Thursday, April 26, 2012

Rug Progress and Postage Stamps

Hello, greetings to all...
The gorgeous spring continues ... although we did have several nights of frosts this past week.  I had to get out sheets and blankets to cover things up.  This is a picture of the fringe tree in the yard.  It us just spectacular when it blooms, but boy does it make a mess when the blossoms drop!  It is the white tree in the background.  The farm bell on the post is original to the house.

I guess this post is kind of all over the place.  I took a picture of these first class stamps featuring antique weather vanes.  Surely some kind of rug project could use some of these designs.  I especially like the one on the right.

And, finally, here is some progress on a large hooked rug I am working on.  I am using mostly 8.5 cuts with some 8 and various worms worked in.  The design is from one of Pat Cross's books.

This was taken about a week ago.  I can't wait for all the roses along the fence to bloom!  They are already making their little buds...Melinda


  1. Love your rug!!! Love those stamps too. Nice!

  2. Melinda ~
    Your rug is lookin' good! I love that pattern! I've done it in punch needle, but your hooked version is so much better.
    It's been quite cold "up north" but we have gotten a little much needed rain. I do hope we get more April showers!!!
    Pug hugs :)

  3. Hi Melinda,
    could your home be any more warm and's so gorgeous!!!
    Goodness those stamps look large and I do think they would make great designs for rug hooking or even Needlepunch.

    It has been cool here too but Summer will be here soon.

  4. That rug is sweet. We need to have a tour of your home. The grounds are fabulous.

  5. I'm going to have to get some of those stamps. Love your rug!

  6. Your home is truly beautiful. I love the header photo. What a beautiful view of the front of your home. Perfect colors all pulled together to make a gorgeous scene! Lovely.


  7. Love the rug and stamps. My knock-out roses are in full bloom and there is nothing more cheerful than a rose bush full of deep red blooms! Hugs to you - kelley

  8. You always have the best things to share:) I think the stamps are lovely. Do you think you could make them into a rug or something like you said? Your front yard is beautiful and whimsical. I wish I had a gate like that. Your rug is coming along nicely. I can't wait to see it all finished. -Steph-

  9. I agree with Marly...a pictorial tour of your home would be fan.tas.tic! The photos of your gardens are beautiful. Love the stamps...would love, love, love them as a hooked rug design!

  10. Hi Melinda,
    Your rug is looking so good! Your home and gardens are so lovely...I always get a boost when I see your beautiful home on your header! Have a good weekend,

  11. You have such a beautiful home, that says,"peaceful."

  12. You home and garden look so beautiful! The rug is super cute and those weather vane stamps look like awesome inspiration. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  13. You have such a beautiful yard Melinda! The roses will be gorgeous along the fence.

    I hadn't seen the weather vane stamps, how cool is that! Your hooked rug is coming along very nicely! I so admire those of you that can do that. How neat to turn scraps into pieces of art. You are doing a terrific job girl!

  14. What a lovely yard! I look forward to seeing the roses and the completed rug. Sarah