Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas decorating, open house party

Hello, I know I have been missing for several weeks...I have been busy getting ready for a Christmas open house party that I held yesterday afternoon for about 40 friends and neighbors.  That may not sound like so awfully many people to those of you who are used to entertaining, which I am not.  For me to get ready for this, cook and decorate the house, took nearly every waking moment for two solid weeks!

Here are some pictures of Merry Wind Farm decorated for Christmas.  I hope you enjoy.....

First, the side porch, which is the entrance that we use for company.  The door opens straight into the dining room.  There are three doors together right there, the left goes into the mudroom, the middle to the dining room, and the right door into the kitchen.  It's funny because when people come they don't know which door to knock on!!  The Merry Wind Farm sign was made by a local artist, and I made the Williamsburg type plaque with pineapple underneath.

The dining room, with the table nearly ready.
Also in the dining room, next to the back stairs, a collage my mother made out of tissue paper years ago.  I just love it!!

In the family room, my primitive tree, decorated mostly with ornaments made by me and all the ornaments that my son made when he was little.

Also in the family room, old stepback  cupboard with antique horse weathervane on top.  I made the Noah's ark set years ago from a pattern in a magazine that went out of business.

On to the living room...pewter in pie safe with old YULE blocks.  The pie safe was made for my ancestor for his daughter as a wedding present.

Living room, with old chandelier and Christmas tree.  

Christmas tree and antique c.1840 Scottish tall case clock.  I saw the stencil design in one of Judy Condon's books and just loved the subtlety of it.

Living room fireplace.  The photo on the mantel is my great, great grandparents.

On the mantel, a collection of antique angels.  The ones in the middle were purchased in occupied Germany after the war, my husband's father was in the air force.  

Stockings that I have made through the years going up the stairs.  See how I have progressed from the simple one on the left to the crazy quilt on the right!

And finally, a little bench made by a local artist, that echoes my sentiments exactly!  I just love it!!   I just noticed that one of my cats snuck in the picture at the bottom!   Merry Christmas to All!  Hugs, Melinda


  1. Melinda it is beautiful. Love it all and the history behind it. I know your open house was a success. Isn't funny how our animals make their appearances when the camera comes out? Merry Christmas

  2. Your home looks wonderful with all the lovely decorations. I especially enjoyed seeing all your samplers on the walls. I'd love to know the name of the sampler in the 10th photo. It's the photo with all the stockings and on the wall it is the sampler that has two birds facing each other.

  3. What fun and pretty decorating...I love it all.
    I love your Pewter dear lady - how beautiful.
    I also love all the ancestors pieces/photos you fun is that.
    I'd say you did a wonderful job and you should be proud. GORGEOUS
    Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  4. Your home is so lovely! Thanks for sharing it.

  5. Ok, 10 people sound like a lot to me. Where did 40 all sit? How fun to have a wonderful party like that. Good for you. I love the old blocks that spell yule. I may have to borrow that idea. I love your home. It has that colonial feel. Merry Christmas. -Steph-

  6. I also enjoyed your post. Your home looks really lovely. I also enjoyed looking at your samplers. You have a lovely collection. Also I am with Laurie what is the name of the sampler next to Jane Longstreth with the 2 large birds. I have never seen that one before. - Sandra.

  7. I love seeing your house! Such lovely decorating for Christmas, and lovely decorating in general! Beautiful! Have a wonderful Christmas!

  8. I am going to go through my blocks to make some Christmas words and put them up around my house. I have our last name in blocks in the hall, I never thought of doing seasonal words! Great idea, thank you.
    Is the tree in your LR the one from the Hospice sale? It looks great. I would love to have another skinny twiggy prim tree but I can't seem to find one any where. The one I have I got at a garage sale years ago. I did see one just like the one I have in a store front a few weeks ago but the store owner said it belonged to one of her vendors...I should have left my # incase they didn't want to store it anymore, may still do that.
    Hope you have a merry Christmas!

  9. I am new to your blog--it's beautiful! Your stitching and home are both wonderful. I just finished Jane Atkinson recently, and have the K&V Jacob's Ladder as a WIP for over a year now. I bring it out now and again to work on it. Seeing your Dutch Beauty makes me want to finally get my chart out and get it started.

    Happy new year!

  10. What wonderful festive photos. I love Christmas and seeing your beautifully decorated home makes me long for the excitement of that time of year. I especially love the way you have decorated your pie safe. The Noah's Ark, quilt and cross stitch all sit comfortably together. Your tree is gorgeous and I love the Silent Night ornament.

  11. I am truly in love with this Christmas decoration and open house party. We also decorate our home with lights and flowers on Xmas day. This year have booked one of the best LA venues for our dinner party. Very excited for the day!