Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Removed comment verification

Good afternoon,
I think that I have removed the nasty word verification thingy that everyone hates.  So now I hope to get more comments!  I didn't even know that it was on there, until Carmen from Primcats posted about it.
I hate that word verification thing,  you can never read the words, and I guess it is the default setting unless you remove it.  If it is still there...PLEASE let me know!


  1. I removed mine too Melinda. They have driven me crazy trying to leave a comment. Melinda yours are still on there.

  2. I ended up removing mine but then I got a bunch of really random comments. So I put it back on, but then went in again today and removed it and so far so good. I hate a blogger send me an email that after trying six times to leave me a comment and not being able to read the words correctly she gave up.

    P.S. I just tried to send this and I got the verification thing! So it's still there!!

  3. Hi Melinda - I think I am able to comment on your blog now. Yippeeeee.


  4. I thought I'd removed the silly thing from my blog, but discovered I hadn't. lol! It's off now though. Let's hope we don't get tons of spam comments now!

    ps: your word verification is still there. Go to the old interface and go to the comment section on that. There you'll see specifically word verification on or off and you can turn it off. Isn't that silly?

  5. I removed mine too! I have had to go through three tries to post with these aging eyes! LOL

  6. Thank you for removing the word verification... it's getting beyond ridiculous. I removed it from my blog and so far, no problems.

    Oops... it's still there... follow Margaret's instructions to turn it off.

  7. Such a lovely blog, just discovered you today. Love the samplers and the 12 days of Christmas are so sweet!!Thanks for sharing.



    P.S. Did you say TEN CATS?????????? Wowzers!

  8. Melinda ~
    Let's see if it's gone. I'm glad I'm not the only one who finds it teribly annoying. I didn't mind the old one, but this new one is IMPOSSIBLE!
    Hugs :)
    P.S. Nope, not gone :(