Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A Big Outdoor Project, a Sampler and a Rug

Hello, everybody,
I have been just loving this cool fall weather!  Yesterday morning there was even some frost on the fields.  I think that fall may just may be my favorite season, cooler weather is so invigorating... I want to start new projects and accomplish so much!

My outdoor project was taking down the picket fence around the front of the house (or rather having someone else take it down)  :)  I decided that it just detracted from the front of the house, and the roses on it were SO much work...and most years not really worth it, they were only pretty for a couple of weeks, other than that...just spray, fertilize, water, much, weed, deadhead, just too much...  That said, I did move 3 of the prettiest ones to new locations, we'll see if they live.

Here is the project in progress...so hard, the posts were about 5 ft deep in cement!

Here is what it looks like now .... I am very happy with it.  I think people will notice the old house now.  Obviously, I have major seeding to do...

The mill stone on the right is original to the house, with IM for Isaac Mendenhall carved into it.  The other one on the left I got at Curry's Antiques fall open house.

Also at Curry's, I bought this cute pumpkin pattern by Mad Hen Primitives,  and indulged myself in Curry's new line of primitive hand-dyed wools to hook with.  The colors are not as bright as the photo.

I am on the final stretch with Margaret Leadbitter.  Just a couple more minarets on the top and one large flower motif on the bottom.  Such a beautiful sampler!!

I hope everyone is enjoying the first week of fall!!  I sure am!!!!!!



  1. Ah, the house looks nice without the picket fence! Love the rug you treated yourself to -- look forward to seeing your progress on it. And Margaret -- I so need to stitch this one! Gorgeous!

  2. Melinda ~
    Such wonderful projects ~ all of them. Your sampler is absolutely gorgeous and the rug isn't too shabby either. What a change to the front of the house. I guess this cooler weather does invigorate you!
    Hugs :)

  3. love your projects, you have a fantastic home!

  4. So many pretty things to see and read about! What a change with the fence down. I bet you will like it.

  5. I am having the opposite weather where I live. It is lovely to start getting the Spring weather Down Under. Your house looks lovely without the fence, although I always thought that it looked lovely in your headed.

    Love your rug. Must have a go one day at rug hooking. Looks like fun. I love your Margaret. She is a beautiful girl.

  6. Beautiful sampler. I like your house with or without fence. I'm glad you're enjoying fall but I'm not!

  7. Your home is lovely and now you can really see it at it's finest. Gorgeous sampler...beautiful stitching!
    Love your pumpkin, too. You have been very busy!

  8. Isn't fall great! Your house project looks wonderful too.
    Lovely hooked piece and your sampler is looking great. You look like you are closing in on a finish!

  9. The fence removal project is coming along quite nicely. I agree with Marly - your house is beautiful with or without the fence. Love the story about the millstone. Margaret Leadbitter is gorgeous. I love the colors of this one as well as the lollipop flowers. What a beauty! Hugs to you - kelley

  10. Hi Melinda, I love your home with or without the fence, beautiful house. Your sampler and hooked rug are really wonderful, love pumpkins and crows. This time of year is perfect, golden crisp days and frosty nights, great for sleeping with the window open, throw on another quilt, oh so toasty.Enjoy,Blessings Francine.

  11. Lots of work going on at your house, but it looks wonderful. I love the mill stones, I have a friend that has many mill stones she set them in pea gravel and made a lovely patio. Margaret Leadbitter is stunning I was wondering did you use cotton floss or did you change it to silk? I have started it, but colors seem very bright more so than my usual drab colors. What sampler is next???

  12. As much as I love, love picket fences, especially with roses, I think that taking it down was a vast improvement. Your house is wonderful to look at and now everyone can see it in it's full glory.

    And speaking of glory - your sampler is glorious!! You always pick the best ones to work on and making me scramble to see if I have them - or if I need to add them to the list. I love this one!

  13. You've certainly been busy! The house looks wonderful without the fence! Love your stitches ~ such a pretty project!

  14. The house looks great! I liked the fence but I can see where it might not have let the house 'shine'. I was saying oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh over and over to myself over your sampler. My lack of mojo also caused amnesia and I had forgotten about that sampler and how much I wanted to stitch it when I got that issue of SANQ. Yours is gorgeous. LOVE it!

  15. Hi Melinda,
    Your home is beautiful and I LUV picket fences. Maybe it was just a little to high? Blocking the view of your gorgeous home. Anyways,you are the one living there and it is lovely without the fence.
    I love all the seasons ... when I am getting tired of one the other is just around the corner. Your sampler is lovely ... looks like a lot of work. I like strawberry samplers and have a couple on my list which will probably out live me. I keep busy and do like variety. Looks like you have a lot to do too.
    Have a great weekend, with Peace & Blessings, Barb

  16. LOVE the colors in your pumpkin rug!