Thursday, May 3, 2018

Exciting News From Merry Wind Farm

Happy spring (finally) to all my friends and lovers of antique samplers.

I have some exciting news!  On Saturday, May 12,  I will be giving a presentation to the Queen City Sampler Guild at the Warren County Historical Society in Lebanon, Ohio.  A trunk show will be included, so all of the stitched models from Merry Wind Farm will be on display.

The really big news is that I have a new sampler for release on May 12!  The Queen City Sampler Guild will be the first to see it.  

Here she is, Amilia Bemrose 1805.  

As you can see, Amilia is very similar to Mary Clay 1805, also from
Merry Wind Farm.

As it turns out, Amilia and Mary were best friends stitching their samplers together at school in 1805!
Mary finished her sampler April 17, 1805, and Amilia a week later on April 25, 1805.
What fun they must have had stitching their samplers together!

The original antique samplers of Amilia and Mary are both in the collection of
Merry Wind Farm.  I like to think that they would be happy to be back
together again.

Mary Clay was baptized 11 November 1792 and Amilia Bemrose on 21 August 1794,
both at St. Luke Church, North Carlton, Lincolnshire.  Five years after stitching their samplers, Mary was married, also at St. Luke's, with Amilia by her side.

The antique samplers of Amilia and Mary will be available to study at the Queen City Sampler Guild
meeting, along with several more antique samplers.

Mary Clay 1805 is available for purchase now and Amilia Bemrose will be released to the public on May 15th.  Shipping to select needlework shops will occur next week.  Amelia will also be available
in my etsy shop Merry Wind Farm

I look forward to presenting the history of these *Best Friends Samplers* to the guild.


  1. Beautiful samplers--how wonderful they are being re-united!

  2. How sweet. You are lucky to have them both. Can't imagine the amount of time that goes into the research and history of a piece.

  3. What beautiful Samplers and the History behind it.
    Glad you reunited Amilia and Mary, together again.

  4. How wonderful to know the history behind these two samplers! Very exciting about your talk!

  5. Oh how wonderful! I love samplers stitched by sisters or friends!

  6. That is exciting news. Sure am sorry I missed your last presentation :( Love the samplers and the story behind them.

  7. What a fabulous story and your continuation with reproduction, reunion and retelling of the girl’s story. 😊. Judy

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