Thursday, September 19, 2013

Sampler Sewing Pockets for Sale

Greetings, everyone,
I have had a few requests to offer the sampler sewing pockets that I made for the Holly Hills Show to my readers.  These two lovelies did not sell :(

The pocket on the left is made from a sampler hand stitched by me on aged aida cloth.  It features a complex border, manor house with trees, urn, numerals, and several rows of designs.  Measures approximately 10" x 12", the pocket is finished with hand stitched bias binding in a coordinating reproduction flannel fabric,  Backed with flannel and lined with muslin.   Will look lovely hanging from a peg rack, or cupboard or back of chair.  I will include some sweet annie to display in it.  Kindly asking $85 plus $5 priority mail shipping in USA.

The pocket on the right was stitched also by me  from the Emma Jane Baker sampler from the Chester County Historical Society.  Stitched on linen, and backed with a reproduction alphabet print fabric.  Also finished with hand sewn bias binding  and lined with muslin.  Will also include the sweet annie.  Asking $85 plus $5 priority mail shipping.

Both are one of a kind!  Please email me at Merry Wind Farm with questions or to order.

****Pockets are sold!!  Thank you very much!*****



  1. Melinda ~
    What ct is the aida pocket on the left?

  2. If anyone is wondering, these are absolutely beautiful and Melinda's work - both cross stitch and sewing - are perfection!!!
    Hugs :)

  3. These are just lovely, Melinda.

  4. Hi Melinda,
    These are just beautiful...I saw these in person at the show and her work is awesome.
    Hope you sell these.

  5. They are just BeaUtiFul ! I would LoVe to have them hanging on a peg and on the back of one of my chairs. You do lovely work.

  6. I sent you an e-mail asking about the pockets that I Just LoVe, sure hope it goes through.

  7. Hello Melinda,

    I've just found your blog, because I was looking for samplers. Wow, you've sure stitched a lot of great samplers, they are all so beautiful. You must have very speedy needles... And I love all the animals you have, it's so good to give them a safe and warm home. If I only had a big house, I would have 5 dogs and 10 cats too, but now I only have room for 1 (crazy) calico cat. Please keep posting pictures, 'cause I love to see them.

    Warmest regards,
    Betty (The Netherlands)

  8. Ah-ha! We do have a lot of interests in common. I love samplers but do not limit my fun to only Scottish ones. Your pockets are lovely!
    I see you have calico and tortie kitties. They are my very favorites. There's just something about their feisty personalities that I can't resist.
    Thanks for visiting my blog!