Sunday, February 10, 2013

Christmas Sampler Progress and Manifesto ready to go

Greetings on Sunday afternoon to all,
It is dreary here today, but I certainly can't complain about that after seeing the massive amounts of snow in New England!  My dear late husband was from Portland, Maine, where I see they had 30 inches...

First, I start with more progress on Scarlet Letter's Christmas Sampler, which I am stitching as part of  Nicola's   I can see the end in site.  This will be my first finish for this group, as I did not have any WIP's that I could finish.  I don't usually have any UFO's, as I either finish them if I like them, if not, I just quit!   I am loving working on this sampler.  As you can see, I am jumping around as to avoid having tons of background filling in to do all at once.

Here are two samplers recently framed, the first is God Bless Queen Charlotte, I don't remember the designer (sorry) and the second is an oldie from R & R.  These were stitched years ago.   Both have been aged and framed to take into town and maybe try and sell.  It seems that people around here who buy samplers want them aged to look like antiques, although my initials and year are on them so they can never be passed off as the real thing.

Have you ever ordered from  ?  I have ordered from Lydia for years, and I see she is now converting to a non-profit to benefit a no-kill animal shelter.  I think that is a wonderful thing, and plan on ordering exclusively from there.  Anything I can do for homeless animals...

Here is a picture of Oliver.  Little Charlotte (the calico) is very shy and is late to the game in discovering that she loves Oliver (you remember I have posted pictures of the other kittens loving on him).

Lastly, Manifesto is ready to begin.  That sure is one big piece of linen!  I chose 34 legacy for this enormous project.  I stitch with a hoop, and remember how nice and soft legacy was when I used it for Dutch Beauty.  I am going to start in the upper right hand corner as I stitch using a sewing method of right to left.  Dutch Beauty took me four years to complete, and this is about the same size, but filled in completely!  It will take forever, but oh what an accomplishment it will be when completed!

I am also still working on Hannah Lancaster, but don't have any new pictures to share.  I am saving all of my orts in a jar to put out for the birds to pick through for the nests.

Hugs to all,


  1. I love everything!! I so wish that Christmas Sampler wasn't OOP -- it's gorgeous! You really are getting close to the end! Love your framed pieces. Beautiful work! Love seeing your fur babies as well. I'm still waiting on supplies for my Manifesto. Can't wait!

  2. Thats is very detailed work but beautiful.
    So cute of the dog and cat.
    Hope you have had a nice day.
    Think Spring!

  3. I commented on the SL blog about your Christmas sampler, but I have to repeat somewhat what I said. The sampler is just so beautiful. I don't think that I would have seriously considered stitching it even though I've had the chart for years, but now I'm going to have to do it. I just love yours.

    And I've started the Manifesto too, but only one night a week. It's going to take forever, but it will be so much worth the effort!!

  4. Melinda ~
    No wonder we haven't heard from you. You've been too busy stitching! What a gorgeous piece that will be. And Manifesto? I can't believe how big that will be and how long it will take.
    Can I assume an ort is a piece of floss?
    Hugs :)

  5. Wow, you're doing awesome on the sampler Melinda! I love your idea of filling as you go. This last sampler I did that way and it does make the end look more desirable, doesn't it? Looking good, all of it! Have a delightful weekend~

  6. Manifesto is looking like it will be huge!!! I know you will do a great job.... Wonderful progress also along with beautiful framing choices.... I will following anxiously!!!!

  7. Evening Melinda, so lovely, you have been a busy gal the picture of the dog with the kitty, so sweet.....Blessings Francine.

  8. The sampler you are working on is just spectacular!! Lucky folks in your town who can buy such lovely work!

  9. Beautiful progress. I love the 2 framed pieces too.
    What a sweet pair. It is so nice that they get along so well.

  10. Melinda:

    I just love the Christmas Sampler. You are doing such a wonderful job!

    I look forward to stitching along with you on The Manifesto!

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a nice comment on my blog!

    Happy Stitches,

    -Holly in VA
    The Stitching Muse

  11. Hi Melinda,
    Well I can soy for sure you are one who loves a challenge and the sampler you are working on is one. It's beautiful too.
    Oh how adorable is Charlotte and Oliver...such a precious photo.

  12. Hi Menlinda. Nothing like hanging out away from the cold and snow and just working on projects. Glad Charlotte came around. Nothing like a new found friend. -Steph-

  13. Melinda...what beautiful work you do! I am a friend of Lauren's and she went on and on about your needlework! It looks absolutely beautiful...I don't know how you do it! The frames are wondeful. Best of luck with your Manifesto...I'm sure you'll have it stitched up in no time!

  14. Thank you so much about the information on Wyndhams, I will certainly make sure that I make purchases to support her.

    I have been very shocked by the RSPCA's (UK) policy of destroying healthy animals at all let alone so quickly. So many leave this organisation money in their wills not realising how many animals are destroyed.

    Your Christmas sampler is so beautiful and I love the uniqueness of the design.

  15. Your stitching is beautiful. Love the picture of the fur babies. They are so cute!

  16. Incredible stitching on that Christmas Sampler, wow! it's beautiful!

    just stopped in to say hello and that I've enjoyed being inspired by your lovely needlework!

  17. Your Christmas sampler is so gorgeous! The R & R piece is especially beautiful and if I had the money I would buy it!! I think that's amazing that she is changing her store to a non-profit to help the animals. I will have to order from her!!

  18. beautiful photo of your home in winter. Your SL blog sampler is coming along beautifully - what lovely colors to be working on in winter. Manifesto will be awesome to work on for those with the desire - I have not succumbed because I don't think I have the wherewithall to stick with it. I love Hannah Lancaster - I regret I didn't stash that chart when I had the chance. Doing any hooking this winter?

  19. I LOVE your Christmas Sampler! Just beautiful. In fact, I think I'm heading over to Scarlet Letter in a minute to see if it's still available. :)

    Love your blog and look forward to seeing more of your gorgeous stitching.

  20. Oh my gosh, Melinda! The Christmas sampler is one gorgeous piece of work! I can't wait to see it all finished. And boy, I can't wait till you get started on the next one. You're right - that will be a major accomplishment!

  21. Oh wow your Christmas sampler really is gorgeous!! I might have to try and get that one eventually as she is bringing it back. I am happy to see you are doing Manifesto too and your fabric looks similar to mine. I like the color of the linen so much even though it will all be solid stitching. I just love Manifesto so much!!! I am happy hearing about Wyndham Needleworks and will be ordering more from them too as I am passionate about helping these poor animals who have no voice and just desperately need to be saved and loved and cared for. I dearly love my two little dogs who were cast to the wind before we got them and we just love them dearly. Brandi and Chucky are our "kids", a Pekinese and a Lhasa Apso.