Saturday, January 12, 2013

Christmas is over and all put away...

Thank goodness.  All of that climbing Christmas trees and pulling ornaments off wore me out...  :)
After all, I am an adult cat.

However, all of my extremely annoying little adopted  brothers and sisters are still going strong.
Two of them are twins.  See the white whisker on the right?  That is the only difference between Big Benjy and Little Benjy.
Now, a word from my human :)

Now that Christmas and New Years is over, and everything put away (well, almost), I find I'm in the mood to tweak things and rearrange.  A couple new additions, the first is the remnant of my great great grandfather's tool box, cleaned up and repurposed as a bowl rack.  The three bowls on the left were made by my mother in high school.
And then I found the color and the size.  I understand it is actually a commode stand, but I prefer to think of it as a blanket chest. :)

I finally did get the big snow that I wanted...the day after Christmas.  I ran out and took all my pictures while it was pure, clean snow, without all the dirt.  So, then I had my pictures and was all ready for it to melt.  Had to do all the barn work by myself as my mother won't go outside in snow or really cold.  I got tired of it real quick, and it hung around for two weeks!  The best picture is at the top of my blog, but here are a couple of others that I played with on iPhoto.

As far as stitching, here is my progress in the Scarlet Letter challenge by Nicola.   I have chosen the original design, Christmas Sampler, as my first project.

I know many of you already belong to this challenge, but there is still time to join!



  1. Evening Melinda, what beautiful fur babies you have the tweaking you did, looks great, that blanket chest is really wonderful, nice color.......your home looks pretty with the snow, we sure got a dumping last night, now really cold........Blessings Francine.

  2. What a cute bunch of kitties! As for the antiques, very nice. The snow photos and the Wip also look wonderful!

  3. How cool is that "bowl rack" fashioned from your GGGrandfather's toolbox filled with bowls your mom made! Your new "blanket chest" is pretty cool, too.
    You have made great progress on your sampler. It is lookin' good. I really need to join that challenge. My Scarlet Letter sampler from decades ago is probably 80% done.
    Beautiful header pic. I'm glad you got your snow but I'm guessing today it is all gone. We were in the low 60's today, but that is going to change all too soon.
    Hugs to you :)

  4. love your post tonight, so very interesting!

  5. Your cats are so sweet. I love the bowl rack.
    Have a good Sunday.

  6. Melinda that is a wonderful commode and it fits perfect in that spot.
    I love to tweak!
    Sweet kitties!
    Enjoy your day

  7. I love the first photo, that is one very contented and well fed cat. So good to see the kittens doing well.

  8. My, you have such a bevy of cats! So when that white whisker falls out, will another white one replace it? My cat loses whiskers all the time. Love your new decorations. So cool to have a tool chest from so long ago. And the chest is lovely. Love your SL sampler as well. Wish it weren't OOP.

  9. What a bunch of happy cats! Your new decorating is lovely and you are making great progress on your sampler.

  10. Your kitty knows how to relax! I love how you repurposed your grandfather's toolbox. I prefer blanket chest to commode also... the color is wonderful.

  11. Such sweet kitties! Love the red blanket!
    Gorgeous sampler...that blue is wonderful!

  12. Beautiful and healthy looking cats. Your sampler is wonderful and hope you post a picture of it when finished. Or hey, updates on your progress will be great too.

    I love antiques and your knack for arrangements.


  13. Your snow photos are lovely almost makes me long for snow. Your SL is beautiful--looking forward to following your progress!

  14. Hi Melinda. What a fun house full of cute kitties and perfect prims. This is a cute post. We got our white Christmas the day after too. Wishing you a great day. -Steph-

  15. Wonderful post,so enjoyed all the pics.The kitties are all darling and I am still waiting on the snow.LOL! Love that you are using your Grandfather's tool box for a bowl rack.Hugs,Jen

  16. Loving the painted box. Is it an Annie Sloan paint?

  17. Morning Melinda..wondering how you are doing?