Thursday, March 29, 2012

Beautiful spring day and Margaret Leadbitter

Greetings to everyone on this absolutely beautiful spring day.  The sun is shining and the temperature is a perfect 65 degrees.  It doesn't get much better than this.  Hope the spring weather is lovely where you are.
It's a great day to be a horse, too.  Here's Pip's Affair, looking pretty dirty and scruffy, but ready to go out in the pasture.

Not too much is blooming outside yet.  This is the time for fertilizing, trimming, and planning.  Here is an ancient lilac next the the original barn.  The barn has been around for a couple hundred years, maybe the lilac has too.  It smells heavenly.

Everything is so lush and green.

Some tulips in the garden

And last but not least, some progress on Margaret Leadbitter that I am stitching with a friend.  We are pretty much staying together.  I am going to save the temple for last, as it looks to be great fun to stitch and that way I have something to look forward to.

Till next time... enjoy the beautiful weather!


  1. hi, Melinda~So was there plenty of rolling around in the dirt when Pip's affair headed out to pasture ~ I love turning the animals out & seeing them "Kick the Buck" fun~Your gardens are coming alive beautifully, love the big old lilac ~
    Gorgeous stitches~
    enjoy the day~

  2. I just love the pictures of your home! Your garden is lovely already! And Margaret is a beauty ... don't think I've seen her completed yet. Look forward to keeping up with your progress.

  3. Hi Melinda, Your old lilac is so pretty...would love to be able to enjoy it's scent. Love all the Spring pics!

  4. Oh my! I do have to stitch that Margaret Leadbitter. Gorgeous!!! Love your spring pics too!

  5. Beautiful pictures Melinda. Pips Affair has a wonderful face. Is he a rescue? So sweet

  6. You're making wonderful progress on Margaret L. Beautiful!

  7. Melinda ~
    Love your sampler. I wish I had time to stitch...sigh!
    Your gardens are looking lovely. It wasn't that warm here on Ohio's north coast, but we can't complain.
    Hugs :)

  8. I love horses...used to be the editor of the Wisconsin Quarter Horse Journal for years....they are a most gracious animal.

    Gorgeous stitchery - looks like lots of work!

    What beautiful surroundings you have Mary


  9. I swear I'm loosing it today...I called you MARY....
    And the other day I called a Michelle - KIM....
    So what's going on here with me???? lol

  10. I just love your home and gardens. Your home reminds me of one I love in our town. We have a historical district and there are homes that have been preserved and yours reminds me of one of them (my favorite).

    Love your stitching too. It's a very pretty sampler!

  11. Love your blog! Margaret Leadbitter is a fun sampler and I especially love her lollipop flowers. Hugs to you from Kentucky - kelley