Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Kitten Update and some garden photos

Hello, everybody, on this dreadfully hot and dry day here at Merry Wind Farm!  I know from reading all my blogger friends' posts that most of you are going through the same thing!  We have had a couple of showers, but the ground is so hard and baked that it doesn't make any difference.  I read in this morning's paper that this is the worst drought since 1956, the year I was born!

On to the kitten update!  Remember  these five little cuties that were all spoken for?

Well, for one reason or another, everybody weaseled out.  So guess what, (I am really nuts), they are all staying here to live!  They are all so sweet and adorable, and by now we have fallen in love with them. They are so defenseless that they can't go out to live in the barn after being raised indoors!  There are raccoons and coyotes out there!  So, what am I to do (being the animal lover that I am)?  I always used to say, what's one more?  So, I guess, what's five more?!?!?!  Here they all are on their new kitty condo.

And here are two of the "grown up" cats, ignoring them :)

Remember a few months ago I posted this picture of what was to be my new garden?

This is what it looks like now.  Boy, what a year to put in another garden!  It sure is a good thing that we have a good well,  every day is water, water, water.  The bird house is from Curry's Antiques.  I thought it was just a decoration, but a house wren is nesting in there...what an enormous house for such a little bird!

Here are two pictures of the rest of the garden.  Don't be fooled, outside of the garden fence everything is brown and dried!

Thanks for visiting!!  Back to hooking and stitching next time...


  1. Oh my! You're going to have a houseful! 5 kittens, all to be yours? Wow! They are so cute though. I can see them making you fall in love with them. Your garden is gorgeous! Just so lovely!

  2. Melinda I love your garden!!!!!! That birdhouse from Curries is a great touch. I love the song of the wren. Such a pretty song for such a tiny bird. My yard is the same ..green in garden and brown eveywhere else.
    Kittens are cute but the 2 big cats laying side by side cracked me up! I love cats...I have one in the house and she thinks she is the queen. The other 2 stay outside or in the barn.
    have a good night Melinda and lets hope it rains!

  3. Your kitten story scares me to death!lol I have two that were dropped off here. Hoping to find them a home. Love,love your garden.

  4. Melinda ~
    There is a special place in heaven for you :)
    "Up north" we are very dry, too. In spite of the drought (I read that 1956 date in the paper, too), your gardens look amazing. I am totally afraid to get my next water bill!
    Hugs :)

  5. For the size of your new flower garden, it's amazing that you accomplished such a transformatiom in short order! It looks wonderful. Looks like you'll be getting a "family" discount on vet bills!

  6. Melinda, Your garden is spectacular! What a gifted gardner you are! Love all the kitties!

  7. Congrats!!! They will be fun and will slow down in a while so five more won't seem like so much. Your garden is spectacular as always:) -Steph-

  8. Melinda~ I am giggling over your keeping the kittens sounds like me~ what is one or more~ just love animals~
    Your gardens look beautiful~ thriving~very envious as my are browning & wilting by the day~ugh~
    Yesterday the heat & wind did more damage~ but saying possible chance of rain today~

  9. Melinda,
    I currently have 5 cats (wait, let me check, no, just 5 at the moment) and I wouldn't give up any of them. They all have their own place in the family. Enjoy your new and expanded family, Mary A

  10. With five kittens your household must be very lively and entertaining! I have fond memories of my cats as kittens. :) Your garden is just beautiful and how sweet that the little wren is nesting in the birdhouse!

  11. Hello Melinda,so cute are those kitties. Love the gardens and happy about the little wren moving in,they are a sweet little bird. Blessings Francine.

  12. Wow, I adore these photos of your garden especially the one with the beeskep in. It's in such a nice position near the path and the birdbath and surrounded by jewel coloured flowers. A garden with something beautiful to see in every direction is a real joy.

  13. Awww! Such cuties!! Do I see Jane Atkinson in the background of the kitty condo photo?!! Yes I do! Love the photo of your older cats lazying around! You have such a lovely garden. I hope by now the drought has passed.