Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Decorating, stitching, and hooking, oh my!!

Hello, all,
Although we don't have any of that wonderful white stuff on the ground that some of you have, I am none the less managing to get into the Christmas spirit!  My decorating this year is nothing to write home about, as this is the year of the kittens!  When you have six, 7-month old kittens running around, believe me they are into everything.  So this year, no big glorious tree like last year...
This year is much more sparse, I don't want all my beautiful ornaments collected over the years smashed to pieces!  Here is this year's tree, if you look closely maybe you can see the hay strings tieing it up.  Everything on it is non-breakable, mostly ornaments I have stitched through the years.  I have already come down in the morning to find the whole thing on the floor twice!  Such naughty kittens, but so cute!
Here is my minimal decorating of the pewter cupboard.
The dining room.
A little vignette with a couple antique books and the adorable mud bear made by one of my readers, who I am so sorry I cannot remember her name.  Please tell me...

Changing the subject, for those of you who asked about little Savannah, her spaying is done and she is now back to normal.  Boy, did I have a time with her for a week, though...what a baby!!  She thought she couldn't move in her lampshade collar, I had to pick her up to feed her, then get a drink, then put her on the potty!!!  Putting your kitten on her potty box is asking a bit much!!!
I have been working on stitching some more ornaments.  Last year I stitched the Prairie Schooler 12 Days of Christmas and decided to make them into individual ornaments.  I only have 5 finished so far...hmmmm, where is Three French Hens?
A couple of Marly's (Samplers and Santas) pears
A cute Christmas house sampler by Lori Brechlin.  It isn't quite so orange in real life.
A pair of samplers from Carriage House Samplings...Frederick and Fredericka.  I think I may try and sell them, now I am on the hunt for a matching pair of 8 x 11 frames.
Ok, last picture, I promise.  This is a hooked rug pattern by Tonya Robie using hand dyed wool from Curry's Antiques, and another ornament.

That's all for now, wishing everyone lots of Christmas spirit, and hoping for snow!!  If we would have just one nice snow, maybe I could get it out of my system...


  1. Kittens are fascinated with trees. Poppy, one of my boxers is ball crazy and she thinks the baubles are balls for her to play with.

    Your Dutch Beauty looked magnificent in the photos.

  2. Melinda ~
    I was wondering how you were going to handle Christmas decorations with all those furbabies!
    Your cross stitch is all so wonderful and the hooked rug isn't too shabby, either.
    OK. I'll go for one snow, on Christmas eve. That would be more than enough for me! (Except if it snows too much, I may get called in to work. Any day but Christmas eve/day!)
    Pug hugs :)

  3. You are one great mom to care for all those great and beautiful felines. Funny, but for the cat' I've had neutered never had the Elizabethian collar on them but have on my dogs.

    Heavens, don't apologize for posting pictures of hooking ~ the more the merrier.

    PLEASE! No snow here please!

    Have a great evening.


  4. Hi Melinda, I enjoyed seeing all your handwork. My, they are all beautiful! also, I was admiring your caned chairs in your dining room, too. They are lovely.

    Have an exciting and pleasant Merry Christmas.

  5. All of your finishes are so pretty! Plus, your home looks so lovely and inviting in the header. We have candles in our windows but it is not the custom out here. In fact, I haven't seen any but the ones we have. I miss some of the Eastern and Mid-West traditions this time of year.

  6. Your home looks wonderful all decked out for the holidays. Your stitching is lovely.

  7. dutch beauty looks gorgeous on your wall - i have those CHS birds all kitted up, seeing yours makes me want to do mine, they are such a handsome pair - great post, so much eye candy to look at - hugs, Amanda

  8. Lots of beautiful stitching...Frederick and Fredericka are wonderful!
    Your home looks so pretty all dressed up for Christmas!

  9. You have been busy! Lovely stitching a finishing.
    Your holiday decorating is beautiful. Poor little girl. You really had to take care of her. I think that you have a diva in the making.
    I didn't even attempt putting up a tree this year with my 2 cats after last year.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  10. Wel your decorating is lovely despite the kittens. lol about your kitty thinking she couldn't walk with her cone of shame. My gosh, what a lazy kitten! I love all your stitching -- the 12 days ornies you have done, the Not Forgotten piece, the rug, everything! Beautiful!

  11. Morning Melinda, wonderful warm home, looks so beautiful and ready for Christmas......sweet kitty.....your stitchery and hooking are lovely..... We have plenty of the white stuff here........Blessings Francine.

  12. Pretty decorating,we do what we have to as pet
    I love your work!Hugs,Jen

  13. I cannot imagine having seven little kittens running around, as I have one stinkin little kitten who is getting itno everything. Oh and he sleeps at the base of my one tree on the quilt. The lower branches hide him..and I too have nothing breakable on it. He He..maybe next year will be different. Love all of your decorating. Looks festive! Janice

  14. Aawww....poor Savannah looks so pitiful in that pic! Hope she is back to normal in no time.
    I enjoyed seeing your beautiful decorations in your home, as well as all of your beautiful stitching!

  15. I can only imagine how fascinated those kittens are with the tree. Perhaps they will grow out of it as they get older. The first year I had Bailey he kept snatching ornaments and the poor Wise Men from my Nativity that sits under it. Now he could care less.

    Your decorations look wonderful even if you didn't go out as much as usual.

  16. Oh the tree looks wonderful and you really didn't need to worry about it not looking like you are used to - its beautiful but I know what you are saying.

  17. Hi Melinda, Love your heart warming decorating. Feels and looks so warm and cozy. We too just went through the lampshade bit with our Kody bear. He had some cysts and wart like lumps removed. Nothing to worry about, thank the Lord. I felt so sorry for him, a 114 lb Alaskan Malamute was looking sadly pathetic with that lampshade. It is done and he is doing very well.
    Hoping this comment finds all well with you too...'Keep the Christmas Spirit' will much Love, Peace & Blessings,

  18. I always love stopping in for a visit here, and this time was even more special. With all your beautiful needlework and the decorating. What a lovely cozy home you have. Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year as well.

    LindaLee from Cross’N My Stitches

  19. Your home is lovely. The tree is pretty with your handmade ornies adorning it. Love seeing all your handwork and rug. Thank you for sharing. Wishing you and your kitties a blessed Christmas and healthy new year. Lori

  20. Merry Christmas Melinda!
    Your header picture of your home is so pretty with the festive lights. I adore wondow lights.

  21. Merry Christmas Melinda to you and your family!! Love the photos of your house and your decorations! Lovely ornaments too!

  22. Hi Melinda Thought I would tell you how much I like your new picture of your house in the snow. It is a beautiful picture. Love your decorations also.