Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Rug hooking workshop with Ali and Maria

Hello, everybody,
This past weekend was so much fun.  Lauren of rugs and pugs came down from northern Ohio to stay and we attended the creative rug hooking workshop in Tipp City with two talented ladies, Ali Strebel and Maria Barton.  Lauren made me some wonderful handmade goodies, I'll photograph them and share with you tomorrow.  Thank you, Lauren!!!  There were three basic patterns to choose from, a sheep, a snowman, and a pumpkin.  We were to then elaborate on our basic pattern and create something from it ... some ideas were a penny rug, wall hanging, standing snowman, pillow, etc.  Visit Laurens blog to see pictures of all the projects and the inspiration pieces, I did not take that many pictures.

These ladies were so creative with their projects ... I could never think that far outside the box.  I am just dandy at copying :), and everything I do HAS to be primitive and/or antique looking.  I live in an antique house, surrounded by antiques, and I used to say "If it isn't antique, it isn't coming in the door".

I chose the sheep for my design, and made it into a pillow which I finished this evening.  My big learning experience was the proddy border, which was fun to do and I love how it looks.

Of course, I had to do some shopping in Ali and Maria's "stores" and came home with two Magdalena Briner patterns, a couple more primitive rug patterns, and WAY too much wool!!  :)

And, of course, Lauren and I had to hit the local antique shops...once again, spending TOO MUCH!!

This is now the third wonderful workshop that I have attended right here in Tipp City given by Ali Strebel.  Two years ago this was my project from the workshop with Karen Kahle and Nola Hiedbreder.   I learned about the medium background at this workshop.  I was a beginning hooker at that time.

Then, at last years workshop with Ali, Karen, and Nola, I did this mat, trying to learn the technique that distinguishes Karens rugs.

Changing the subject, the kitties are all now spayed/neutered.  Boy, was that expensive, and the vet was even kind enough to give me the 2 for 1 deal.  It is unfortunate that neutering is so expensive, especially for the little girls.  I think the cost is a large part of the reason that more people do not take in strays.

But, I have to tell you , it has been so worth it!  I just love the little kittens like crazy, they are so sweet and adorable and personality plus!  They are always cheeping and talking and responding to me. purring and swiping at me when I walk by.  At the risk of boring you.........

Benji.  There are two Benjis, identical twins, and they both have the same name.  The only difference is the weight.

Tisha, love her white chin.



Last night, when I went out to the barn at midnight, another wild black cat went running out!  I don't think I ever told you, but the mother to the kittens, about a month after we had her spayed, disappeared.  My thinking is that the coyotes probably got her, as there were vultures circling over the fields for a couple of days.  I sure hope the whole cycle of a wild cat isn't going to start again, other farmers around here don't neuter, so there are lots of kittens , a good percentage of which end up here because I can't stand the idea of a hungry animal!



  1. I love your rug hooking.This is something I have not tried..I especially love the one with the sheep..You have a big heart to take in all those strays and have them spayed.I feel sorry for all the little animals that dont have homes..I always donate when the animal shelter is collecting money to help other people get their pets spayed..And as I love female dogs they are ALWAYS spayed as soon as they are old enough..

  2. I just found you through lauren. I love your blog and your work.

  3. Morning.....beautiful rugs......such wonderful work.......sweet kitty's , bless your heart for taking good care of them, your an Angel.......sad about the mommy cat.......Blessings Francine.

  4. Love the sheep rug...and you nailed Karen's coloring on the third one...great work! All your kitties are so sweet...especially like the calico.
    Have a great weekend,

  5. Your new rug/pillow is wonderful...and sheep are a favorite of mine. I'm doing a hooked sheep at the moment but it will not be finished as quickly as yours. I do not know how you ladies can finish a design in one day.
    All your rugs are beautiful.
    How fun to meet friends at a workshop and enjoy them and the craft - and then shopping to boot....PERFECT! Or should I say PRICELESS!!!

    Oh kitties are also a weakness of mine - we have 2 of them.


  6. Found your blog thru friend Lauren - looks like you have many wonderful talents - stitching and hooking - two of my faves for sure. Love the kitty shots. Come visit me at my blog - - Thanks Melody

  7. What sweet kitties! And I love, love, love your sheep finish!

  8. Love your hooking!Your kitties are so sweet!Hugs,Jen

  9. Melinda ~
    LOVE the finish to your sheep!!! You done good :) The projects from the previous workshops are pretty neat, too.
    Sweet kitty pics. They sure are a lively bunch.
    Pug hugs :)

  10. Your sheep is perfect!!!!!It must have been enjoyable to do.
    Kitties are justt toooo cute!

  11. We here in Illinois have the same problem with strays, most of which have been obviously dumped off. We live on a farm and over the past several years have had many strays because, like you, I can't stand to see a starving animal. Two of the strays have become part of the family, but we presently have a mom and three kittens who are totally wild, as my now clawed up hand can attest to. The mother is very friendly, had once been a pet or at least, around people. I think that the worst type of person is one who dumps an animal out in the middle of nowhere to fend for itself.

  12. I miss having cats, they make a house a home, however, there are some feral cats around and when Suki was alive they attacked her several times and we had to close up our cat flap.

    Your rugs are charming, I love the prim designs.

  13. Beautiful work with the rug hooking. That's one type of work that I haven't ever tried, but should. You're so talented.

    I love all your fur babies as well. I have been thinking a lot lately about getting another cat. I do love them and had my last one for 17 years. Broke my heart to have to have her put down after a bad ear infection that wouldn't quit.

    Keep up the beautiful work and the great blog.

    LindaLee from Cross’N My Stitches

  14. Melinda, The pillow looks so old! You did a great job finishing it. I'd love to see a closeup of the pillow. Thanks for a fun time in Tipp City. Maria

  15. I just found your blog and enjoyed seeing your rug hooks here. Being a cat lover, I loved seeing the pictures of your cats.

  16. The sheep pillow is a dream...perfectly prim in every way...

    love the kitties...what a dear heart you have...

  17. Love your work. I am a bit of a sampler nut myself. Just can't seem to get enough of them. Presently I am looking for someone who has the "Windham Sampler" design for sale. I wrote to the place in your blog but have heard nothing back. Do you know where I can get this pattern. It is so beautiful.
    I did the Isabel Redie Sampler and not only won "Best of show" in a competition, I also won "Best of the Best". A photo of it is in the sampler awards section of "The Scarlet Letter" on line shop.