Thursday, May 24, 2012

A few oldies but goodies

Hello friends,
As we go into a very dry Memorial Day weekend, I thought I would share a few pictures of samplers stitched years ago ...oldies but goodies.  We are having a drought here in sw Ohio, and in May!!  We normally have a wet spring, and everything should be so lush and green, instead of drying out already.  I spent all day today watering the garden, trying to keep things alive...I can't imagine what it will be like in the heat of the summer if it is this bad already.

Enough complaining, here are a few pictures I took today, sorry for the nasty flash bounce.

First is Hannah Pepper, from SANQ years ago.  The beautiful antique frame was given to me by my good friend,  Pattianne.  It was the perfect size!

Next is Mary Livcey.  I remember the day that Pattianne and I saw this chart in a shop, we were so excited!  We had never seen a turkey on a sampler, and from then on referred to this sampler as "turkey".  This was back in the day before all the internet shopping when you actually went to the local needlework shop, before they all went out of business :(

This is the simple God Bless Queen Charlotte sampler.  The frame that I used is actually an old side insert from a grandfather clock.

This is Sarah Piggott.  Christmas samplers are rare, and I still think this is so precious.

Finally, this is Martha Smith from Scarlet Letter ...way, way back.  See how at the bottom she didn't put in the letters that were missing, just xxx?  Something like Thomas Gibson was born July the 14?  Just my guess.

Wishing everyone a fun and safe Memorial Day weekend.  I took some more pictures of old samplers and will try to post more in a day or so.



  1. Morning Melinda,
    I love your samplers - I look at them and imagine all the hours spent working on them.
    I have several that I have in our guest room...I think I need to get them in the main part of the house.
    Your work is lovely.

    Have a wonderful Memorial Weekend.


  2. Melinda, your samplers are lovely and your frames are fabulous! Thank you for sharing them ... please share more! "Hannah Pepper" is such a pretty one ... which issue of SANQ is she in? I'd love to put her on my "to do" list.

  3. Melinda, your samplers are wonderful! I absolutely love the one with the turkey! We had a storm here last night...the first rain in a very long ripped the flag pole holder right off the house! The whole neighborhood is a mess and we didn't even know it was coming! Such weird weather these days!
    Enjoy the long weekend,

  4. I love your samplers!!! I recently pulled out my copies of Hannah Pepper and have thought about starting it in the near future. And Mary Livcey - can you tell me who the designer is. I love samplers with red and I've never seen this one before.

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  5. They are all gorgeous!!!!! Hannah Pepper was actually in the Fine Lines magazine which is no longer in print :-).

  6. Love them all! I love seeing all the samplers you've stitched -- such an inspiration!

  7. I've always loved Hannah Pepper but never got the missing issue. I seriously doubt I would stitch her now since my patience with small motifs and counting is long past! Amazing that the frame fit perfectly. Waiting to see more!

  8. Hello Melinda! Thanks for sharing these beuatiful photos. Hannah Pepper is so beautiful and I love the frame. Love the turkey sampler, too, and have never seen one like it. What I love most about repro samplers are the unique motifs stitched by young girls. They were so creative!!! I also love that you repurposed a piece from a grandfather clock to frame your God Bless Queen Charlotte sampler. How neat! Hope you get some rain. We are dry in Lexington, too. Hugs to you - kelley

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