Sunday, June 23, 2013

A New Rug

I have  a rug finish to show you.  I just finished the binding last night.  Do you remember a while back I posted pictures of the kit from Maria Barton with 24 wonderful wools?  This is the rug.  I did have a slight accident with just a little of the wool (naughty kittens were involved) so I had to make a few substitutions, so if anything you see doesn't look quite right, the fault is mine.  I love it, it looks so antique-y, don't you think??

Two weeks ago was the Lost Creek Garden and Antique Show.  It is a bi-annual event held on another farm a few miles away and I always look forward to this.  It is  about the only "show" that I ever get to go to.  Local antique dealers and lots and lots of flowers!  This year a man was selling little toy antique cannons made from actual antique Civil War molds.  He then hand paints them, they come in a little wood box with instructions and tools as they actually fire!!  The "cannonball" is a tiny wad of paper.
I also found this little antique toy horse to go with it.  I think it originally pulled a milk wagon.  He demonstrated it by making the cannonball, loading it, a tiny bit of gunpowder rammed in, then yelled "Fire in the Hole" and lit it!  Boom!!   Actually, more like pop!  I plan on firing it July 4!

Have  a nice week, in a few days I'll have a  wonderful new purchase to share with you!



  1. Melinda ~
    That cannon is fun!!!
    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your rug. Naughty kittens? I'm sure you could never figure out which one(s) to blame.
    Hugs :)

  2. The rug looks great. It does look very antique-y and perfect :)

  3. What a beautiful rug finish! Love it! I want a cannon too -- soooo cool! Does he sell on the internet? Probably not. Oh well.

  4. Your rug is so pretty and I love that little cannon.

  5. Wonderful rug...great color combo and such an "old" look too!

  6. You did a beautiful job on the rug, the pattern is very pretty. The toy cannon looks like a bit of fun, I am sure any visiting children would especially love it. - Amanda

  7. Hi Melinda,
    Your rug is just beautiful. I would never have known you had to substitute a thing :) I especially love your little cannon. When I lived in Indiana the Johnny Appleseed Festival was once a year in the Fall and I loved going. They had so many wonderful displays, your cannon and horse would have fit right in. Hope you are having a good start to your week.

  8. Melinda, I love your new hooked rug and would like to hook that antique adaptation one day myself. It does have a nice patina to it. Also like your cannonball and horse.


  9. Your new rug DEFINITELY looks antiquey! Great job on this one!

  10. Hi Melinda,
    Wow, the blogs that are showing all their antique and new treasures right can tell the show season is in full swing.
    Great canon and horse!
    Beautiful work on the hooked rug - love the colors too.

  11. Hi Melinda, the rug is beautiful. I love the colors. I wish they had antique shows around here. Actually any show with prim things would be nice. We get these one's that sell hair bows, polished rocks, knitted pot holders, scrapbook accessories, scentsy stuff, ect. Oh, how I long for these awesome shows people are posting about. Hope you are having a great summer. -Steph-

  12. Beautiful rug ! The colors are lovely.