Saturday, December 9, 2017

Are you ready for Christmas??

Well, no, but I'm making progress.  I have the wreaths up on the windows.
This picture is from a few years ago, but it is the same, sans snow.  I remember this day quite well,
I was so excited to be able to take Christmas photos of the farm with snow!!

It was time to purchase a new tree this year.  The old one went in the trash after Christmas
last year, it was probably 10 years old with very few needles left.
I ordered a new one from Lowe's on black Friday, on sale and free shipping.  I really like it, there are 1000 prelit white lights, and I was actually able to assemble it by myself!!
I hate having to ask Evan for help, then wait until he is good and ready, you all know how that is.
Tree technology has really advance since my last tree.  Remember the hassle of trying to
connect plug A into the other plug A, etc., etc., trying to get all the lights to come on?
Well, this wonderful tree you only have to connect the three sections of the trunk and that lights the entire tree!!  Plus, there is even a little foot pad to turn on and off!
No ornaments yet, but at least the boxes are down from upstairs.

Decorations are rather understated this year.  I actually donated a lot of them to goodwill
last year.  I kept the special and family items.  I have always been quite happy being
an only child of an only child.  But at Christmas it can be rather lonely, with both my hubby
and parents gone.  I was debating about decorating, but decided I need to keep all the traditions going for Evan.  Plus, if I didn't decorate, I would be sorry at this last minute and trying to
hurry and do it all in a day.

The little choirs boys belonged to my grandmother.

I simply added red candles and some greenery and white light.  The angels playing instruments belonged to my mother.

I love this collection of Santas Through the Ages.

I have to post something needlework related.  Here is a sneak peak of an Adam and Eve
I am working on for release at the Nashville market.

The above photo is the antique, the top of which is in terrible condition, but she spoke to me.
The young lady was born in Yorkshire, England around 1821.  Back to stitching.....



  1. Wow. 1000 lights are fabulous. My next tree will be prelit. We bought the Lightkeeper Pro to fix my sister's strings that went out, and it worked. On her outdoor wire trees and the prelit. Not on mine! But I failed to check the fuse in the plug which it may have been.

    Your beamed ceiling and trim are so nice. The rug and painted mini chest are treasures. You have a lovely home. We understand about the small family holidays. Some friends have large families and don't participate because of conflicts!

    Wow. This is a long comment isn't it!!

  2. Your tree is beautiful even without ornaments. And your decorations are lovely. You kept what mattered and that makes your home special.

    I just started decorating yesterday. We have the tree up in the studio and have to try and carry it all decorated into the farmhouse after my quilt group's annual Christmas dinner this week. Should be fun.

    Hugs from Holland,

  3. I so love your decorations and those choir boys are so sweet! Janice

  4. I understand being unsure about decorating and that at least a tree was put up! You have some nice decorations. I have yet to put up a tree but will have to because of my daughter who is 22 and loves to decorate for Christmas. She's an only child and my immediate family consists of her, me, and my two brothers. Last year it was just me and daughter for Christmas. It is what it is. We still take joy in the season.

  5. Hi Melinda,
    We don't have snow in AZ where I live, so it is nice to see your home with the snow!! So very pretty!
    Your new tree is beautiful and I love white lights!! Such sweet treasures you kept from those special to you and the memories make it even better! Always love to see your stitched pieces, too!
    Have a Blessed Christmas!!
    Heart Hugs~

  6. I too feel lonely at Christmas. My one brother lives on the other side of the continent so I don't see him. I have one daughter who has a handicap daughter which makes it hard to do things. She is divorced so my grandson and granddaughter have to be shared that day. My husband is leaving to Florida to see his children while I stay here to work. It is best that way as he and I are struggling with difficulties. Christmas has never truly been a happy time for me as growing up it meant my father would drink alcohol even more. They did their best to keep it together but they couldn't handle the stress of life. I wonder how many others are struggling too. The single mothers who find it hard to just have a roof and food. I wish the media and perhaps even everyday people like me would keep the holiday in a simple way and remember Christ and center the season around Him and not decorations and presents. So I pray for simple and His great love for all of us at this time of year and for you and your small family. And I plan to change what I do for Christmas next year so it isn't so lonely! Small get togethers perhaps, a trip to California, serving in the local soup kitchen. Things like that.

  7. We still don't have snow here...very nice in Colorado...go figure! Love reading your newsletter. Can't wait to see your new sampler! Merry Christmas to you!

  8. it was great seeing your new tree and all the pretty Christmas vignettes in your beautiful home Melinda. I'm glad you put out a few special things this year. As an only child myself and with no children - I know what lonely can look like. However I still have my dear parents and my DH so I'm not there yet so I do cherish every Christmas I have with them. Happy Holidays to you - Mel

  9. Melinda,
    You are so lucky to have so many family treasures. I know how dear they are to you.
    Your tree is gorgeous. That is a lot of lights!!! Everything looks great.
    Wonderful to see a post from you.

  10. I agree, the new trees are sao mcuh easier to deal with. we got one this year also. I love the way you decorate. This is the time of year I always think back over the years. My tree covers my whole life plus things my children(now in their 40s) made when they were small. No decorator tree in my home. They are very pretty but just not for me. I have several ornaments that hung on my parents tree.

  11. Your home is just beautiful, Melinda. I love your tree...I broke down this year and bought an artificial one as well, and I love easy!

  12. I know nothing about the artificial trees of today. Everyone in my family refuses to get anything but a live tree. lol! Everything looks beautiful though. And the sampler -- looking forward to seeing it in its entirety!

  13. Are you ready for Christmas?? I'm ready !
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  14. Your home looks wonderful. I hope you were enjoying many happy memories while you decorated. Looking forward to the Adam and Eve Sampler!

  15. Perfect inspiration :) and what attention to detail! I admire and congratulate.


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