Friday, February 24, 2012

Seven things about me...

I am so pleased to have been gifted by Steph at with the Versatile Blogger award!  This really just made my day, as I was starting to think that my blog was pretty boring...  other bloggers sometimes could write about dirt and make it interesting!!

Anyway, along with this award comes the stipulation to tell your followers 7 things that they might not know about you.  So here goes..lots of useless information, haha.

1.  I am an only child of an only child, and my child is an only child!
      My mother and I (no, you don't get a more recent picture, hehehe!!!)

My son, Evan, high school graduation (2 yrs ago) and age 5.

2.  I have had multiple sclerosis for 21 yrs.  Fortunately, I have the type that has not progressed, knock on
     wood.  It really turned out to be a blessing in a way, because my hubby moved his business back home
     so I could have my parents nearby and they could help with the baby (see above).

3.  I am sort of a loner, probably because of item #1 above.  I learned long ago to entertain myself with
     my hobbies.  Today, I am always either stitching, quilting, rug hooking, gardening,  playing with the
     horses, etc.

4.  I think I am a serial animal rescuer.  I have three horses, 10 cats, and 4 dogs, all of which were rescues
      except for one.  The horse are from a wonderful organization headquartered in Columbus, Ohio,
      New Vocations, which rescues and adopts out off-the-track thoroughbreds and standardbreds.  The
      cats are either from the pound or just appeared on the farm, ditto the dogs, except the Cocker Spaniel
      Cavalier mix was rescued from an Amish puppy mill in New Philadelphia, Ohio,


5.  I love to read and collect books.  I don't buy fiction, that comes from the library, and my latest phase is British historical fiction, such as Philippa Gregory.   I do buy nonfictions, lots of it, every gardening book known to man, hehe, needlework and historical books on samplers, quilting, and LOTS of prim/colonial decorating  books.

6.  I think I am obsessed with decorating and redoing this old (circa 1810 and circa 1850) house in a primitive/colonial style.  Also with gardening, which is sort of like decorating the outside!  My current project  is redoing the dining room with sort of a country Victorian with pink wallpaper to primitive with valley forge mustard trim and stenciling.

7.  Back when we first met and were first married, hubby and I did a lot of travelling.  We both worked at a large incentive travel company, and travelled all over the world for business.. Scandinavia, British Isles, Monte Carlo, Hong Kong, China, Rio.  And you know the funny part???   I never really wanted to go and would have preferred to stay home.  Don't get me wrong ... all the first  class hotels and restaurants were nice, but I guess I am just a homebody at heart!!!  I thought it was all such a hassle, the packing, jet lag, unpacking.

8.  I know I was  only supposed to post 7 things, but I wanted to tell you this.  When I was 16 yrs old, my mother bribed me with getting my first horse if I would put off getting my drivers license until I was 18.  To me, that was wonderful, I couldn't have cared less about a car and driving, but was horse  crazy and got my first horse, a half quarter/thoroughbred, named Princess Lynn, who I had until she died 30 yrs later!  She is buried here on the farm.

Well, that's all for now,  have a nice weekend!!!
Hugs, Melinda


  1. A lovely story-thanks for sharing. Especially about your horse. It astounds me how many owners a horse can have in a life time.Must be difficult for them.

  2. I really loved learning more about you. Lots of interesting facts about you, plus lovely pictures too!

  3. I love how you have a farm full of adopted animals. Sweet. Love learning more about you and your life! Congrats on the award!

  4. There is no place like home, is there? I always say, the best part of any vacation is coming home! Love your animal rescue, as I have found lots of them homes, after they were put out and came here. I, too am the only of an only. Have a wonderful weekend, Melinda.

  5. I love hearing more about you. Have known you for a long time but didn't know about a lot of things. Love your quilting and rug hooking, and of course, your stitching. You deserved the award for your blog because it is really good. Keep going it is not boring - it is inspirational.


  6. Well done Melinda!! We need to visit again soon!! Our Civil War quilt needs to get started..

  7. Melinda ~
    Thank you for sharing.
    I just love the hooked rugs you showed and all your samplers. Your home looks absolutely beautiful. I've always wanted a truly old home, but I'll have to settle for my 1940 built colonial. (I am not complaining. I am thankful I have it.)
    It's cold (30 degrees - we are spoiled this year) and windy today here on Ohio's north coast.
    Thank you for rescuing!!!
    Hugs :)

  8. Melinda, I love all your animals, especially the horses. What a sweet story about your first horse. I don't think your blog is boring at all. What beautiful hooked pieces you have. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Melinda, I enjoyed getting to know you...and, also, seeing all your wonderful photos. I love the ship rug with the little red houses! What a handsome young fellow you have there...good job, Mom!
    Congratulations on your award!

  10. Thank you for sharing! I enjoyed reading about you and your family. Congrats on your award!

  11. I really enjoyed getting to know you and all the pictures that you posted. I love your rugs and samplers too! Congratulations on receiving your award!

  12. Thanks Melinda for commenting on my blog and letting me know about that word verification thing. I took it off hoping that will make it alittle easier for people to comment on it.
    Great to get to know more about you!

    I also joined your blog! Hope you have a great day!


  13. Hi Melinda! I did this last week and it was fun to do. It's fun to get to know our fellow blog friends better, I enjoyed your list! Adorable pictures of you and your mother! Funny how your son looks exactly like he did when he was a little boy... cute young man he is.

    These quilts, rugs, and samplers are beautiful!! Did you make all of them? That's wonderful that you saved all of those animals! I only have one dog and he can be a handful, just like one of the kids, lol.

    You will need to share pictures of your dining room, sounds like it's gonna be beautiful! I want to do some stenciling but I'm afraid to get started.

    Enjoyed your list =]

  14. l too am a lover of Phillipa Gregory's historical novels. And while l don't rescue horses, ( content with me 7 alpaca's) l have a friend who does, and it brings her great joy!!