Thursday, August 8, 2013

I Made A Trade!

Hello, all,
I have a wonderful new addition to my antiques.  Today I traded a couple of my samplers, which were just stored in a drawer, for a beautiful pre-civil war dry sink at a store in town.  Lauren, you looked at this, can you believe I managed to get it?  It has the original finish and is mortised and pegged.  I have wanted a dry sink for the longest time, and I am tickled pink!!  Here it is in the dining room...doesn't it look wonderful???  I probably need a little something to sit on the floor to the left of it (as you are looking at the picture).  What do you think would look good there?

I have also finished a sampler from Nicola's Scarlet Letter Year ... M. Quertier 1799.  I splurged on silk for this, which is a rarity for me.

Last weekend, at Talmadge Road Mercantile in Clayton, Ohio ( a fantastic prim antique store)  I purchased two bunches of antique quilt blocks.  They were made by the same lady, a dealer's great grandmother, who was a very accomplished seamstress.  There are about 50 of each pattern, Shoofly and another that I don't know the name of, and will make wonderful full size quilts.  I love the look of quilts made from old blocks, with sashing of repro fabrics they look just like the real thing.  Here are a few of the shoofly block...wonderful indigos..

I love how she sewed together tiny little scraps to make the size she needed.
So different from just going to the quilt store and buying $11 a yard fabric!!

They are all in near perfect condition (all 100 or so of them)

Here is the other pattern.  These would have been the most difficult to piece with the curved seams.
Benji approves!!

It is sad to think of why she never finished the quilt...the hard part was over!  I can't help but wonder why...

Till next time, Oliver sends his greetings  :)      Melinda                        
This didn't show up the first time I tried to publish, so I'm trying again.  Sorry if its a duplicate.


  1. Awww, sweet pic of Oliver! I love the dry sink you traded for! That's so neat! All those blocks -- so special! Wow! Congrats on finishing M. Quertier! She's a pretty one! (I saw your finish on the SL blog.)

  2. Great dry sink. All those blocks from one quilter - what a find.

  3. I love the dry sink! What a great trade for you. A nice big crock would look nice next to it or maybe one of those hand made brooms, just a small one. The quilt blocks are treasures. I , too, wonder why she never made the quilt.

  4. I have a real soft spot for antique quilt blocks. I always wonder why they are still blocks and not a finished quilt. They all have a story to tell. Congratulations on a wonderful trade, your dry sink is lovely. That is another story... where it has been and what it has seen....maybe even the Underground Railroad? I love History...can you tell? I too saw your sampler on the SL site and she is just beautiful. Oliver is just too precious....that face and those eyes....I would melt every fact I do every time my own brown-eyed Lab gives me the Enjoy your new find.

  5. Love a good barter! Nice dry sink and awesome quilt blocks.

  6. How wonderful! The dry sink is beautiful as are the blocks.

  7. The sink is just lovely and how wonderful you got it in barter.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  8. Love that dry sink!! I have a reproduction, but would love to replace it with the real thing. Great that you were able to trade for it....
    The quilt blocks are fabulous and will make a beautiful quilt.
    Have a great day!

  9. Hi Melinda, love the dry sink, nice trade.....the quilt blocks are great. love the colors too....cute furry faces in the pictures, :) Blessings Francine.

  10. Wonderful old sink! How lucky to find all those quilt blocks...beautiful blues!

  11. That is a great dry sink ! and what a find with those quilt blocks. It is fun when we get something we have been eyeing for a while...Marg

  12. don't ou love a win win swap! Beautiful piece of furniture and your samplers are just gorgeous. Cute dog.

  13. Well, Melinda, I am "envious" ;) of this entire post!!! Your dry sink is fantastic and the fact that you bartered for it just like in the old days ... love that! Fabulous find with the old quilt squares. I don't quilt but a friend of my mom's does and what I won't give for a stack of old squares for her to finish into a quilt for me!
    One more thing ... do you mind if I ask where your purchased the candle lamp on your dry sink? I have a single arm one but have been looking for one similar to yours.
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful finds with us!

  14. A furniture find with original paint (and an how-to-can-to-be story), as well as lovely, old textiles...Yummm!
    I do love your pet family...most comfy amid treasures.

  15. Melinda ~
    So happy you got that wonderful dry sink. The only thing better would be if it was in my! Yeah for you.
    Those quilt squares are wonderful!!! Great find.
    Happy birthday to you!
    Hugs :)

  16. I think an American flag would be a nice addition to your room beside your dry sink! It is just lovely! Dianntha

  17. Great trade!!! Oliver is such a cutie ~ give him a pet for me!

  18. Beautiful cabinet, I don't think I have ever seen these before. Must be very American?
    Your quilt blocks are fabulous, so is Oliver:))