dutch sampler called IT Letterdoerk (I think).  In the bottom right hand is my needle preserved for posterity.  Framed by me in an ugly, not vintage frame that I beat up with a screwdriver.

I guess this must be Scarlet Letter day, here is another old one.  Martha Salter, her verse of "The Fear of God is an excellent gift" is I think the oldest verse to appear on a sampler, mid 1600's I think.  Don't look too closely, back then I didn't even know what it was to railroad your satin stitches.  :)

Here is my cute animal photo for the day,  Punkin and Bella.

I Just Want SPRING!!



  1. Hi Melinda, Glad things have warmed up for you too! That polar vortex was crazy! I am now happy for 30 degree weather! The fur babies look cozy though.

    Your Scarlet Letter samplers are gorgeous! I have been eyeing that Anne Wallace one, the castle on it makes me think of Downton Abbey. Just a little trepidation over all the specialty stitches. Letterndoek IT is also so pretty! It is still available and I think I may pick that one up. It is similar to Flemish Giant which is on my list. I have been wanting to do a Dutch sampler. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Morning Melinda, happy to hear you made it through the Polar Vortex, whew!! Was a cold one......Beautiful samplers, your work is so the kitty's, and their names, sweet, Hugs Francine.

  3. Oh I agree it is difficult to come up with something new. That's why I feed people updates of what I'm working on every couple days. The readers may or may not get bored with it but it is that or finding antique rugs to post about. And, sometimes it does feel a little like a job when I want to write about something but have nothing to give.

    Thankfully it will be another mild day today instead of the single digit temps, but not as warm as yesterday. It was 65 here yesterday.


  4. I want spring too! lol! But it's even worse for you where you are. Bad enough here. I always love seeing your samplers. All are so beautiful!

  5. Those are really beautiful samplers. I used to stitch a lot when I was younger but don't think I have the patience for it now.
    Glad the vortex has vacated :)

  6. Hi Melinda, I am so glad you, your family and animals made it through the polar vortex. I have often wondered how people with horses and other large animals keep them warm during really cold temps. My yellow lab Molly is interested in the heated water bowls....but I just laughed at her since we live in S. California and she lives inside with warm quilts and a cozy couch....LOL...:) Your samplers are just beautiful. I had to smile at Krista's comment about Anne Wallace. I thought too of Downton Abby when I saw the castle. This might seem like a silly question but I have never heard of railroading your satin stitches. How do you do that? Looking forward to seeing your current projects.

  7. Melinda, love your samplers. I look forward to your blog and check it every couple of days. I love seeing pics of your rugs, samplers and wonderful pets. It was cold here also - way below zero and the wind chill was awful. Kept myself in the house - have kitty living under our shed and luckily she survived. She is completely feral and if she sees my face in the window she runs like mad for the shed. I have been feediing her hoping to friend her but it is not working. I think she is only 4 months old. Any suggestions how I can befriend this kitty?

  8. I feel like you my friend.
    Your work is so beautiful and so intricate - I just wish I had the good eyes for it!

  9. Welcome to the club!! I blame it on the time of year! We have mild temps but lots of dark days and drizzle. Yesterday we even had a wind storm that knocked out power for 6 hours! You have done some magnificent samplers!

  10. Melinda ~
    It is always good to hear from you! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE all your samplers.
    How in the heck did the pioneers keep water for their animals? I would have made a lousy pioneer :)
    Sweet pic of Punkin & Bella.
    Hugs :)

  11. Melinda... I LoVe reading your blog! Your samplers are Gorgeous! I love the "ugly" frame you beat up :) We had real cold ,blizzard days here last week and then Saturday rain and mild and icy lanes :( Where is the happy medium? You are very creative & I always look forward to seeing what you are up to. Keep on stitching !

  12. Surviving the cold is enough!! Caring for critters is big responsibility. Ahh Scarlet Letter--can't ever get enough

  13. WOW ... You are truly an ambitious stitcher. These are all awesome and surely above my ability. They are gorgeous and thanks so much for sharing and inspiration too. Just want to say, living in So Cal's Mojave Desert brings a variety of weather ... today it will be in the 70's.
    Peace to all, Barb

  14. Glad you were safe and warm, the weather looked horrendous on the news reports. Your samplers are lovely.

  15. Your samplers are so very beautiful!
    Can't wait to see more!
    Have a great weekend!

  16. Beautiful samplers!! Hope you are staying warm!!